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Resident Evil 5: The Complete Official Guide | Hardback

Author: James Price | Format: Hardback

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Customer Reviews

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  Great for collectors

| | See all sjones's reviews (19)

This guide book is very useful and very well made. It would be a great purchase for a collector or a complete Resi Fan!

  The information is there, but not always noticeable...

| | See all GeekBoy's reviews (3)

Okay, so the title of my review is a little wierd, but hopefully you'll realise what I'm on about sooner or later.

On my first playthrough, I played on amateur mode. I did this because I know this is how Resi games are meant to be played now (since 4). You build up your weapons, collect ammo and then start on the next difficulty. Anyway, as I was playing through amateur mode, I had a horrible feeling everytime I finished a chapter... that I wasn't collecting all the hidden treasures!!! This is the reason I bought the guide... So that I'd be able to make as much money as possible in order to upgrade weapons.

The guide itself if very informative and tells you where everything in the game is. Every collectable item imaginable is present in the guide, down to the last handgun bullet. However, the way the guide delivers the information is not quite good enough.

The guide is set out in a double-page format.....The "step-by-step" of completing a chapter is on the left-hand page, and the collectables and other information is on the right-hand page. Because you're always looking at the left page for the step by step as you play a level, you find yourself idly running past hidden treasures because the weren't mentioned in the step by step, but were in a little table on the right page. This means you get to the end of a chapter because you've been trying to run away from infected majini, but then see the table on the right-page and have to go back to collect treasures/emblems.

When Resi 4 came out, the official guide was written by Brady Games (well I had the U.S. version of the guide, so it may have been different in the U.K.) and it was amazing. The whole thing was a step by step guide, tellin you where treasures were as well as what to do in the game in a very good, flowing manner.

Overall this is a good guide, but the double-page format is a bit dodgy. The sections after the walkthrough are amazing though. There's an interview section, bonus features and even conceptual artwork.

I can't believe I wrote a review this long about a guide book.

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  A very nice guide.

| | See all IbuyEnough's reviews (9)

Very well presented and the hardback cover is very welcome, making the guide feel solid and able to withstand some punishment.
Content is good, a lot of information with maps that detail all pick ups.
Sections on unlockables are good and detailed but I feel there could've been a little more detail.
The interview at the back, along with the concept artwork is very nice too.

Overall, A great guide and one where the information is correct.

  Good...but not as good as their others

| | See all Rinoa8's reviews (4)

Lovely print quality and great art work, but the information contained isn't as comprehensive as their guides for other games (e.g. final fantasy). Shame, i love the quality i just wish the written content was as detailed at that of futurepress for resident evil 4.

  Resident Evil 5 Guide

| | See all mitchjay92's reviews (6)

This guide is very good, tells you all that you need to know and helps you unlock most trophies if that interests you, also this does NOT come with the calendar and that may be exclusive to America and Japan.
That or mine didn't come with it... but I find that unlikely as it was still sealed, haha.