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Interesting Times: (Discworld Novel 17) | Paperback

Author: Terry Pratchett | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

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  Let us all live in Interesting Times

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There is no doubt the Discworld is something no other author will be able to match. I see the Rincewind books as background to the Discworld. This is much better than Colour of Magic, but typically a bit all over the place, but still superb. The storyline is excellent, extremely funny and you can't help but plough through it.

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This is Pratchett's finest hour. I have read all the Discworld books, but none quite compare to this one. I advise reading the three Rincewind books that come before this [The Colour of magic, The light fantastic and sourcery] first however, as they are necessary to understanding some aspects of the story, however, they are not required for enjoyment of the story, so don't worry if you have just this book available, and want to get started right away, you will not be at a disadvantage, and I guarantee you will be reading the other Discworld books after reading this! Also to note, books that come later in the Chronology of Ricewind are: 'The last continent', the 3 'Science of the Discworld' books [half story chapters, half interesting explanations of our planet (round world) which the Wizards of Unseen University accidentally create and, in typical comic fashion, explore as only a wizard could.] followed by the illustrated novel 'The last hero' (do not let the fact it is illustrated put you off, it is as rich, vibrant, and above all, funny as any other Discworld novel.) Another way to read the books [and one I followed, much to my enjoyment] is to read them in order of publishing. This will give you the greatest enjoyment, as a few 'in jokes' carry from some earlier books to later ones, but if you dont read them in order, this will still leave you with a full and entertaining book. If you read them in publishing order, it will take you a while to get to this book [17/33] and all that time, you will not be able to put one book down until it is finished, and then only to pick up the next. I recommend buying these books rather than borrowing them from a library (although, you could borrow the first one, if you can find it, but I guarantee you will be engrossed in it from the start, so there is no harm buying it) as you will want to read them again and again, as will your children, and their children. Terry is still writing more Discworld books, Making Money was published earlier this year. I also recommended buying all 4 of the discworld maps ['The streets of Ankh-Morpork', 'The Discworld Mapp', 'A tourist's guide to Lancre' and 'Death's Domain'] , as they help many people relate where the characters are in relation to the the stories, which can be a fun activity on a rereading. Aside from this, they contain an interesting and highly amusing short story and/or explanation on how the map was made. To fill in any gaps that you might have from reading the stories [you wont do, but its a fun and useful addition to a Discworld collection] and to provide extra information, 'The new Discworld Companion' is a must have, featuring up to date information on all character and places from the books. This you know everything there is to know about discworld? This Buy the Discworld quizbook, 'The Wyrdest Link' and get that grey matter going. So, this is the end of my little review, I hope you found it useful and informative, NOW BUY THIS BOOK!