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Skinny Bitch: A No-nonsense, Tough-love Guide for Savvy Girls Who Want to Stop Eating Crap and Start Looking Fabulous! | Paperback

Author: Rory Freedman | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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| | See all theslugclub's reviews (10)

The book itself is awful quality, perhaps it's just my copy, but the pages are cut short and the spine is too thin. I also came across lots of spelling mistakes. The content is average, I didn't really learn anything I didn't already know.

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  Not very good!

| | See all MollyP's reviews (5)

Thought this book was very unrealistic. I recently lose 2 stone but was losing motivation, so i thought i would read this to get some new ideas but it gave me NONE. Wouldn't recommend it!


| | See all alanabanana's reviews (1)

I already didn't eat dairy before reading this but now thanks to the book it has given me the push I needed to give up meat as well (something I've wanted to do for years). I cannot recommend this book highly enough!!!

  Not worth your money!

| | See all seager01's reviews (3)

I could not get into this book what-so-ever.
It had no effect and was what I would call a waste of money!
I wouldnt reccomend you to waste the money time or effort into it!

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| | See all Lastapache's reviews (1)

This is the second book I have read (I'm looking at you Mr. Allen Carr) that is supposed to be about losing weight but are in fact thinly disguised diatribes about how the only way to get thin is to be vegan. Most of the book concentrates on the moral issues of eating meat and dairy. It also gives you suggestions of alternative healthy brands to buy which if you live in America I'm sure would be very informative. If you live in Europe, it is completely useless. If you want the sequel to fast food nation, go ahead and buy this. If you want some new ideas or new motivation to lose some weight, avoid like the plague. I dumped the book two hours after buying it.

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  Informative and Informed- an inspired way to health

| | See all sweetpandemonium's reviews (8)

Having been an unhealthy woman for a good few years, I found myself overweight and in bad health. When I brought this book, I couldn't put it down once i started to read it. The book IS a lot to cope with, but the girls make sense. Veganism is a perfectly healthy way to live, and by doing so, I have dropped 4 dress sizes (was 18, now a 10) and feel sooo much better for spring cleaning my diet and way of life. Don't take the sarcastic comments in the book too seriously, and be open minded. If you can do this, then this is the diet/lifestyle book for you.

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  Skinny Bitch - A Okay Book

| | See all Flower2's reviews (2)

Well i brought this book, hoping to lose weight. But i found it okay to read.
But reading about the treatment of animals in the book were very uncomfortable reading, but not all farms are like that. I have worked on a dairy farm and i must say the animals were allowed to roam around acres of fields and were treated very well. Each or the cows have names and are very friendly. They are not stressed and listen to music when they are milked.

Sorry going on a bit, apart from that, i dont think i will give up meat to become a vegan just yet but i have stopped eating junk food and thinking about my food and what i am eating.

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  Food for thought!

| | See all StellaRoses's reviews (34)

What an interesting and informative read. Highley recomended if you care about what you are putting into your body and care about animals. Buy it, read it and pass it on!
Easy to read and well written.

  Skinny Bitch?.. THIS IS NOT A DIET BOOK! Con!

| | See all SimoneC's reviews (3)

This book with the 'trendy title' is not about diets or even about eating healthy food to aid you on the path of skinny heaven! This book has one objective and one objective only... To turn the entire planet into vegeterians..
It goes into graphic details as to how animals are caged, poisoned, murdered and tortured.. You are eating pain, rage, fear, desperation (feelings of the animal as he approaches death).. The American government and Food Federation groups are in a conspiracy to poison the world... Blah blah blah....
I don't have issues with someone choosing a Veggie lifestyle but this book goes too far in own opinion.
If on the other hand you are debating taking a first step into the delicious world of seeds, soya, organic fruit and veg whilst happily waving goodbye to all dairy products, booze, all meat & fish and all things sweet and then this is the book for you!

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  Definitely worth reading

| | See all Tishymonster's reviews (2)

As a life long vegetarian, i didnt realise how much junk i have actually been eating and how much the governement/food companies hide from you. For example, i didnt know sugar is not always vegetarian, i didnt know diet coke makes you fatter than fruit juice- I could go on but i wont spoil it! For anyone that cant take the facts, I would suggest you stay home and get fat, for anyone that wants the truth and seriously wants to lose weight- read it and prepare to be shocked.

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