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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie Wars | Paperback

Author: Max Brooks | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  Chilling good

| | See all yadra10's reviews (5)

One of the best books ive ever read. It isnt just a great zombie read, it isnt a great sc-fi read, it is a glimpse on the fragility of human society and humanity in general. Masterfully written, with a realism of characters, events, even geopolitics that makes you think if Brooks is a political journalist. I read it and i thought that this isnt sc-fi, this could happen tomorrow.. Brilliant job


| | See all Starket's reviews (5)

This is a brilliant read. I loved The Zombie Survival Guide, and thought I'd give this a go as it's by the same author. I loved it. Would definitely recommend to any fans of the guide or just zombies in general.


| | See all mikoxlong's reviews (1)

incredible story that draws you in an spits you out in the midst of "G" land..This should be made into a tv show documentary...scare the public "War of the worlds" style...buy ..read..read again...pass to a friend..spread the word....before they come crashing through your window

  zombie heaven

| | See all boomdargen's reviews (5)

Theres not much you can say apart this is what zombie fans waited and wanted to read. Cant wait for the movie(brad you better do a good job man or when i return your fresh meat)

  Good Luck - You'll need it

| | See all Scrittipollitti's reviews (8)

An unforgiving account of our darkest days against the Zed head pathogen. If like me you took the Zombie survual guide, read it, re read it and committed it to memory then also like me you'll want to know what we're up against, how the living turned the War and finally what we're going to do about taking back our planet.
Don't be fooled by its ficticuous looking cover, this is the ultimate in survivng the Z wars, from the first outbreak, to almost total annialation of the human race to us taking back what is ours with much predudice.
A bible for the modern era.
'and who would of thought Max Brooks is Mel Brooks son !!'

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  Cracking good read

| | See all Hammy123456's reviews (3)

The last similar book i read was "the road" and it took me on a journey of misery and quite frankly i was glad when it was over.
World war z on the other hand is beautifully written, emotive and thought provoking. Worth every penny and i strongly recommed it.


| | See all dallinas's reviews (4)

Buy it! Read it! Pure zombie gold! (Well ok read max brooks' survival guide first so you know what were in for) don't forget to go for the brain, kicking them on the crotch and running does not work with zombies!

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  Brooks at the top of his game!

| | See all reticleman's reviews (4)

As a fan of the Zombie genre and having just read the original "Dawn of the Dead" from Romero and Sparrow I though that this would never compare to the master's original tale.
I was wrong. This is the type of book that you pick up and do not want to put down. Fantastic. A modern masterpiece.
Brooks truly at the top of his game.
Have no doubt. This is a classic.
My only real problem is figuring out how I would have survived the war.

  A must read

| | See all CrustyManMeat's reviews (10)

I had been pondering about buying this book for months and months. I finally bit the bullet after reading another glowing review on the internet. What can I say about this book? Just amazing. Even if you only have a passing interest in the horror genre this book will blow your mind. A gripping read from start to finish. It takes one hell of a book to get my interest hooked like this book did. I started reading it and never put the book down until I finished it. Thats how good it was one. I cant reccomend this book enough. Buy it now.


| | See all DanRho's reviews (1)

I don't read many books but this book had me reading in all my spare time on holiday, good holiday book and Brooks way of writing really makes you believe that zombies could one day walk the earth.