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The World of Karl Pilkington | Paperback

Author: Karl Pilkington | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  one of the best LMAO books you'll find in a long, long time!

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for those who are unfortunate to have not heard the pod casts, and haven't watched The Ricky Gervais show on T.V.,,, heres your chance to witness the amazing & hilarious show in script form!. 100% most definitely the funniest book I've ever bought. It's an easy read, with a few very funny illustrations to reinforce your imagination and to make you crack up that little bit more! Karl Pilkington really does have an amazingly unique & individual logic. BUY THIS. BUY THIS IMMEDIATELY! you WON'T regret it!

  good...from my view

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i am a massive fan of Karl i have been following him since XFM ,and up to an idiot abroad,i got this book from play.com,because of how amazingly cheap it was ,also play.com is mostly free shipping so its a win win situation ,i got this book very quickly in the post,when i started reading it though ,i had alot of dajavou,its because they have taken conversations from "the ricky gervais show" series (the animated one) and me being a big fanboy,i have watched them many times,all im going to say is ,if your a fan of Karls and you enjoy what he says ,get it,if your a massive fan and have followed him for a long time ,dont get it,because you would have heard it all before,if your completely new to Karl pilkington ,you should DEFINETLY buy it,you will be in stitches in seconds,the book is in sought of a script format,by that i mean it says something like..."KARL:........ ,RICKY:........ STEVE:.......,one last thing head like an orange


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Superb - One of the funniest books ever - read the whole thing in 2 days, and I never normally rad that fast! Couldn't put it down.

More please pilks!

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brilliant book. i've only ever read one book my entire life, i'm 25 lol. my gf got me this book and another pilkington book for a late xmas present and i loved both of them. i must look a bit odd when i'm say quietly reading away and then all of a sudden burst out laughing but oh well. this book is great. a must for any gervais, merchant or pilkington fan

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I dont read. I have never red a whole book in my life, when this finally came in tha post i started reading it at 10 at night and red up to page 62 and want to reed more but am not going to as im tired. i would have red ALOT more its just i want to go bed!! I reccomend u watch an idiot abroad before reading this so you no what he looks like, his personality and other things and you will understand the humour more.


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  You have to buy this book!

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I thought i would have a quick read of the firsl few pages when i got in last night.....91 pages later and sides that ached from laughing so much i thought i had better put it down before i woke the rest of the house up with me laughing! Cannot wait to read the rest everone must read this book!!

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  Just Brilliant

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I could not put this book down and found it very funny. Just like I said about happyslapped by a jellyfish you have to watch where you read it, if on the bus you will get funny looks for laughing to yourself. I could actually hear Ricky Gervais laughing at some of the things Karl says, you know when you get that thing that imaginary sound in your head because you know how someone sounds when they laugh?? well I got that which just made me chuckle even more cos I could visualise Ricky just laughing his head off. Hope you understand what I mean what im trying to say???. Ha Ha Im starting to waffle like Karl Pilkington oo no scary, basically well worth the read. Im now on Karlology

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This book is so funny, its about the crazy mind of karl pilkington and how he see's the world, i couldn't put this book down,i didn't buy mine from play but the book was extreamly enjoyable, so if you want to laugh out loud it's recommended, if not get it anyway.

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