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Life: Keith Richards | Hardback

Author: Keith Richards | Format: Hardback

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Customer Reviews

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I read this because it was recommended,can't say i was disappointed. It's not perfect by any means but it is a very good read for the most part,telling many tales from his past. It may not a typical -did this at this age,did that at that age- type book,but it's still very informative book. It is interesting to read about the good times and bad times with Jagger and others,it certainly doesn't shy away from stating opinions.
However,there's a lot of talk about drugs and if this doesn't interest you,you're probably better off forgetting this book. I will admit i got a little bored with some of the stories,but most of it certainly kept me wanting to know more.
It's good to have the record set straight about certain issues,be it the mars bar or snorting his dad's ashes,it's nice to find out what really happened with some of these issues.
So all in all,not perfect,in that it doesn't tell you everything you might wish to know about him,but it tells you a lot and it left me appreciating Keith Richards a lot more. What a life.

  the legend speaks

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As a massive fan of the rolling stones I bought this the day it came out and got stuck into it straight away. If your expecting sex, drugs and rock n roll from the first page you'll be disappointed due to the book starting from when the man was born (you'll be amazed at what he remembers) stick with it and you will read the one of the best autobiographys ever, whitty, sharp, funny, heartfelt and bang upto date...a must read for any music fan let alone a stones fan

  5 Strings and the truth about a dog called Rasputin....

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I must admit I picked this book up with just looking to distill the myth and legend against the man. Would it be honest? Would it bare all? Is it really a life worth reading about? Answer is yes, yes and yes.

This book is a revelation and for not just fans of the Rolling Stones but for anybody wanting to really know what iy was, is and will be like on the rollercoaster of life when you get plucked from relative obscurity to become a rock legend.

Brutally honest about himself and others. Noticeably none of his bandmates appear in the "thank you" section at the end. But he does talk a lot about relationship with Mick as a "sibling rivalry".

You can tell he see's himself as living a life of relevant disciplined dependencies compared to others he has travelled life with such as Ron Wood and Anita Pallenberg for example. The respect for Charlie Watts "jumps" from the pages.

But it is the wonderful narrative around the backroom people who helped make him, such as Ian Stewart, Jane Rose, Ronnie Spector, Bobby Keys and a cast of thousands. I loved the story of his courtship and marriage to Patti Hansen, remember never bring an acoustic guitar to your prospective in-laws thanksgiving.

He is living one hell of a life and underneath the honesty and humour is a driven man with a singular passion to music and an unbelievable strong moral code. If he trusts you, he will love you and that will be unwavering. But if you break that trust, watch out for the knife collection that he seems to as handy with a knife as a guitar.

Filled with wonderful vivid descriptions on the birth's of some of the great songs of the stones as well as all the births, death's, marriages of his personal circle. Also a remarkable frankness about the great loves of his life.

So there was no Mars Bar, yes he did snort his Fathers ashes (but it is a wonderful poignant paragraph) you will not be able to replicate Start Me Up, Jumping Jack Flash and a lot of other great riffs without taking the low E string off your guitar and adopting open tuning and the story of how the dog Rasputin came into his life will enable you to call every tattoo'd Rolling Stones roadie you meet "a big softie" from now on!

This is not a coffee table book, it is a page turner. The boy from Dartford knows how to tell his story. I finished this book with a lot of respect for Keith Richards and a hunger to listen to all the musical highlights referenced.

I have never seen the Rolling Stones live, but all I can say is after reading this book, I will be first in the online queue for ticket.

Book of the Year!!!

  The 'True' LIFE of our Keef

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Surely this must be one of the most honest autobiographies of all time. Keef seems to make no attempt to gloss over any aspect of his life and whilst it could be said that some may be embarrassed at his frankness about them this is counterbalanced by his frankness about himself. The impression that I was left with is that in his life all he expects from those around him is honesty and it is with the same honesty he lives his life and the one thing you would always get from him is honesty also. What more could one want from a friend. This is an excellent read and having finished the book about two weeks ago I already feel that I would like to read it again and shall. Infact I actually felt sad when I had finished it. The Pink Fairies once sang 'Do It' I would say of this just 'Buy It' you wont be dissapointed I am sure. Whether one likes what they know of him or not I feel one cannot help but respect this man.

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