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Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Be a Happy Non-smoker for the Rest of Your Life | Paperback

Author: Allen Carr | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all AnthonySW's reviews (1)

this book is absolutely amazing - if i knew the result it would give me before buying i honestly would have happily paid a few grand for it

  Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking

| | See all lslymrshll's reviews (3)

Seven years ago I read this book with my husband as he wanted to stop smoking - we both smoked but i had no intention of stopping as I felt i enjoyed my cigs and thought I would'nt be able to give up anyway.... I read the book and my husband stopped smoking and I also thought that maybe i could do it too.....
I read the book again for myself and gave up 2 weeks later after we'd been on holiday. Folllowing allen's advice, I have never smoked since. I don't think about them - smoking doesnt bother me - honestly the book works - if I can stop - anyone can!


| | See all TheHigsonator's reviews (8)

This actually works but I think you need to have a positive attitude to the possibilities of this book. I don't think there is any magic solution here just common sense from an ex-smoker.

I read the book and apart from one evening haven't smoked since and it's been easier than any other method of stopping smoking that I have tried.

As soon as I finished reading it, I started again and am about half way through now. I'll read it a hundred times if that what it takes.

Only downside is people think you are referring to the comedian when you refer to Allen Carr. Get ready to say, 'No, not that Alan Carr', a lot.

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  It really is the easy way!

| | See all Chiliwidle's reviews (3)

I read this book three and a half years ago and haven't had or wanted a cigarette since. From 25 a day to nothing after 17 years. This will be the most important book you ever read.

  Highly recommended

| | See all Timmmmeh's reviews (2)

It is hard to believe how much of an impact a book can have, especially to those not accustomed to reading that often, like me.

I was recommended this book by my brother, who smoked for roughly 15 years, found it hard to quit on conventional means such as patches, then quit instantly after reading this book.

It was then passed onto my mother who used this book to help her quit after many years of smoking.

I then thought I would give it a go more so because I was curious as to how it could work, therefore I read it without the initial intention of quitting. Half way through this book, alarm bells started going off in my head and I quit!


  Highly Recommended Read

| | See all Boomgirl's reviews (8)

It totally works! This book was recommended to me by my friend who decided to quit after 15 years joint smoking (and quitting) together. She became pregnant and was struggling to quit yet managed it somehow and gave me the book when she finished and all i can say is Alan is a master and inspiration (God Bless)!

  Great book

| | See all lilstace's reviews (34)

I read this book and really enjoyed it! Alan doesn't tell you the dangers of smoking like everywhere else does, he just basically tells you the truth about what we know anyways with a few added extras!

I gave up smoking 7 weeks ago and this book has certainly helped me in staying smoke free!

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  Allen Carrs Easy Way to Stop Smoking

| | See all JennyTc's reviews (1)

OMG! This book will make any1 quit the fags. I was soooooooo sceptical @ 1st but JESUS! My only regret is not buying this book sooner. No psycology bull just facts. SERIOUSLY once you have read you will get why the patches / lozenges / gum etc DOES NOT WORK! Get it & quit 4 life like us! I have already saved enough to go on holiday this year AND I won't resent it like I would have if I had quit to save just for a holiday! PLEASE READ THIS BOOK!!!!

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| | See all Chestermonkey's reviews (1)

A colleague loaned me this book and I read it with the attitude that it could never stop me smoking. How wrong I was! I went from a 20-a-day habit to zero over the 2 evenings it took me to read it.

I know what you're thinking - it'll never work. Well, I thought that until I read it. If you're serious about stopping, then give this book a read. It WILL save your life.

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  Best Book In The World - Could Save Your Life !!!

| | See all Kazzer75's reviews (1)

This has worked for me and it's been nearly 3 years since I quit. Everyone I know that has read this successfully quit without regret. If you are ready to quit, following and reading this book will help make the transition easy. I cannot recommend it highly enough, it changed my life forever!