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The God Delusion | Paperback

Author: Richard Dawkins | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all lemm01's reviews (2)

Richard Dawkins is undoubted one of the most interesting voices in modern science: This book is as informative and thought provoking as it is exquisitely well written. I truely cannot recomend this book highly enough, be you monotheist, polytheist, pantheist, agnostic or athiest.

  A warning to all

| | See all Kindon's reviews (1)

Buy and read this book! If you disobey this direct command, god himself will find you and he will hurt you.

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  Dawkins at his best

| | See all UltimateSeller's reviews (5)

This book is simply extraordinary its broken down into multiple chapters as if it were a seminar by Dawkins himself you can literally pick it up and read any part without feeling compelled to read from the beggining. If theres a chapter that interested you then start reading from there. Just superb.

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  Excellent read.

| | See all Gonzo37's reviews (2)

Informative and well written. Richard Dawkins is thorough and articulate when expressing his views. Not that I agree with all of them but it is undeniable that some of them make a lot of sense. Quite easily one of the top ten books of 2007 and a must read for everyone whether you agree with what he is saying or not.

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  Quite good, solidly put together and well researched

| | See all SeanMacG's reviews (2)

A good read. Starts off very strong but gets a bit too sciencey for my tastes near the end. Dawkins is to be commended for not descending into anecdotal tales to get his point across. Rather, he uses well researched and meticulously thought out arguments, clearly referenced. If you are looking for an easier read however I would suggest Christopher Hitchens' "God is Not Great"

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  Deluded by Dawkins?

| | See all kirgy9's reviews (3)

A conciderably good read coming from a Bacteriologist - not a student of Theology or any student of Religion or Faith for that matter.

A book to make even the amature scholar cringe in its vain efforts to try and understand the world around us. A very ignorant man, yet due to his celebrity nature, a very popular book. If you disliked or enjoyed this book read Andrew Wilson's Deluded by Dawkins to fully understand why The God Delusion is full of curruption and frankly, stupidity.

I dare not enter the arguments, but Andrew Wilson, a scholar on the subject of Science and God will explain why nearly all points brought forth by Dawkins are jsut plain silly. Still, buy this book it is a classic comedy of our time (if you know the reality of what he is actualy talking about).

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  Spread the word!

| | See all Tychoanomaly's reviews (8)

I bought and read this book when it was first released as, despite my Catholic upbringing, I knew from a very young age that I was an aspiring atheist (although at such a young age I didn't know what or how to label my way of thinking other than as 'heresy'), and this was despite the school and church's attempts to 'brainwash me'. When as a child I asked both the teaches and priests to 'prove god to me' they were inevitably unable to do so and could only ask that I surrender my young, imaginative and intellectual mind to "faith", they couldn't even offer a rational and 'believable' argument why I should believe in god other than to say nonsense like 'god moves in mysterious ways,' 'only god knows' and 'you must believe else you risk spending eternity in hell'; or as Pascal once argued, it's better to believe just in case - but then Pascal didn't live in such enlightened times (hedging your bets is such a cop-out).

This book made me smile and laugh all the way through as it was extremely refreshing to see someone point out the blatantly obvious. And, I totally agree that both this book and atheism in general should be introduced into the curriculum of all UK schools, after all, this is the UK and not the USofA. Religion is a sign of how primitive we still are as a species and how far we have yet to go to free our minds of those people, and ideas that want to enslave and control our minds, our 'spirit' (in the humanist-existential sense not the mystical-religious senses) and our bodies.

All you have to fear is fear itself, and those that want to use your fear against you... read this book and spread the word!

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  Preaching to the converted but...

| | See all staggaxe's reviews (1)

Brilliant. Complex scientific theories are easily digestible with some great analogies and examples. I tried to play devils advocate but found it very hard to argue against any of the issues raised. Dawkins has clearly spent a lot of time researching Darwin and the Bible, delving deep into the realms of both. I read this already an atheist but this book has enabled me to argue vigerously in the pub! Currently unbeaten.

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  I'm have morals!

| | See all Anteater's reviews (21)

I've not read the book yet but i just saw the video posted on here. Dawkins asks "Do we need religion to be moral?" I say no. I am not religious and yet i have morals. I personally think, that people who don't know how to control themselves, know that they can't, they have desires they can't control and so think that this higher being can stop them, when really it is their own self control! They don't need God. I also agree with the first poster. People do give different answers, almost as if the bible or any religious book has been altered thru the decades and no one actually has the book that the God wrote!

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