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Killing Floor | Paperback

Author: Lee Child | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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| | See all adamJc's reviews (6)

Though this is the first book, it was the 4th Reacher book I've read. It doesn't seem to matter particularly what order you read them in, you get the gist. But this is an incredible introduction to a character, Reacher is like a mix of my favorite characters. Macleane, Bauer, Holmes and any character played by Woody Harrelson! Not just the main character, but also the other characters have such a huge part to play, everything has a history! I actually couldn't recommend a better series, and a better way to start!

  the drifter saves the day

| | See all Ripplaydotcom's reviews (150)

a great plot, that takes half the book to unfold, once the main plot comes apparent it seems very well thought out and researched.
I enjoyed this book, which i bought after reading reviews on play.

one thing that annoys me about the writing is the he said, she said, i said, she said, i said. The author really doesn't need to write this every time, especially when there are only two characters in a scene and names are used, for example
she said 'jack .... blah blah blah' mm. one lady in the seem talking to jack, let me think is it 'she' or jack speaking
a little picky i know but it grinded

the final thing i don't get
a drifter with no bag or change of clothes gets the lady !! does this happen in real life, he must be in need of a shower :0(

  Very good!

| | See all WELSHSOLDIER's reviews (40)

'Killing Floor' was my first Lee Child novel and i thoroughly enjoyed. Plenty of action and you blast through the pages in no time. The only thing that niggled me was (and maybe its because it's Child's first venture in to novel writing) at the end of nearly EVERY dialogue sentence would be the word 'Right?'... erm, okay okay, nothing weird there you may say (and i agree, very picky) but read it and you'll see what i mean. Appart from me being bloody picky, this novel was fantastic and would make a cracking movie. I'll deffinately get the next Lee Child Jack Reacher novel.

  Fantastic read

| | See all Kazzyboy's reviews (2)

This was the first 'Jack 'Reacher' book I read, and it's had me hooked. I enjoyed One Shot and currently enjoying a dose of Bad Luck and Trouble. Lee Child as a fantastic writer, describes things in a lot of detail, but not enough to bore you. I Can't recommend this book enough, if you like a good crime solving thriller, this is the book for you.

  Superb Thriller!

| | See all AndyLander24's reviews (1)

This is only the second book i've read in 8 years and it gripped me from start to finish! I couldn't put it down and completed it in 2 weeks! With twists and turns in every chapter i highly recommend this to any fan of thrillers or just fans of reading and being able to lose yourself in a very cleverly written story with a brilliant main character.

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  Great Book

| | See all jakeholly's reviews (7)

Its not many books that you want to finish quickly so you can read the next in the series. This is one of those types of books. The main charachter is a real hero, if a little cliched, but he is a hero that you can rely on. Chil does an excellent job of pointing out the observations that Reacher, the main man, makes and how he comes to the conclusions he does. If you like a good thriller adventure book, you wont be going too far wrong with this title.

  One man western

| | See all indiansummer's reviews (4)

I enjoyed this book a lot. After page 200, read it in one day - just totally needed to know what happened next:)
You will be captured by Jack Reacher and his laid back no nonsense personality.
Lee Child is very much into describing things, places and people, and if you are not into this, don't hesitate and give it a go anyway - this story needs to be read! :)
Going to read more of Jack Reacher stories for sure.

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  A great origin for a great character - an excellent thriller

| | See all AndyGinner's reviews (32)

I was introduced to Jack Reacher in The Hard Way, and enjoyed it so much I thought I'd see where it all began. Killing Floor is a great introduction to the character of Reacher, and is a very efficient and exciting story.

While the ex-policeman turned investigator is not exactly an original concept, the twist of Reacher being an ex-military policeman affords the author a broader canvas to discuss military issues, training and politics, and of course gives him free rein to unleash some viscerally violent set-pieces utilising Reacher's particular skill set.

A thoroughly enjoyable page-turner, I would heartily recommend this to any fan of thrillers.

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  killing floor

| | See all dethking's reviews (8)

A violent & thrilling read! don't be fooled by the cover,this book has it all,Jack Reacher is one of the best characters out there! I have now read 6 of lee's books in a row! In order of release! Im just waiting for the 7th Jack Reacher adventure to arrive at my door! buy it now!!!!:-)

  A great start to a brilliant series

| | See all robspi's reviews (13)

I read this first book in the Jack Reacher series having read several of the later books and decided to go back to the beginning and read the rest of the series through from the start, and it doesn't dissapoint. It is a rare thing that the precis of the book does such a bad job of selling a book but in this case it is true - the book is far better than the description of it indicates. As an introduction to Jack Reacher there is a little bit more back story as a result of the "appearance" of another character that doesn't appear in any of the other books (in quotes because it is an unsual appearance...if you've read other books in the series you will appreciate what i mean). In true Lee Child style, it is full of brutual violence, twists and turns and moves at a pace like no other books in this genre, apart from perhaps Barry Eisler's John Rain series. The plot is typical Child in that nothing is ever quite what it necessarily seems and although I worked out the technique for the underlying con that is central to the plot fairly early on this didn't detract from the overall entertainment of the book. Don't expect total realism though, this is hollywood on paper. My favourite in the series is still The Hard Way, followed by Die Trying but if you've never read a Jack Reacher novel before why not start at the very beginning - this hasn't aged at all since it was written. Some people think Jack Reacher is a bit shallow and under-developed, but then I'm quite glad sometimes to read a book that doesn't wrap 5 pages of story around 500 pages of character development. If you want fast non-stop page turning thrills then Lee Child's Jack Reacher series is for you.

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