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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Book 3 | Paperback

Author: Stephenie Meyer | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (91 reviews)"

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  Absolutely Amazing! MUST BUY!!!!

| | See all FayeSimone's reviews (5)

I belive out of the Twilight Saga this has to be the best book, it offers so much depth into all the other characters so you understand the journey everyone has gone through.
Plus you are always thinking will Bella be with Jacob or Edward as the story twists and turns.
The fight scene is amazing and i could feel my heart pound as it was coming up to it and as i was reading through it.
I belive this book shows up the film as the film missed to many details out like Alice and Jasper's story and the fight scene was to short but that review is due for when the film comes out on dvd hehe.
I would highly suggest to anyone debating whether to start reading the saga or not to deffinately check it out as you will get hooked.

  If this was the last book on earth...

| | See all ChrissieWeekends's reviews (5)

If this was the last book on earth, and it was just me, in a room, by myself, there is no amount of boredom that would make me read this book again. I'm not even exagerating, possibly one of the worst things I ever read. It ends exactly how it starts and I couldn't tell you what happens inbetween.

  keeps getting better.

| | See all chezdoll's reviews (14)

the books just get better with the saga abit like the movies!! these books didnt last me long. im a fast reader and they are addictive so you will get through them fast because you just want more!!

  It just gets better!

| | See all redvamp09's reviews (36)

The heat of the saga! This is where Bella must choose between life or death, and trust me, her journey is epic and you must read it if you've read the first two and want more from the films! You may just be surprised! Recommend to all audiences not just teens! Also, if you're considering the saga, but aren't to sure: GO FOR IT! You'll be glad you did.

  Omg, wow!

| | See all MI55LH's reviews (86)

I thought New Moon was amazing, but this is even better! This is definitely my favourite book out of the 4, and really developes other background characters that we don't hear as much of in the first two. The first time I read this, I thought that the werewolves' legend chapter was slightly on the boring side, but having read it again, it is actually just as good as the rest of the book; it's maybe just a bit hard to take it all in the first time around due to the numerous names and events. A must read - buy it now!!

  The best book from the Saga!!!!!!

| | See all kylielouise's reviews (2)

I absolutly love this book!!! I love all four books from the Saga but this one is my favourite!! i love the way more humour has been added to this one and the fact there is more action too! Lots of Edward too,unlike 'New Moon'! Iordered my copy of 'Eclipse' from here and it came a few days later,i started reading it straight away and i really could not put it down.i finished it in about 3 days (bear in mind having to go to work and lookin after a 5 year old)lol One night i was up untill 3am without relising just because i was so gripped by it!! I would recommend this book to everyone!! X

  Great book - read it in three days

| | See all PernilleFriis's reviews (4)

I love this book, The series in general... When I first heard about the Twilight series I was a bit (very much to be honest) sceptic about the whole vampire/romance thing, and thought that it wouldn't work, and would be too weird for an love story. But Stephanie really made the whole plot work fine, and (no matter how silly it sounds) the vampire part became very much believeable.
I started out reading the series in Danish (I'm from Denmark - obviously), but a friend told me that it was much better in English, because the translation process had caused some of the "feelings" to get lost...

  My Estimations Exceeded!

| | See all Connie123's reviews (2)

I used to hate Twilight and all that was associated with it!! My friends (who are the biggest twilight fans ever) have been pestering me for months to read the series. I had read Twilight and New Moon and wasn't particularly interested, but after reading the third instalment of the Twilight Saga, my opinion has changed! I found the novel both compelling and passionate; something books 1 and 2 were clearly missing! The storyline hooks the reader with its constant twists and turns, leaving us almost begging for more! The love triangle between Jacob, Bella and Edward reaches it's climax as the wolves and vampires have no choice but to team up. The true meaning of Fire and Ice is truly discovered as this story unfolds. It begs the question to Bella; Team Edward or Team Jacob? I for one am now truly addicted to the Twilight Saga and can safely say that Eclipse has rapidly raced into my 5 favourite books of all time. A truly recommendable read to anyone, Twi-hards or not!

  Excellent 3rd Book

| | See all IbizaBarbie's reviews (1)

I love this book. It really brought the missing pieces together and you got to know more about the other characters which was great. Very interesting read. I really enjoyed it and couldn't put it down!