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QI: The Book of General Ignorance | Hardback

Format: Hardback

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Muramasa89's reviews (5)

I can't really say much more than anyone else has said.
I love humour and intelligence, so them combined is perfect for me.

Though I have to say, on pages 90 and 91 (have not yet finished), they have a fact wrong in regards to the Black Plague and the Great Fire Of London (1666). They mention the correction in series 7, episode 10, 'Greats' (perhaps the XL version, I am not sure). Least they corrected themselves though!

  A brilliant read!

| | See all oliver5069's reviews (5)

QI: The Book of General Ignorance is a brilliant read. It is witty, well written and factual. without being laden with dull statistics or uninspiring information. The book is a great buy for anyone who likes the show, or anyone who simply likes a good, instant read.

There are some brilliant facts in the book, and many acquaintances of mine have been quite annoyed when I correct many of their "facts", such as; how many wives Henry VIII actually had, who invented the steam engine, what animals can best survive a nuclear explosion and many more.


| | See all Midget14's reviews (178)

If you're reading this then you are probably a fan of QI already. If you are then you are likely to enjoy this collection of the finer moments of the series. Full of quirky and interesting facts that at times make you feel suitably ignorant and others surprisingly bright.
A thoroughly decent coffee table read.

  Educated Fun

| | See all Chinry's reviews (148)

After finding the show an utter delight to watch I snapped up this book the moment I saw it. The writing is educated and witty without coming across as patronising or dull. There are a various range of facts from history to space, but nearly all are intersting enough to keep you reading right through to the end. Afterward you'll be full of needless facts to annoy friends and family with and delight how often these QI facts come up in everyday life. I even discovered something medical about myself thanks to this book.

A good follow up to the show, though if you are an avid viewer, many of these facts you will have alreadt picked up. That is probably this books only flaw.

  Great Read!

| | See all corky9's reviews (5)

This is an awswum book with lots of facts you think you know the answers to...but you're wrong!

Great choice if you like to randomly tell people things :D

  Everything you thought you knew is in fact wrong!!

| | See all PorcupineTree's reviews (10)

Where is the highest mountain? What shape is a raindrop? How long is a day? Who lives in igloos? Think you know the answers to these questions? Think again! This is a funny, entertaining and enlightening book - if you like QI you'll love this. Never heard of QI? Read this and then track down the repeats, you don't know what you;re missing!!

  Entertainly informative

| | See all puzzledmonkey's reviews (23)

If you like to annoy people by being able to correct them or are simply entertained by useless, yet amusing facts then buy this book.

It's a great coffee table book or one to leave in the toilet for guests to read whilst they wait. It is fairly humouress in it's tone.

If you like Qi then buy this book.

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  when is the next one out?

| | See all Chrispy333's reviews (22)

Well if you saw the BBC2 series of QI you will have heard most of the content already but it does go into a bit more depth.
I found it was really quite an humerous and enjoyable read... besides you can bore the pants off everyone with your knowledge of where dishwashers came from and why as well as the true colour of a Oompa Loompa and more about diamonds, St Bernard dogs and space.

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  good book.. not entirlely what was expected.

| | See all mananam's reviews (9)

this title is a book that is slightly humourus but not amazing it is mainly just a book about the general mistakes people make, for example henry VIII only had 2 wives, legally, yes he married 6 women but 4 of those where annuled so never legally happened. so if like me you like to correct you r friends when they make general mistakes of knowledge buy this, and also if you like to find out what your saying is right or wrong then also buy buy buy.

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