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The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead | Paperback

Author: Max Brooks | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (26 reviews)"

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| | See all Starket's reviews (5)

I have always loved things zombie. I don't find them scary, but just really cool. An old work collegue had this book and I had a quick flick through and decided that I definately wanted to read this! I got it and got completely stuck into it.
This truely is an amazing book. Definately the best book I have ever read. The amount of detail and thought that has been put into this is emmense. The book has an extremely serious tone through-out, but you can't help but smile sometimes due to the seriousness.
The book covers everything. What a zombie is, how the infection is spead, what the different Class outbreaks are, what clothes are best to wear, what places are best to make a base in, what fire-arms are best to have, what malee weapons are best, what mode of transport is best, how to combat a zombie and much more. I promise you, once you have read this book you will start making your own plans, I definately have lol.(Seriously...I have actually started making plans...)
So whether you are a zombie lover like me, or just want to read something totally different, I totally 100% reccommend this book.

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  A fantastic book

| | See all maxmatt's reviews (6)

A brilliantly written book that covers everything from the zombie anatomy, The pros and cons of different vehicles and weapons to how to survive in a world where zombies outnumber humans. The book draws you in and leaves you thinking "if this really happened how would I survive"

I definitely recommend this book. Not just to fans of all things zombie related but to anyone wanting to read something a bit different

At the moment it's a work of fiction but who knows what the future may bring. THIS BOOK COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!

  The Zombie Bible

| | See all Jordo141's reviews (2)

The Zombie Survival Guide is THE essential book you would need to survive the zombie apocalypse. While the events are fictionalised, the book goes into great detail to envelop the reader in Max Brook's world.

Every possible detail is discussed: zombie anatomy, weaponry, transport, shelter; and even more. You don't need any special training and weaponry to survive, the book aims to everybody, regardless of race or sex.

While the contents are explored in gratuitous detail, the book retains a unique sense of humor; without which the book would be a elongated "To do list".

In conclusion, the Zombie Survival Guide is a book which any undead enthusiast with adore. An enjoyable read.

  Can't - Resist!

| | See all PuNkStA's reviews (4)

I'm a massive zombie/apocalytpic fan and this book just "rules!".

Max brooks goes into detail about all the controversial methods a normal citizen (like yourself and myself) could do during the pandemic outbreak of zombies! So don't think for one moment this book is dictated towards any fancy audience, such as; people with military backgrounds, a specific nationality (americans/europeans) - because overall, this book is aimed towards the biggest audience. The average joe!

Max brooks utilizes a whole variety of methods a normal person could take into consideration during a zombie outbreak. From; detecting suspected outbreaks, potential weaponry and household items that could be used to deter the walking dead, to the most safest zones a possible human-being could run too in the case of surviving.

I must admit, this book almost wants to make you go out and purchase yourself a sledgehammer - just incase. It is that gripping and with all the material supplied, speaking in a context that the virus that can animate the dead actually exists, it really does have you wondering whether it's true or not to begin with.

So this book is perfect for those zombie fans and a massive thumbs up to play.com for delivering this book in 2-days flat. This is one of my best purchases on here yet and i'm planning on getting max brooks other books too. Recorded attacks & world war z.


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  So you have read World War Z?

| | See all CrustyManMeat's reviews (10)

So now you think you could survive a zombie attack, right? Well your wrong. This book covers so many different aspects of defense, attack and survival for when the enivitable happens it will blow your mind. I could wax lyrical about this book but then you would be reading this instaed of The Survival Guide. Suffice to say how Max Brooks thinks of these things I will never know but thanks to him I am pretty sure that when the inevitable happens I should be ok. At least I hope I will.

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| | See all Scythe's reviews (1)

If there was a better word to describe this book i'd like to hear it.
Opened it the moment it arrived and did not put it down till i finished it, this thing grips you like velcro. Granted i had nothing to do that day and luckily so, because if i had, this book would have taken precedence

I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone with even the remotest of interest in zombies, or reading for that matter.


| | See all RondoMachete's reviews (2)

If you read this it sucks you in and never lets go even after the last page.Pure greatness the best....5*A+ all the way.....

  Dead Rising (Xbox 360) fan

| | See all sketchyspider's reviews (3)

This book is an absolute must-have for any fan of the Xbox 360 game Dead Rising, the two mirror each other perfectly. This book has actually helped me more with the game than any online guide, providing useful survival tips for being trapped in a mall with zombies.

This isn't to say that as just a book it's not awesome too, because it is, and truely hilarious at that, though unless you're a fan of zombie-related things and the paranormal, you'll likely only give it the once-over. As I am a fan however, 5 stars from me.

  Funny fiction

| | See all Olis84's reviews (1)

Good for a laugh, not so good for the terminally gullible. Something worth having if you like semi-serious humour.

  What a good book

| | See all Kierzy's reviews (8)

Brilliant, he has obviously done a lot of research and knows his stuff.

He sounds just like me.

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