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Ricky Gervais : The Podcasts (MP3)

Author: Ricky Gervais

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Customer Reviews

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  too funny

| | See all RichyJ's reviews (4)

Listened to many times and still funny every time. Karl is such a simpleton and his views on everything is so funny, he just questions and ponders everything in life. While ricky and steve are the actual ones who work in comedy, its no doubt karl is the star here. The only issue is where you can listen to this, because you can look an idiot listening to this in public due to creasing up with laughter frequently.

  World class. 3 of the best comedians at top of there game

| | See all dannymilhouse's reviews (3)

From 1st time I heard these podcasts I was hooked. I never heard of Karl Pilkington before and now I can't believe that i never heard of him. He really is unique and deserves more sucess in the future. Ricky & Stephens input mite not be as big as Karl's but without them it would'nt work. There constant bullyin of Karl and reminder of common sense makes the show what it is. i just hope thet bring out the other series on cd.

  funnyest thing i have ever heard

| | See all deanoj2004's reviews (12)

this is the most download podcast in the world and there is a reason for that, it's the funnyest thing i have ever had the privelige to listen to. it's just 3 blokes in a room talking, ricky gervais, stephen merchant and the legend that is karl pilkington. i have listened to everthing they have ever done and it's all amazing. karl has a really weird take on life and see things differn't from the rest of us, he has these mad theorys and ideas which are so funny to listen to. i cannot recomend this enough it's pure comedy gold.


| | See all holobolo's reviews (1)

Whoever says the Ricky Gervais Show popcasts aren't funny is an idiot and obviously has no sense of humour! They are all absolutly hilarious, Karl Pilkington makes it.
Each time I listen to them they get more amazing. Well worth a tenner.
I would highly recommend this CD if you want to laugh loads at things that you shouldn't really!


| | See all robstuff's reviews (13)

Well, i went into this anticipating something great. I had always liked Ricky Gervais. But if you have seen the live show, then you have accidently heard most of this. Dont let me put you off, if you dont own the Live DVD's buy this. Its Pretty much politcs and animals, and every talk show rolled into one. (Handy!!) Lets face it, all comedians repeat things. But this takes it to extreme's.

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  Ode to a Monkey

| | See all CitrusCritic's reviews (2)

Treat the world like a head,
The Manc Karl once said,
But if this was true,
There would be trouble for me and you,
For Karls head is shapped like a fruit,
So lets not squoze the world for all its juice.

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  Better than the Office!

| | See all ChrisCarra's reviews (58)

Overall I found this better than the Office, mainly because Karl Pilkington is present and he is amazing. Buy it


| | See all ilovegervais's reviews (2)

Gervais is a genius, iv been to all his shows and have got all his dvd's and cds n this is my favourite!
i have listened to it over and over and everytime its hilarious!!!!!
in fact it gets funnier,
Love it
you wont be dissopointed

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  Money well spent!

| | See all ChillPill's reviews (15)

Just to leave you in no doubt, the star of these Podcasts(or Bodcasts as Ricky re-names them) is the unique Karl Pilkington. Had he and Einstein ever held a conversation, it would have been difficult to have selected the genius of the two.
Be warned! Do NOT listen to this on your mp3 player whilst out and about in town etc, as the looks you receive from the general public at your laughter-contorted face are likely to have you sectioned on the spot under the Mental Health Act.
I just hope there will be a follow up.

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