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The Hunger Games (Book 1) | Paperback

Author: Suzanne Collins | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (33 reviews)"

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  I read this in a day!

| | See all LisaB28's reviews (20)

This is one of the best books and trilogies that I have ever read. I downloaded it based on a recommendation from someone and read it all in 1 day. The book eases you in quite gently by giving you a detailed overview of the characters and the issues that they have faced over some years. The pace then picks up when the characters are being chosen for the games and this is where the book really grips you. Once the characters are into the games the chapters are so descriptive that you could close your eyes and see every scene in your head. You are able to empathise with the characters and start to think about how you would react if you were put into this situation (surely thats what all good stories should do). Some parts of the book were quite graphic but that ok with me as it adds to the reader tension and adds to anticipation of the story. The pace of the film was very well structured as it becomes fast and intense then slower and more relaxed I enjoyed this as it stopped the action over-powering the story. The book is really well written and could have had young people or adults in mind.
I have also read the other 2 books and they are just as good, so I strongly recommend reading these as well.

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  Don't be fooled by the hype

| | See all petelloyd's reviews (1)

I'm amazed by the ratings this book has been given. I don't want to completely slate it as by no means is it a poor story but I don't think the comments left here are a true reflection of what the story offers and in my next paragraph I will explain why it doesn't deserve 5 stars.

The Book appears to have a real lack of content. It fails to grasp the desperation the characters should be feeling and for some reason no real back story is given for any of the kids from the other eleven districts. The "violence" is fairly mild in comparison to other books that have similar idea's involving people being made to fight for survival but most importantly is that I never really cared for any of the characters and the actions that some of them take just don't seem to fit the profile or situation.

Having said all of the above I still do believe it's an entertaining read I just feel it could have done more to engage the reader.

  Hook, Line and Sinker

| | See all PazMonkey's reviews (1)

Bought this book to see if it was an interesting read, and boy was it. I have had this book for not too long and I cant seem to put it down.
Ordered the second one as I can see myself finishing the first of the trilogy very soon.
A must have.


| | See all Waddoo's reviews (159)

A truly fantastic read, one of the best books of the year no doubt. Hooked from page 1 and read with in a matter of days. I didn't think a book could make me do this the same way Harry Potter did. This is mighty close to it. Outstanding read and definately recommend it.

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  Made me hungry for more

| | See all Zoey1011's reviews (34)

I have only recently come across the hunger games and if im honest I wasnt initially looking forward to reading it as I thought it was going to be quite violent but once I was a few pages in you realise that it tells a different story of the games as opposed to me thinking it was just going to be about brutel killings.I was instantly hooked to this book and I would literally read it at every spare second that I had and found it so different and Suzanne Collins has written a really imaginative book in my opinion. I am now going to buy the second one as I am just dying to know what happens next.

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  Was surprised... Great read

| | See all Woolly123's reviews (11)

It is blatantly a rip off of Battle Royale. The author states she came up with the idea whilst watching reality tv and a war documentary, but I don't believe this for a minute, she saw or read Battle Royale and thought the idea would work in a US format - it is practically the same story... After the apocalypse a totalitarian government maintains control of its people by killing children in a contest format.
But that said, it is still a great read, the characters are good and the action is pacy. Compared to Twilight rubbish, it is far better and the appeal is broader as I am not the target audience for this book, yet still thought it was a suitable adult read and a real page turner.
If you have nothing left to read after Potter and Vegitarian Vampires - you won't find better than this!

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  exciting and brilliant!

| | See all bigcansbint's reviews (26)

My daughter recommended these books to me and bought me them for christmas, picked the hunger games up, a couple of weeks ago and couldn't put it back down again! Really well written, addictive and exciting, I read the third book in 2 sessions and can't wait for the film!

  Must read

| | See all prestondavid's reviews (1)

This book had me hooked from the beginning, I told my friends to read it and they are hooked too. I read all 3 books one after the other and they don't disapoint! I look forward to the movie.


| | See all mfu1106's reviews (27)

This is by far one of the best books I have ever read. Ever. It's incredible, it was so tense throughout that I just couldn't stop reading! This is probably the fastest I've ever read a book and as soon as I finished I got out book 2. Absolutely amazing, I can't contain my excitment for the film!


| | See all paraddraigo's reviews (1)

The last time I read a book as quickly as this, was nearly 5 years ago when the last Harry Potter book was released. I had read the synopsis of the book online before picking it up and wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy it (24 children killing each other off didn't exactly sound like my cup of tea). How wrong I was!!! The deaths were not at all gruesome and the ranges of emotions that the lead character goes through in this book have you gripped from the very start.

The details Collins goes into to discribe Panem is staggering and unlike some fantasy novels is actually believable.

Like all good writers, she keeps you guessing right up to the end. Cannot wait to get the next two so I can finish the series off.