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The Da Vinci Code | Paperback

Author: Dan Brown | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  Oh dear

| | See all Ballstien's reviews (3)

If fiction disguised as fact, wild accusatory themes, poor narrative, ridiculous plot devices and two dimensional characters float your boat then this is the book for you! This 560 page travesty is the worst thing to happen to the written word since text messaging. Like Lady Gaga, pokemon and smart=phones, the moronic masses have lauded this joke of a novel with acclaim. I you're reading this and enjoy the movies of keanu reeves then this book will undoubtedly kill off the rest of your brain cells... enjoy!

  Don't listen to Monkeydave!!

| | See all crocodiletears's reviews (41)

Really enjoyed this.

Its a good book despite what monkeydave says below. Personally, i think anyone with half a brain knows that a lot of the assumptions made by dan brown are quantum leaps from the historical facts.

It is only fair however to point out that there are a lot of facts in this book that are actually correct. If like me you don't take everything you read at face value and try to understand issues from a variety of sources (not just a fictional novel) then just take this book for what it is which, lets face it, is an engrossing read.

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  One of the best books i have ever read

| | See all inisbeag91's reviews (503)

Years from now when everyone has gotten over the controversy of the plot this book will be considered a classic. It has a great plot with many unexpected twists and turns. I could not put it down when i was reading it. An absolutely amazing book if you can look past the whole controversy thing. Not for the overly religious

  "Priory of Sion vs. Opus Dei"

| | See all FrostyGlass's reviews (85)

A fantastic novel from Dan Brown which is completely gripping throughout. Dan Brown has such a fluent way with words although he is describing history or events that are fairly complex and would in any other book possibly be quite daunting. This is one of my favourite books, and from all of them that I have read, I must say Dan Brown's research is absolutely thorough and he does not let himself down in any of his books. Brilliant author, brilliant book. +-

  Better than the film, not as good as Angels and Demons

| | See all GermanEskimo's reviews (200)

Dan Brown's most popular work, but in my opinion not his best, the plot is well developed but you can see where events are coming from if you have read some decent crime fiction before, the characters are a bit plain but suffice for the story, and the church becomes a suitable foe after the events of the first book (Angels and Demons) when Robert Langdon helped save them, a couple of good twists in the middle/latter part and a fair ending rounds this novel off nicely but there just isn't enough drama for me to get too excited about this novel, something Angels and Demons had, Good but better is out there.

  Top book

| | See all ShaneMur's reviews (12)

Not as good as 'Angels and Deamons' but in it's own right is an astonishing read and a must own. Religious or not you simply have to read this book!

  Amazing Read!

| | See all karla18's reviews (3)

The Da Vinci Code is well worth a read if your are interested in the debate surrouding the Church. Whether some parts of the book are true or not is up for debate but Dan Brown highlights the dominance of the Church and the ideas surrouding Opus Dei. I would definately recommend people to read this book with an open mind because it could strike a negative chord with some people. All in all, this book is an amazing piece of fiction!

  was pretty good

| | See all deanobeany's reviews (17)

the only reason this got 4 stars is because anegls and demons was much better, but they both seem very consistant and flow naturally or as stand alones, as for the religious debate and stupor that surrounded this books and its (inferior) film adaptation were blown out of proportion, i dont know a single christian who lost his faith after reading this book, i strongly recomend this read, but only after reading robert langdons previous adventures in angels and demons (also with play and trade its as cheap as 1.20, cant go wrong)

  Science fiction at its worst

| | See all henryd's reviews (10)

Too much has been spoken and debated about this book. As a science fiction reader, I just want to say that the 'suspend disbelieve' is taken beyond its breaking point. I do not recommend it.