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Angels and Demons | Paperback

Author: Dan Brown | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (41 reviews)"

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  One of the all time greats . . .

| | See all Tanzanite81's reviews (18)

This is by far Dan Brown's best book to date. A very enjoyable read and I am suprized that it has not received better coverage.

  I loved this book

| | See all PinkChick1234's reviews (13)

Angels and Demons is one of my favourite books so far by Dan Brown, the other being The Da Vinci Code. I'll admit that it was a bit hard for me to get into as there was a load of physics being described, which is why The Da Vinci Code was easier to get into.
But hold off and the book does becomes really explosive and exciting, and if you try and pay close attention, you will be able to guess the ending. Exciting read xxx

  Angels and Demons

| | See all Lozzerjonesy362's reviews (2)

I was a bit unsure of this book after reading the Da Vinci Code which was very mind boggling and complex. However, Angels and Demons seems to be much of the opposite and more understandable. A very good storyline that grabs you from the start, and end up not putting the book down. The ultimate Robert Langdon thriller.

  angels and demons

| | See all brent218's reviews (13)

I didn't read this book although i do have it in paperback, I listened to it as an unabridged audio book, and I was brilliant. I know people see Dan Browns' books as the literary equivalent of a big action movie and pull the books apart for anything they can. It's almost like the cool thing to do; and I don't get it,

I have read some of Dan Browns other work and as long as you remember they are all fiction including the Da Vinci Code (something I feel people are forgetting) they are a great read and I can totally understand why people buy his books and those by people like Sam Bourne. The books that Dan Brown writes are fast, murder mystery's with a conspiracy slant, and who doesn't like that, even the bible is full of conspiracy, murder, and mystery. although that's not as gripping a work of fiction to read. although its a work of fiction all the same.

In the past few years we've seen Cern become a household name with the LHC, A new pope picked with all the pomp and circumstance of the catholic church, there is anyone of a number of site's online devoted to conspiracy theory, or new world order be it by the bilderberg group or the little green men from the planet zog (sorry I got that wrong the little green men are from dzart22 and little green women are from zog. sorry for the confusion.) well imagine squishing all that together and mashing it all up and you've got Angels & Demons, With the film out now in the cinema's I'd either read or listen to this book before you see it, its a great read theres everything you want in a book.

just before you all start emailing me or shouting at me on twitter just remember that it is fiction so if you start telling me that Anti matter cant be held in place with magnets or that the Illuminati diamond is upside down or whatever, I don't care, When I read an Enid Blyton book as a child I didn't think 5 kids really went off and lived on an island, or that there were witches that could turn kids into mice after I read a Roahl Darl book, take this book at face value and you'll love it start picking at the corners and you may as well go read the encyclopedia (not a bad read but not much of a story line and it jumps from topic to topic)

If you liked the Da Vinci Code you'll like this and if you didn't like the da vinci code what's up with you? you'll be saying you don't like die hard next...

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  Everything that the film should have been but wasn't

| | See all Lawsie's reviews (2)

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Regardless of your opinion of Dan Brown and the subject matter it's a great book that I tore through very quickly and felt was better than Da Vinci.

The book should not be confused with the film which I watched only last night and found to be missing much of the plot detail, characters and scene building that helped make the book such a distinctive read. Don't let what I felt was a poor film detract you in any way from reading the best of Dan Brown's books.

  my first ban brown book!

| | See all Gaz1992's reviews (2)

This was the first dan brown book that i have read, and its an utterly great book to read. The book weaves a web of mystery, and really does grab your attention. I simply could not put this book down, its great!i would recomend this to anyone that loves reading a good book.

  The strongest of Brown's works, with a great action ending

| | See all GermanEskimo's reviews (200)

Better than the Da Vinci code is what I think when I read this book, but it deserves more than that, the plot is more interesting in this novel and the ending is a great all action one which right till the end you don't know who is the Illuminati agent, just a great novel and a must for all Dan Brown fans


| | See all Debberz's reviews (18)

Awesome book! defintely better than the film!! great detail. couldn't put it down til i had read it. great book, if only the film had just stuck to the storyline of the book.

  My Favourite Dan Brown book

| | See all Orb1tal's reviews (1)

Great book. Best of the first four Dan Brown books in my opinion (more entertaining and more pace than the Da Vinci Code). The storyline nips along with the pace of an action movie; characters running around from one emergency to the next, type of thing. It touches on the confluence between mysticism / spirituality and modern physics, which I find interesting. Always thought it would make a great film.


| | See all ShaneMur's reviews (12)

If you are looking for a book that will leave your nerves in tatters and mind fried then this is a simply superb book. Dan Brown is undoubtedly the best author so far this century. I am a fan!