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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie Wars | Paperback

Author: Max Brooks | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  Good Stuff

| | See all klesker's reviews (16)

I could gush but then we'll be here for hours and a good review is never as interesting as a bad one so i'll be brief. Needless to say, this book is terrific, the most definitive work on zombies since George Romero stopped being good. It really picks up on things that i would never have thought of, like the men stuck in the International Space Station whilst the whole world is going to hell and the way that high tech military equipment is no match for a hoard of a million zombies. But it's the way it discusses world politics and philosophy that realed me in. Human nature will never seem so tainted ever again. It may be bleak but by god it's a good read.

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  Bloody fantastic!

| | See all aphex187's reviews (14)

I never write a review on something i haven't finished but i had to on this! 106 pages in and this is like no other zombie tale you have seen/read. Taken from peoples perspectives from the Great Panic, this is a beautiful well written diary of the terrifying effects on peoples lives as they re-count the devastating effects the zombies made to the planet.

A must have for people into any genre of book.

  Zombie book with a difference!

| | See all Fr1day's reviews (15)

I came across this book by mistake (thank god for that mistake!) I've always enjoyed a good zombie film but when it came to books I never thought it would be as gripping due to the lack of visual gore that you have come to expect from zombies.
This book really opens up the possiblities of zombies walking the earth, you end up getting sucked into believing this is an event that has actually happened. The book guides you through the timeline of the zombies coming to light by the means of interviews. As you read the interview you uncover another part of the whole event and so on until the end.

Its a very clever book which you won't want to put down. I'd highly recommend this even to non-zombie fans.

  An intelligent, gripping book

| | See all MickyValentine's reviews (31)

I am generally not a fan of this genre but took a gamble and ordered this book. I am extremely glad to say that I was not left to regret that decision.

Written in the reportage style, this book draws upon the experiences of those who fought and won in the Zombie Wars - a 10 year battle against something that was originally censored and thought if as a criminal uprising to something much worse.

Max Brooks is clearly a very clever man. Writing a novel like this creates so many instances where you could argue that a certain scenario would never happen as it does. However, not once was I ever in doubt that what is discussed in every interview and scenario could not actually happen.

I could not put this book down. It was also refreshing to read a book that takes a truly international approach to the problem by suggesting that it took all of humanities intelligence, guile and stubbornness to the war.

Having read that the movie rights to this book have been snapped up I just hope that the originality and international flavour isn't rewritten by Hollywood so that America saves the day.

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  Terrifying, genuinely unsettling.

| | See all Khr0nik's reviews (1)

Friends and I, after a few drinks of course, would always fantasize about being in a post-apocolyptic zombie scenario, and what we would do to survive. To say I'm a fan of the genre would be a genuine understatement. This book however genuinely scared the bejesus out me.

When making up the rules in my own head, my idea of survival never extended beyond my own personal self. This book lays down what the world decided to do in this situation, and the unbelievable casualties that were a result of its harsh decisions. It really does put into perspective, a realistic perspective, of what would probably happen. And the idea of that is VERY unsettling. Highly recommended. Unless of course you suffer of galloping paranoia.

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| | See all monkeyisland's reviews (17)

Rarely do I find a book that I cannot put down. Needless to say this is one of them.
From the first paragraphs the story pulls you in and you're 150 pages through before you realize that you've been sitting there for the past three hours.
I would highly reccommend this to anyone who wants to be suitably chilled by a novel which will keep you having to remind yourself "It's fiction, not a documentary". Fantastic read.

  Great stuff- The Best Zombie film you've ever read!

| | See all 000002's reviews (14)

This book is brilliant, it takes a while to get into, the structure can be a bit off-putting at first, but once it gets going you just can't put it down. Its amazing how each interview tells a self-contained story, and also adds to the larger narrative. One star deducted because is doesn't really build to a climax, it just kind of ends, but thats a small flaw in an otherwise excellent read. Recommended.

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| | See all smickster's reviews (25)

This is one of the best books I have ready by far ever. It was so good that I forgo the traditional starting drinking in the early afternoon of my birthday and left it for the more sensible option of starting later in the evening. Thats no men feat.

The story is excellent, with the various survivor accounts threaded together to create a perfect narrative account of the event. We have psychology explored as the survivors come to terms with the horrible acts that have been committed. We see the military angle as they try to find a way to fight an 'army' that doesnt use tanks or planes or tactics, doesn't require rest or rearmament.

All in all one of the best books you're likely to read. Buy it now. As one of the taglines on the book reads when the zombie apocalypse occurs, I'll be at Max Brooks house

  Superb example of the genre

| | See all dontpanic69's reviews (10)

Un-put-downable. Read this in a day and a half, and it will be rumbling around my head for some time to come. A superb example of a blend between the alternate history and horror genres.

  World War Z..........WOW!!!

| | See all Martin1981's reviews (11)

This is one of the best books I've ever read and is both superbly written and gripping.
If zombie's are your thing, then you must buy this book, and if your new to the Genre, then you have to buy this book.
But I suggest you but the book regardless :)