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The Little Prisoner: How a Childhood Was Stolen and a Trust Betrayed | Paperback (b format)

Author: Jane Elliott | Format: Paperback (b format)

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Customer Reviews

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I really can see both sides to this one,those that hate it and those that say it's a must read.
It is a nasty experience to read about and told in a very explicit way that may well disturb a lot of people.
This does surpise with the way it's written,short sections to read and bits and pieces of memories to get to grasp with.
But saying that,it does capture the attentention,with the girl getting all this horrific abuse in every way you can imagine pretty much,you do hope there is a victim wins over foe outcome,but it's very uncomfortable reading throughout.
Certainly you are glad she is telling her story and putting it out there that SILLY GIT is this sick filhty,pathetic excuse for a man,but it did make me feel a little weird that it wasn't until she was in her twenties that she did something about it.
I do understand fear can stop you doing what you know you should,but to think at 18 plus she is still being sexually abused by this creature,that does surprise.
Clearly a brave woman for telling her story and not the happy ever after story you might hope for but still a very interesting read,a read that makes you hate most of the pathetic family that she had to put up with,a bunch of cowards that only pick on those that can't fight back,but still i just couldn't help but feel frustrated that it took so many years for her to say what she had to say and put a stop to this creature.
Very good in terms of an interesting read of sickening abuse,but for a book with a stronger woman telling the story of this nasty subject of abuse,i recommend JUDY WESTWATER's books. A different kind of abuse maybe,but brilliantly told. Still,i wish the author of this book a brighter future

  the little prisoner

| | See all lisal24's reviews (1)

this is a must read book i take my hat of to jane for everything she went throught and how strong it as made her i never put this book down and it really touched me im re reading it now for the 2nd time because i enjoyed it that much


| | See all debyra63's reviews (3)

poor jane,what a sad and confusihg childhood and young adulthood.The beast of stepfather propper messes with her head as well as her body. could not put it down.what an awfull family she had to endure

  The Little Prisoner

| | See all milfylady30's reviews (1)

A truely horric story which shows one young womens amazing strength and courage. Some of this book is almost too sickening to read, yet you just can not put it down. You must read this book, we live our lives in ignorance not knowing what some people have to endure during their childhood. This book makes you grateful for the smallest things in life. Wishing you all the luck in the world Jane.x x