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The Secret | Hardback

Author: Rhonda Byrne | Format: Hardback

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (26 reviews)"

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  The Secret is airy fairy nonsense

| | See all domineexinferis's reviews (1)

The secret is not a secret at all, it is just wrong. Essentially it says that positive expectation and optimism equal a more successful life. While there is some merit in cheering people up and encouraging them to realise the opportunities available to them, this is not what the Secret does.

It defers all of your life's events' responsibility to you. Got raped? Must have not been thinking nice enough things. All those starving kids with guts full of worms? Clearly just not positive enough! It quickly becomes ridiculous and reinforces the madness that we live in a just world rather than create our own justice through humane moral authority.

What of mental illness?

Try and fight anxiety and depression by all means, but this is superstitious, superficial magical nonsense. Don't give this woman any more money. Borrow it from a library if you have to read it.


| | See all sleepyhead1's reviews (1)

This is one awesome book! I cant put into words the effect it had on me but its my bible from now on and i would recommend it to anyone. I think you have to read it a few times to get the full benefit of its teachings, ive been on a high all week after realising the secret. Im not sure i would have been ready years ago to appreciate this book but as Buddha says 'when the pupil is ready the teacher will appear

  Please Give This Book A Chance!!

| | See all iamdivaliciouz's reviews (13)

When I first received this book, after hearing so much positivity about it, I tossed it aside and deemed it 'pathetic'. A few months later I picked it up again willing to give it another go, and I'm so glad I did. You have to go into it with a postive mind and see it for what it really is. The fault is that people interpret it in the wrong way. It is not trying to brainwash you into believing you can have anything you want by thinking positively and believing you already have it, it is simply trying to get you to think positively in life. Once I understood this and applied it to my life, I can tell you I've never been happier. Just by being encouraged to think positively I believe I have gotten rid of any negative influences in my life and not let them affect me. Please just give it a chance!

  The Secret

| | See all yesiamarealangel's reviews (1)

Can't put this book down and I know I will re read it over and over again through out my life. I have just ordered The Power the book written after The Secret By Rhonda Bryne. If you wanting to better your life then this is the book to make you believe you can do it

  A must read!

| | See all cihan1984's reviews (1)

This book is amazing. Teaches you the importance in believing in yourself and being positive. I was a positive person before reading and after reading it just cemented everything. A must read for everyone at some point in their lives!

  Complete rubbish

| | See all ninnykay's reviews (4)

I understand the need for self-belief and positive visualisation etc etc, but this book takes it too far. I stopped reading when it suggested that anyone affected by a huge tragedy brought it upon themselves by thinking negative thoughts, and felt like throwing it across the room in anger. Don't waste your money!

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  a must

| | See all buddone's reviews (3)

This book is a must for self belief,and if your like me and already possess this,you will believe even more,if you ever thought that was possible.I couldn't put this book down.

  Look at the message inside the book!

| | See all Edzorr's reviews (40)

Ok, to start off, i agree with some of the 'negative' points often associated with the secret.
Yes, the law of attraction and having a posotive mental attitude isn't a 'secret' at all, people have known it since the begginning of time. If you watch the film, the first couple of minutes is just rubbish saying 'the secret was buried, the seceret was lost, the secret was kept hidden blah blah blah'. I think this is stupid aswell, of course it wasn't, its just a trick to get people interested.
The second quarrel some have with 'the secret' is of the claims it makes that you can just believe you will get something, and it will come. Indeed this isn't the case, as obviously, hardwork and determination are essential to achieving your goals.
Anyway, i agree with all these points but...

These aren't important. These aren't what rhonda byrne and the secret team are trying to give you. What is truly important and inspiratinal about the secret is the message inside. After reading this book my eyes have truly been opened. When you read the quotes from the past greats; ghandi, churchill, einstein etc. You can truly see they all knew it too! Ultimately, the message is that if you have a posotive outlook on life, think posotive, be happy, nice, and grateful to and for everything in your lives, you, and indeed those around you, will be much better off as a result. This isn't to say that you can just sit there and wait for everything to come to you though, work hard, be determined, and enjoy everything you do.
Also, it is kind of like a bible in a sense, as you need to top up on it. After about a week of reading it first time, my amazing mood from it started to dip. I have found though that topping up on its knowledge does help a lot, and now i regularly refer back to it when i am having trouble. You should try it too.

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  The Secret

| | See all authoress's reviews (3)

This book really gives you a different prospective on how you think; for anyone feeling negative about life, buy this book its better than any box of tablets.

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| | See all teenyprincess's reviews (2)

At this time in my life... And now for ever this book will help me it is fab i've only read a few pages so far as it arrived yesterday and it makes so much sense, putting it into play it really does work!! Im quite excited now... No i am excited!!!

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