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A Game of Thrones: Book 1 of A Song of Ice and Fire | Paperback

Author: George R. R. Martin | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

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  Better than the T.V show

| | See all jimmy235's reviews (17)

I got the box collection of these from my brother for Christmas last year. I had heard all the hype of the show being made so decided to read the first book couple of months back. Its by far one of the best reads I ever read the characters are so stong and clear and the plot is amazing too, wont give anything away you just have to read it ha. I saw a couple of episodes after reading it and it wasnt the same, the book is what you make of it in your own head and its your own fantsy. Very well done George R. R. Martin

  Don't get it... Its not that good!

| | See all Woolly123's reviews (11)

I read this and struggled to get to the end many times... I have always loved fantasy novels above and beyond all other genres, but this just felt like a generic attempt to cover the same old ground so many other authors have done "time and time" again and in many cases a lot better. Confusing characters and a long winded plot just made it hard work. Give me Joe Abercrombie any day, at least he is treading new ground in this field.
So many of my friends rave about these books, but for me it looks like I wasted a fair amount of time and effort on the first one and I certainly will not be looking into the ridiculous amount of sequels!

  Parody or pretension?

| | See all bunwig's reviews (1)

Really can't decide if it's an exquisitly subtle satirical parody of the fantasy world genre i.e. LOTR, Dune or Thomas Covenant, or just another addittion to it, however.......
whatever it is is's a very good read, I have ordered books 2 and 3.1 and have no doubt when they are read will order 3.2 and 4 etc. etc.

  One of the Greats

| | See all Playdan's reviews (4)

Reading multiple reviews beforehand, I bought this book with high hopes and it certainly lived up to my expectations. If you like fantasy fiction books then this is a must read. In my opinion it holds many similarities to the mythology of King Arthur, especially in terms of the world that Martin introduces. The characters which he has created are extremely well done and really are brought to life. You will find yourself growing attached to some, loathing others, laughing at some and becoming disappointed at certain peoples decisions. It is difficult to describe how much I recommend this book, as you can see by my 5 star rating, though I can say this book has certainly joined my top three fiction favourites and I look forward to starting George Martin's second instalment in the clash of kings.

  If you read one book this year, make it this.

| | See all TheReaSoner's reviews (4)

What starts off slowly builds into one of the greatest books ever written; full of twists, turns, magic and fantasy. Martin takes you on an epic trip through vast lands, with a history nearly as deep as Middle Earth's. What's more, Martin really allows the reader to engage with the characters throughout the book, creating a bond and allowing each individual reader to have their own personal view on each character. This, mixed with plot twists that blow the mind, creates a novel which will have you laughing and crying within seconds.

Protip: Buy it, and don't let anyone ruin the twists for you. Do not do any research and discover the story for yourself.

  Where was the fire?

| | See all DMBUTCHER's reviews (4)

I find that to my tastes this novel is so concerned with creating an 'epic fantasy series' that it forgets itself and the reason people buy books.

A world has been created and yet we learn very little of that world and it's history - only tasters throughout its 864 pages. Not enough.

The most interesting characters are Tyrion, Daenerys and Viserys and that leaves many others, whose motives beyond being power hungry and wanting to remain political survivors are never filled out enough. It makes engaging with the characters difficult, and this is corroborated by the fact that many, many reviews state that the reader could not track most of the characters. Characters are recognisable by their words and their actions, these are driven by their 'wants and needs', put differently these become their motives.

That is what this book lacks - clarity, and therefore I find that I was pulled out of the fantasy, out of the story, in order to deal with the realities of tracking who is who.

The historical context is never fully realised. There is a rich world history in Mr Martin's head it seems, but little of it on the pages. It takes the HBO website for the TV series to fill in all the blanks. The HBO rendering of the novel is excellent not least because it is is driven by a very well edited screenplay and script.

In terms of battles, the largest engagement occurs between the armies of Stark and Lannister. While the ruse was good, the book fails to cover this enough. It covers the before and after - just like in the HBO series, a point of note for those expecting the battle to be shown.

In summary, this book delivers intrigue, AKA the 'Game' in the title. No doubt what Martin intended, but I think it delivers little more than that when focussed upon anyone but the surviving Targaryens' and Tyrion Lannister. Indeed for all his wealth and therefore power Tywin Lannister manages only a cameo role.

If you want battles, wit, politics, characters who live and breathe on the page, read James Barclay 'Cry of the Newborn'. If you want blood, rage, heroics and for my money one of the best Fantasy characters ever conceived (Glotka) read Abercrombie 'The blade Itself'.

Where was the fire? This left me feeling unfulfilled and approaching hypothermia.

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| | See all hulllad's reviews (3)

This book is well worth a read even for me someone who is not that into books the last set of books i had read was the Harry Potter series. I honestly cannot get enough and have never read a book so fast and all for 5er! Bargin Read

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  Excellent, Yes, but also incomplete...

| | See all daStevo's reviews (1)

This book in the... um 'new trilogy' was first published in 1996. Indeed it is an excellent read, gripping, engaging and thrilling. Unfortunately the complete series [A Song of Ice and Fire] is not finished. The fifth book in the 'trilogy' is supposed to be published in early 2011, possibly to coincide with the release of a TV adaptation of the books by HBO. Fans of the books (such as I) have been waiting and waiting for the concluding (now allegedly 3) books in the um... seven book trilogy. They are large books so hopefully by the time you get to the end of book 4, the next will be out, but based on previous form you might have a long wait ahead. Keep an eye on the authors 'not a blog' section on his website for the latest info.

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  One of the greats

| | See all ShaneMur's reviews (12)

This book and series is simply superb and is a must buy for any fantasy readers out there. GRRM's writing style and imagery is unmatched by any author writing today. A must buy.

  Five novels in one

| | See all alien1's reviews (3)

I'm surprised to see this book top a lot of fantasy favourites. It focuses less on action and more on intrigue. It must be applauded for originality and epic scope but it doesn't work for me effectively enough as a stand alone book to merit being a classic.