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I Can Make You Sleep | Paperback

Author: Paul McKenna | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

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  The man is a god

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I don't own this but I do have the stop smoking book and even that puts me to sleep in about 10min. My boyfriend ahs real trouble sleeping and he uses the lose weight one to get himself to sleep, even though he's already lost weight using the system.

  Buy It Now!.. It worked for me!!

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I was only getting 2 - 4 hrs sleep a night for 4 months. Within 3 days of reading the book, listening to the CD thats included and following the rules stated in the book, I finally slept for 9 hrs straight. I can't stress enough what a difference this book has made to my life. I've now bought copies for my family too. This was the best fiver I've ever spent.

  Comments by Michael Calum Jacques, author of 1st Century Rad

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I have to say that I approached this book by the TV personality, Paul McKenna with more than a small degree of scepticism. It must be said that the timing of its release is rather exquisite; angst is rife amongst large, trembling sectors of the population at the moment, with the fear of salary cuts, job losses and, perhaps worst of all, abject insolvency and downright poverty looming large for many of us.

So that's the cynical bit ... those very initial thoughts and impressions about the timing of the appearance of 'I Can Make You Sleep'! What many of us are bound to be asking about this book is simply, "Does it work?" With a topic like this, i.e. hypnosis, which could, and often is, variously assessed as being either 'naturally induced somnia' on the one hand, or 'paranormal interference' on the other, it is clear that not everybody is going to agree on this matter. So let's turn to look at the book itself.

I'm going to avoid making the obvious pun about this book being good 'bed time reading' (cue: fits of raucous laughter!) or having such boring prose that it'll 'put you to sleep' (cue: further hysterical fits of unrestrained side-splitting) and suggest that this book is really worth a closer look, and a serious trial, if life's woes are weighing heavily during these testing times.

Firstly, it is a relatively short book (around 158 pages) and is non-technical. McKenna shows that nearly all insomnia problems have their origin in unhealthy habits; these damage and suppress the natural 'rhythm' of sleep. One of the most useful features of this book is the way in which it helps the reader to create - in their own life-setting, as perfect as possible an environment for sleep - i.e. how to prepare your own bedroom to induce and assist deep sleep. The reader is also advised when it is most beneficial to sleep, and also when to wake and when and how to eat. There is also an accompanying hypnosis CD with the book which makes the whole package very good value, extremely practical, and eminently usable in every day (or night!) life.

So this reviewer has been convinced, though sceptical at first, that this book/CD package really can a helpful contribution towards attaining that mysterious element of our life which remains so essential to all of us; rest and then sleep. I hope that you find this inexpensive and easy-to-use book/CD combination to be of as much benefit to you as I did. Every good wish and sleep well!

Michael Calum Jacques

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  I Can Make You Sleep

| | See all elanna's reviews (23)

I found the book very good but read it first before you listen to the cd . I found his voice very soothing , I used a personal cd player to play mine , placed it on bedside table ect . Just do what the book says and what the cd says and you will get to sleep . You don't have to listen to it every night. Very easy to listen to .

  It Works

| | See all TheManWhoKnowsAll's reviews (14)

I was slightly sceptical weather if this book would actually work but its fantastic. I have only had it for a few days but its already really improved my sleep. Just listening to the CD (which comes with the book) gets me off.

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  It's good.

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Yes the book does come with a CD and it's quite good. I used to be very wary of these sorts of book and always saw McKenna as a con artist, but over the last 12 months I've found NLP and CBT to be of great use to me. I've only read a couple of chapters but it contains lots of researched information and I think it's going to be of great use. I sleep ok but often feel I could get more out of my sleep. Worth a go I reckon. Just be open to the fact your mind works in ways we don't understand.

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