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Horus Heresy 4 - The Flight of the Eisenstein: The Heresy Unfolds | Paperback

Author: James Swallow | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

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  Brilliant reading

| | See all Raider1987's reviews (24)

I loved this book, the only issue is that it uses methods that are too familiar to the reader to introduce the characters that the opening really wasn't as exciting as it should have been.

The book opens with a legion, the death guard fighting some Xeno race. This is how every legion and character has been introduced so far, with the legion wiping out some xeno world, or non compliant world. It just didn't feel like an original way to open the book and introduce the characters, but its only a small complaint.

The characters introduced are excellent, Garro shines above all others. The book takes place around the time of the 3rd book, and even has a scene from garros perspective fighting in a temple alongside Saul Tarvitz. The same battle was in Galaxy in flames from Saul Tarvitz point of view, so the scene is a little odd as we know exactly what is going to happen, you just see it through another pare of eyes.

Garro is a brilliant character, he has even spawned his own series of audio novels, and the book follows his perspective, fighting xenos, then Issvan 3, and his escape with a few characters from the opening trilogy. Although many of the events, battles etc have been talked about or in some cases even scene through different eyes, it is still an incredible book with exciting battles, and a great twist. Unmissable.

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| | See all bobble14988's reviews (16)

Really, really good book with a nice little twist at the end. This book really adds some pieces to the puzzle and develops on the storyline better than most. Highly recommended.

  Best HH book so far...

| | See all sephirothx7x's reviews (3)

I have just finished Prospero Burns and have read all the other HH series and this is the best book so far by some way. James Swallow is by far the best author the Black Library has in my opinion. In this novel he continues to write with the same authoritative prose, descriptive genius and character driven style that typifies his early works on the Blood Angels legion. He captures the might and physicality of a space marine whilst ensuring that we also see glimpses of their inner strength and somewhat emotional volatility. Nathaniel Garro is a real character to add to the Warhammer universe and one that I hope continues to be involved with the Horus Heresy in some way. Highly recommended.


| | See all aldiniho's reviews (12)

ive started reading through the HH series recently which is a fantastic series. this book is excellent, i really enjoyed it as i have all the other books it adds another view to the story. 5*

  Another winner

| | See all juanivonovich's reviews (8)

This book is another excellent addition to an already great series. Whilst it uses the same format of following a main character as was seen in the previous books, it also moves from character to character allowing for a greater understanding of the various perspectives and feelings of the main players. As with the previous books the intrigue and division within the ranks is a central tenet of this story, whilst the action is just as exciting as before. Moving away from the virus bombing incident which is the heavy focus of the series to this point was refreshing, and the author works well to maintain our interest in a story which takes place almost entirely on a space ship, whilst cleverly linking the action to other significant events which are taking place in the wider universe. I can recommend this one not simply for the sake of continuity, but because it stands it's ground as a solid read.

  Great addition to the series

| | See all JamesDeath's reviews (9)

This for me is one to add more background to the struggle to get the other Astarte's to believe of Horuse's treachery the struggle with chaos and i love it when the Sisters get into a story.


| | See all RicardoTubbs's reviews (14)

Took a bit of getting into, but a solid member of the series. Preferred HH 1 to this, but dont know if thats just because HH1 was the first one i read (read the last 4 in 3 weeks) and the books in all fairness are quite similar. Thats not a bad thing but I enjoyed the first ones so much because they were different to other things i had read recently, this is more of the same. The series I think needs to be taken as a whole and as a series it is excellent, the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

  Not bad

| | See all CaptainShiznit's reviews (5)

Not a bad book, but a shock to anyone expecting the story to continue from the last book.

From this book onwards, time jumps back a while and the story is told from a certain legions perspective, the Death Guard in Eisenstein.

That aside, this is still a good book and moves forwards past where Galaxy in Flames left off towards the end of the book. Garro is a good protagonist in Loken's place also.

  Damn Good

| | See all smickster's reviews (25)

While this book in the Horus Heresy series is not as action packed as some of the other titles in the series it is still an excellent addition to the series. All I want to know is when are they going to let us in on what the mighty Space Wolevs were doing while these girly Legions were fighting?