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The Catcher in the Rye | Paperback

Author: J. D. Salinger | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

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I had an urge the other Sunday to read this book. I don't know why as I had barely heard of it, but I did. I called up my local book shop to check it was in stock and, upon finding out that it was, ran down there like a school boy to get it. I almost finished it that same day. Like the reviewer below, I too am recently out of my teens. However, unlike him, I related to Holden perhaps more than I have related to any living human being I have ever met (says a lot about me doesn't it?!). The critical reviewer is correct: Holden does moan. Yet, the novel is anything but negative, if anything it is filled with hope and an adoration of life. Holden's moaning is his disillusionment with the limitations placed on his life and the people who fail to recognise that they exist. His moaning has its foundations in his unwavering, and thus admirable, belief that this world, his world, had so much more potential even if he didn't know or couldn't fully articulate what it was. His journey is about discovering that potential, or at least trying to. Of course, he isn't always right and he doesn't always have direct justification. But that's what makes him such a pure and attractive seventeen year old; his justification comes from the mere fact that he has a mind and spirit to know that there is more out there - and that the rest of the 'justified' world is only really justified by others' blind acceptance.

The novel develops the most complex of themes and character in a cleanly written, at times simplistic, way. And that is an art I never previously had the chance to admire. There was a point in reading when I had to put down the novel and type up an entire extract to send to a friend - it hit such a raw nerve and it was so so true and well expressed.

The novel is remarkable and something we can all enjoy. Except, perhaps, those who have already been too blinded by society to open their eyes to a richer world.

  Superb Book

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A reviewer below seems to be criticising the book on the basis that he/she doesn't like the character. Personally I find that a stupid way to judge a book. Just because you don't like a character it doesn't mean the book is bad. I feel that you can either love or hate Holden Caulfield, but either way you can certainly appreciate the depth of character created by JD Salinger in this book. He is incredibly detailed in his approach. As for his character, I would say that he does complain a lot, but people complain because they care. Holden Caulfield is clearly a passionate person in a world that doesn't agree with him. He has many grievances with it but only because he has his own vision of beauty and true expression, which is perfectly fine by me. The style of the book, in the first person, bodes well with me. He tells the story, although there is little in terms of plot which also isn't a problem, while dipping in and out of his own experiences in life. This gives a great feel to his life and by the end of the book I really felt like I knew Holden so very well, and could relate to him in many aspects, being a 20 year old guy, just a few years older than him. I like to consider the story a little bit when reading a book, just as an extra to the style and setting and the other things considered, since I do not consider a story to even the integral part of a book, and in terms of a story, it is mildly entertaining. It is not revolutionary in terms of twists or anything, but it is just a period in his life which was worth talking about. Perfectly Fine. A really superb book, up there with the best i've ever read


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After seeing this book only had 2 terrible reviews I thought I would come in and defend it.

Its a great book, well written and thought provoking. Seriously, people complain that Holden is whiny and negative but that's the point! He is a teenager who is angry and disillusioned with the world.

If you read this at the right point in your life, it can open your mind and change you forever.

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I was an ideal candidate to read this book. Always wanted to do so. I was told that as a (recently-ex) teenager who hates almost everything that I would see myself in Holden Caulfield. I did not. I saw a whiny, hypocritical idiot with no positive attributes. He hates so many things, and unlike myself, does not seem to have a particular reason. He complains about others when they do annoying things....which he also does. He complains when someone says a word. He complains for the entire book. I almost threw the book in the bin, and I treat books like royalty. Incoherent, boring waste of the poor trees that were killed to make it. I may burn my copy. In the top 5 worst books I have ever read.

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  No plot to this one at all

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When you first start to read this you become aware very quickly that there is no plot to it at all but yet you still find yourself wanting to read on. It is a pretty intresting read and if your a teenager with a chip on your shoulder you will find it an extremley intresting read! not bad 4/5