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The Takeaway Secret: How to Cook Your Favourite Fast-food at Home | Paperback

Author: Kenny McGovern | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

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  Best Book Ive Ever Bought !

| | See all charles100's reviews (1)

This is the best and easiest cook book ive ever bought.
It uses simple every day ingredients and the recipies are easy to make.
I made the Pizza bases, pizza sauce and then cooked a pizza and it was superb, also made the donner meat too which was delicious.
Ive got the cheese cake in the fridge as i write !!!!

  An assembly guide rather than a cook book.

| | See all mcanny's reviews (1)

I'm not sure what I was expecting from this when I ordered it but having received my copy this morning I'm a little underwhelmed. Take the "recipe" for the Quesadilla as an example: Basically this is "take 2 tortillas and some grated cheese, heat in a pan". The majority of this book seems to be a result of someone looking at an item and then listing what they see before offering very basic cooking advise, the section of a tuna mayo sandwich and a cheese and onion sandwich are borderline laughable. The recipe for pizza involving bought bases takes it a little far though - do people really need help with this sort of thing?

Amongst this abundance of strikingly obvious recipes on half-empty pages there are a few interesting entries such as the bake in the oven doner kebab, southern fried chicken etc so all is not completely lost. What is lost is the pictures in the book, there are only a few line drawings at the start of the chapter and while I know I bought the paperback a few images wouldn't go amiss.

If I had the time again I'd just get the recipes I want from the many free resources online and save money to buy ingredients with. My biggest upset is that I bought the soon to be released second book at the same time, I wonder if I can cancel?

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  A possible correction, and my endorsement!

| | See all BlueEyes2321's reviews (2)

A previous reviewer suggests that the book instructs you to buy ready-made lamb tikka pieces - I think the confusion lies in the fact that there is a recipe for lamb tikka that teaches you how to prepare the meat in the style, that can then be used in other recipes, and it was this page that the reviewer missed in their enthusiasm for their favourite meal, so they were left with the assumption that they would have to buy the tikka meat.

Regardless, I have found this book to be entirely instructive and helpful in creating food that is usually very unhealthy, but in a controllable environment. It is now a little easier (and better for the waistline!) to have quick and easy food more than once a week, especially safe in the knowledge that you know exactly what went into the dishes! Brilliant.


| | See all R1chSm1th's reviews (2)

This book is poor to say the least, don't know where these other reviewers got their views from, what Curry "secret", NO KFC recipe, and a burger recipe that is just minced beef ALONE - rediculous.
Recipe for chips, (potatoes, Oil) I kid you not.
Lamb Tikka (with bought pieces of lamb tikka!!!!!!)
There are NO secrets in here, just a waste of money on cheap paper with basic recipe's that no respecting recipe book would have the nerve to print, let alone charge for...........
Don't bother, it will teach you nothing.

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  Brilliant book, worth every penny....A+++++

| | See all CoyUgly's reviews (1)

Best book I've purchased in a long time, so far tried Big Mac Sauce & Doner Kebab both are amazing...Going to try KFC Chicken this weekend, can't wait...

  Such a good buy!

| | See all Farsla's reviews (1)

Literally the best cookbook we've ever bought.

The special burger sauce has made every burger, sandwich or salad ridiculously tasty, and you can make it so healthy too because you're in control of exactly what goes in.

The burgers, kebabs and curries are all we've tried so far, and we've loved every recipe.

About the only negative to the entire book is most of the best recipes require preparation the morning or night before, but honestly that's just good food discipline and it's left us excited to try what we've prepared the night before.

Don't be put off by the images on the cover, the old saying don't judge a book by it's cover has never been more true!

Don't be put off by it being a book about take away food and assume it's all unhealthy, this couldn't be less true, you can control sugars, salts and fats and we've found even the healthiest versions are still just as tasty.

We can't recommend this enough, no matter your level of cooking experience this book will gently teach and reward you.

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  I'm Loving It!

| | See all Lilyloulou's reviews (191)

I bought this for my sister as a bit of a joke, but following her rave reviews of the receipes I've ordered a copy for myself too.

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  A Pizza Hut, A Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken.....

| | See all Tractorboy's reviews (27)

And a Pizza Hut!! You can now create the tastes and smells of your favouritre fast food outlets in your very own kitchen!
I am so impressed with the book that I am planning a trip to the supermarket to buy a load of ingredients as tonight I fancy American style burgers! This book is a must buy for fast food fans.

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