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Skinny Bitch: A No-nonsense, Tough-love Guide for Savvy Girls Who Want to Stop Eating Crap and Start Looking Fabulous! | Paperback

Author: Rory Freedman | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

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  Don't knock it till you've tried it!

| | See all Josie111's reviews (1)

All of you saying this isn't a book about getting skinny/healthy, did you actually try it? Because you should, before you rant on about it not being the diet you wanted it to be! By the way I live in back-country Norway, and no complaints here about not being able to get the foods from the book. It's easy. A little research and an open mind. This book works.


| | See all urbanlake's reviews (3)

I really liked this book, I found it funny and very informative. I think a lot of the negative reviews are written by people who do not want to change their way of thinking on particular things like eating dairy and meat. I think it's worth reading with an open mind, if you don't agree with everything you will at least enjoy some of the more amusing bits and learn about some of the less savoury ingredients that go into everyday foods. Also a great book if you are considering going vegetarian or vegan, very eye opening.

  Informed Choices

| | See all Seraphimia's reviews (12)

First off, I completely disagree with the previous comment and how is someone with anorexia a good benchmark for what is healthy eating? I have every sympathy for anyone suffering with anorexia, but really, it is not a suitable guiding point for loosing weight the healthy way.

I found this book to really get down to what is actually in our foods, helping the reader to really make an informed choice about what goes into their bodies.

I was already a vegan prior to hearing about this book and having already done a great deal of research, felt I had a good knowledge base of the rubbish that is in dairy and meat, but even here I was enlightened further.

The book has some profanity, but no where near as much as the previous reviewer claims and it's all very tongue in cheek as well as honest and to the point, and if you don't want to hear the truth about what you put in your body then this isn't the book for you anyway.

It is broken down into easy sections and overall a very good read. Highly recommend for the intelligent and health conscious individual, not to mention the environmentally concerned.

It looses one star for the sole reason, that although there is mention of British food research, unless you have already done your research some parts are very American in their reference, so unless you already know about the subject, you may not know whether it applies to British Food Standards or not (a great deal does, bar the steroids), but overall it very much applies to food standards in the UK, which still makes for a wake up call.

Next I will be reading Skinny Bitch in the Kitch.

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  Very informative - and just what I needed to hear!

| | See all fatgirlzlim's reviews (2)

Nutrition is something I know a lot about - the information in this book is not something new to me - Fit For Life also is based on the same theories. However, as I developed a bit of an emotional junk-food addiction this book was exactly what I needed to read in order to help me kick the junk food habit and get me back on the right track to eating good, nutritious food. Not sure I like the idea of eating 'fake meat' and 'fake fish' though, but nonetheless a very kick-ass book. If you don't like to be told straight about what you're doing wrong with your diet, then don't read the book, nor if you easily get offended by a bit of swearing. I thought their straight talk and swearing was pretty funny..I'm now happy to proclaim that I'm a Skinny Bitch!!

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| | See all Nik0808's reviews (1)

The book is fantastic it open your eyes to things you eat and drink everyday! It hadnt clicked to me we are the only species who drink another species milk! We are the only adults who drink milk!!! You can take what you want from it but it gives you scientifics facts and opinions. Its a life choice and i feel so much healthier, im losing weight and enjoying lots of fruit veg and healthy meals!!!!!

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  To the point

| | See all fredrikkk's reviews (10)

Just ignore the title. As they said in their book, they only called it that to sell the book and get attention. It is to the point and shows u what is really in what we eat. You won't be able to go food shopping without their words of wisdom in the back of ur mind.
If ur cynical, just look at their picture on the back for proof, both thin and with a healthy glow -what more proof do u need?
I would suggest this book and it makes a great present for anyone on the edge of the dieting nightmare. Great read

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| | See all AJ000123's reviews (1)

this book is truely awful.
It repeats itself again and again and again and again but not even about losing weight/dieting/staying skinny. It mostly rambles and preaches on about in a v. explicit manner about animal cruelty and why you shouldn't drink milk, eat meat, chese, eggs etc. - it seems to lose sight of giving any guidance on weight loss - it just describes how animals are killed, the conditions they live in etc etc
It uses lots of nutritional jargon (little of which is actually explained) and if you actually look at the quotes that are used to suport their statements, they are actually low quality research with little or no scientific backing.
No use if you live in england as food suggestions are american foods.
truely awful book. one of my worst purchases ever

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  good book!

| | See all lovepink's reviews (2)

i was really curious about this book after reading mixed reviews so i had to buy it to see what the fuss was about, i thought it would be swearing all the time and them going on a bout being a vegan, but its the opposite, there is swearing but not as much as people make out, maybe a swear word every page, its full of research and facts to back up their points and the women are really clever and know what they are on a bout! there is a lot of useful facts about foods and dangerous ingredients in foods which is really scary to think that they allow such ingrediaents to be in food even though they can really harm us! there is a section about how animals are treated etc and as i am already a vegetarian and was made to watch a video on it, this book wasn't that bad, but i think everyone should read it as it explains how human bodies aren't made to eat meat; in carnivores they have more acid etc so they can digest meat and skin, humans cant, it also shocks you about some facts about meat (such as you may be eating meat that has been on the floor for weeks and was put in with he other meat), i think it had an effect on me as i also soon looked at cheese and milk differently although im not going to stop eating cheese and having milk but i am 100% going to cut down

i would recommend this to anyone just beacuse of the interesting facts and it gives you the truth about foods etc

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| | See all nyiesha's reviews (24)

This book is for people who want to know the truth about dieting and what happens to your body when you are eating the food you love. I really like it. it has change what i'm eating.

  Not really worth it

| | See all Readit's reviews (1)

This book has some good ideas and does put a good message out about the cruelty that occurs in the slaughter house, however this isnt very useful if you want to follow the diet plan and live in England as all the foods are American! What use is that?

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