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I am Legend | Paperback

Author: Richard Matheson | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (84 reviews)"

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  Very Enjoyable Classic

| | See all TopCat1984's reviews (68)

I was shocked by how good this book is. You have to block out the Will Smith film completely from your mind. Although a book with vampires it's not about vampires. It's about a man' s struggle and turmoil being completely alone. The loneliness is palpable. The book is short but there is only so much to do and say. The ending is very fitting and stays with you. That's how good it is.

  Forget about sparkeling vampires and teen-romance!

| | See all Rita1971's reviews (8)

This is one of the most heartbreaking and beautifully written stories that have ever been written. It is a post apocalyptic book about single man's struggle to stay alive in aworld that has been run over by vampiries. It is not a horror-story in the traditional sense, it is also not a vampire story in traditional sense. This is a story that explores one of the most tragic emotions any human can be asked to face: namely that of lonelyness. Nothing that I write could ever give true praise to this book, nothing I say can do it justice. But what I can say is that you owe it to yourself to read it, if you haven't done so already.

  Best Unfilmed

| | See all johnnybones's reviews (2)

This book has been made into a film on more than one occasion and never done justice to. Leave Will Smith and give Mr.Matheson the chance to tell it his way. One of the greatest vampire books ever written and a straightforward no-filler read that really is unputdownable.

  A Great and Gripping Read

| | See all thewetdogproject's reviews (5)

First of all, there is no sign of Will.
Instead you get a book written in the 50's set in the 70's without any product placement. The book is really world weary attitude to the vampire problem that has hit post-apocalyptic America.
It is a great read with lot's of little twists and terms with the end of the book blowing you away.
I'd highly recommend for a not too scary easy read. Even at bed time : )

  The best Vampyre story since Stoker's classic

| | See all FormerZombie's reviews (37)

A done to death genre has peaked no more than twice in its existence both at its creation in Braam Stoker's tale & during this masterpiece.
Gripping, painful & a downright harrowing tale of human will against the world around him. If only hollywood had the kahunas to stay true to the book then the film would have been sensational.
For a less happy-meal ending read this beauty!


| | See all babasparks's reviews (3)

i read the reviews first and they weren't wrong! i started it at 6pm and didn't put it down til just before 1am i had to finish it. this is one of the best sf books i have read and i am a big fan. so definitely would recommend this book. written quite a long time ago (for those of us who are quite young!) but the writing is not dated at all. 100% better than the movie. the ending is breath taking, makes you appreciate the mastery of the story teller.

  This is truly a great book

| | See all gregthomas02's reviews (6)

This book is brilliant, gripping from start to finish. It one of those books you want to read from start to finish without putting it down. This is truly a great book.

  A more than pleasant surprise!

| | See all Fanshawe's reviews (2)

I read this book about two years ago. It still stands as one of the best science fiction books I have ever read. At that time SF was a new genre to me and I didn't really have the highest of hopes when I came across it. Never the less, I read the book in two days and loved it so much that I had to read it again immediately afterwards.

As a vampire-enthusiast I am always quite skeptic, when I read about new takes on the old myth. I was more than pleasantly surprised though, about Matheson's vampire-creatures; Not dumb, not weak, and often the center of the funniest parts in the book. He nails it with a bravado.

Another thing that I was amazed by, was Matheson's way of integrating science as a natural aspect of the story. A ubiquitous dimension in science fiction, but definitely a heart-catcher for me as a SF rookie.
The book appeals to me as a reader as it is written in a down-to-earth language, that makes it very easy to digest. You might not be a huge SF fan, but I think it's safe to say that "I am Legend" will entertain you no matter what.

  Powerful Horror

| | See all TeddyNash's reviews (12)

Don't watch the film. I love Will Smith, but I felt deflated after watching it as I had read the book already.
It is so powerful and quite short, so an easy read. I really got inside the characters head and his lonely feelings.
I would turn off the lights, read by candlelight and be ready for a scary journey. I love horror books and this is my favourite.

One Love

Teddy Nash.

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  Superb book - dont be put off by the film

| | See all Renius's reviews (1)

I read this book based on the positive reviews I saw on this site. They were definitely accurate as this is truly a great book which I strongly recommend. At first the style of writing felt slightly older than contemporary novels but I got used to that after the first chapter. After that I was totally addicted and thought the ending was perfect. It's just a shame that Hollywood always feels that they need to make such huge changes to classic stories!

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