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The World According to Clarkson | Paperback (b format)

Author: Jeremy Clarkson | Format: Paperback (b format)

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Customer Reviews

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  The World According to Clarkson

| | See all rebels1960's reviews (6)

On the whole a very entertaining read but like his other books he does drivel on about his personal politics! He obviously has a huge chip on his shoulder regarding the Labour Party but do we really need to read his sometimes banal comments whenever he chooses to list them?

  In the Loo read

| | See all dawniee's reviews (10)

I love Jeremy's outlook on life, I have this in my loo, as the chapters are short, so sometimes you may get through one and others two or three. I know discusting but it is really a good thing to take in the loo with you.

If you take it on the train/bus at rush hour you will laugh out loud and thats more embarrasing.

No topic is taboo and to look at his point of view is really funny, as he strips down to the basics, I'm not saying he's right often I think he's very wrong!

It's called conversation, thats why its fun to talk about other peoples opinions isnt it?

And you will never be short of material to discuss at any event with Jeremys book!

Good laugh well writen.

  ideal for an easy laugh

| | See all dobedo's reviews (31)

this is his second book that i read, my first being "and another thing". although not as hilarious as his second book, this is still pretty good with his opinions of the world being sometime grumpy but always with his unique humor.

  Hillarious and Brilliant

| | See all DangerousJim's reviews (29)

This book is essentially a compilation of Jeremy's best newspaper columns over the last few years but it is still as topical and amusing as ever. Clarkson is one of those love-hate figures but if you are a fan, this book will have you laughing out loud!


| | See all TheGReb's reviews (13)

I'm sure most book readers can picture the scenario: walking around a town, having finished a previous book, and thinking it would be great to get another. This was the scenario I found myself in not too long ago. Pretty soon after I found myself in a book shop, happily browsing away.

Now, I looked at fiction but to be honest, I wasn't in the mood for fiction. So I looked at sports biographies and the like. Nothing that I hadn't already read stuck out to me. Then, as I moved away, in the corner of my eye, this book was just going out of view. I turned around.

I am a big fan of Top Gear. Jeremy, Richard and James are very very funny together and their interaction makes for a good TV show. But I wasn't certain how good they would be in writing. Without each other, I was understandably concerned that this book could be boring. I know that often Clarkson would take time on Top Gear and do a "report" on his own but of course, as a viewer, we can't be sure how much of it is scripted.

But, I still risked buying this book. And I'm glad I did. The first noticeable thing about it is the format. As a collection of newspaper columns, in chronological order, they read quite easily as small chapters. This actually was one of my favourite features of the book. It became easier to read when you could stop at almost any point and then come back to it easily.

And any worries I had that Clarkson wasn't going to be at all humorous were erased in the first few pages. Not only was he humorous but he was a very talented writer. I enjoyed reading through and by the end of Day 1 had read almost half the book, with breaks every 30 or so pages. I was still interested.

The book was also handy to have around at work, especially on slow days but alas, I finished it more quickly than I expected and no matter how much I willed it to, the phone didn't ring and I was left sitting waiting for the time I could leave. Eventually the time came and the first thing I did when I got home was log onto the internet to see if there was a sequel. To my joy, yes, there was.

I await it's delivery! If it's only half as funny and interesting as the first one, it'll still be a great hit in my eyes!

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  Not at all bad

| | See all ashbankultra's reviews (1)

Rants on many and varied topics. come across as a bit arrogant at times. whilst you may not actually agree with all his agruements and points of view they are presented in an entertaining way. Well worth a read.

  Fantastic...don't read if you're a half wit liberal!!

| | See all gibbsyboy's reviews (1)

A fantastic collection of Clarkson's newspaper columns. It's everything you were thinking but were too afraid to say in case you offended some loony liberal. I know some people think Clarkson's too big for his boots but at least this is a book where someone's talking straight from the heart. No pussy footing around here, he says exactly what he feels about things in general and puts the world to rights.

  fantastic read

| | See all blueruss's reviews (1)

this book is fantastic!! its PURE clarkson! it is a collection of articles that he has written ranging from foxes to concorde and all the bits in between. it is very witty and funny and was so good that ive bought the second (which im half way through...good so far!).

if you find clarkson funny...BUY THIS BOOK NOW!!
if not, then maybe this book isnt for you.

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  a waste of money

| | See all timmax's reviews (7)

this book is the biggest load of rubbish you could ever wish for. I got this book as a gift.
It is extremely boring and pointless to read.
I thought it would be about things you would want to read about but i isnt. I am dissapointed with it.

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