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Ender's Game | Paperback

Author: Orson Scott Card | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (7 reviews)"

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  Can't recommend it enough

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Just finished reading this and what an amazing book. Grips you from start to finish so you won't want to put it down! Thoroughly enjoyable and intelligent story.

  Very Good.

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I can't look at this book without wanting to continue reading it.
Through the first 4 Chapters it really does pull you into it.

  A classic worthy of praise

| | See all chitman13's reviews (52)

Ender's Game is another classic of the genre that I found myself drawn towards recently. I'm always hesitant when it comes to reading such praised novels and always wonder whether or not I'll come away disappointed. Luckily enough I found that wasn't the case with Ender's Game. A novel that can pull you along at such speed while delivering some thoughtful ideas is a joy. Not only did Ender's Game manage this, it also put across a great story with very entertaining characters.

The story is one mainly of Ender, although there are some sections where we have a look his older brother and sister - Peter and Valentine - and what they are doing since Ender left. Ender is a great character that is enjoyable to read while he is also one that can be sympathised with. The situation he is in puts extreme pressure on his abilities and those in charge of the battle school make nothing easy on Ender, forcing him to understand that if he cannot do things by himself he will get no help from adults. The friendships that he makes take on a different role as the story progresses and the implications of such are interesting to a child of his age, not that he is ever treated as a child.

The whole idea of the battle school and the games that are involved within it are excellent. I thought the way in which it was handled was good and the introduction of the battle room, along with the games that can be played, gave the story a solid centre around which to expand. I love tactical games and can easily waste hours of my time away at them so I would love to see something like the zero gravity battle room in action. The way in which Ender changes the way the game is played by introducing new tactics shows how far it goes to deciding the winner. However, the unfair treatment of Ender goes to show what lengths people will go to when they want something badly enough and the effect it has on those involved, an interesting subject for children so young.

Speaking of the age of the children in Ender's Game - this is the only place I found myself in the situation of not quite believing what the story was telling me. The children at battle school are aged from 6 up and their behaviour seems a little too old for them. I fully understand the reasoning behind it, but to make it truly realistic they would need to be from 10 up - try and picture a 6 year old doing what they do in battle school and it feels wrong. The same goes for the sections looking at Peter and Valentine - kids doing politics at their age did stretch the imagination a little.

Despite these little problems with Ender's Game I thought it was an excellent book. Not only did give some memorable characters, it also looked at what the human race is capable of when it faces something it fears can destroy it. Without a doubt this is one of my most enjoyable reads of the year and I would recommend it to anyone - with the above reservations. Now just to hope the sequels live up to the standard set here...

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  One of the best books i've ever read

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I have just finished reading Ender's Game, and it is incredible.

Its probably the best Science Fiction book ever written. A must read for anybody; especially fans of science fiction.

The characters, story and just about everything in this book have been done perfectly.

Buy Ender's game, and read it. You won't be dissapointed!

Thanks for reading :)

  Brilliance and a whole lot more

| | See all CSPearson's reviews (17)

This book is worth the 5 stars. Enders game is at base a Sci Fi Novel but it could also be described as a Psychological genre. Orson's magic with words tug on the mind and really get the read thinking about life and attaching themselves to the characters. I know while I was reading I couldn't help somewhat feeling the emotions that Ender goes through. hatred, Understanding, Love. The book is really clever at not simply being another Sci Fi adventure. It somehow indescribably manages to be, just, well a hell of allot more.


| | See all wouldyoukindly's reviews (1)

Without a doubt 5 stars. If you love sci-fi and techno babble (like me) then buy this book. Ender is a great character who just seems to roll on with what is happening to him and humanity throughout the book. For me it really picked up from battle school to the bugger showdown. With a neat twist at the end, which i can understand why it was there. very enjoyable and must be read.
Ender's character grows more in speaker for the dead but that book is a lot less sci fi and still a good read. Buy it!!

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| | See all ewanfmurray's reviews (5)

This book is brilliant!

If you are after thrills, moral dilemmas of galactic proportions and characters you feel you have known for years, look no further. Ender's game is what you need. It is a wonderful piece of writing.

Ender, the title character, is extremely likable. His habitual brilliance is key to the reader's relationship with him. By being both normal and exceptional, you feel inspired by the way he takes on countless - seemingly impossible -challenges.

Don't worry if you are thinking that because the main characters are very young; you must be young to read this book; not true. The books main philosophical ideas are only emphasised by Orson's use of children in warfare.

Anyway, you'd be an idiot not to read this.

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