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Dearly Devoted Dexter: a Novel | Paperback

Author: Jeff Lindsay | Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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  An excellent sequel

| | See all moonster3's reviews (5)

This is the second book of Dexter and he has a lot more to handle namely sgt doakes who is adamant that he will catch Dexter enjoying his hobby. The storyline is new (as in not in the tv show) It is a good bit darker than the show as the other seriel killer is inclined to torture his victims. A very enjoyable book that i couldn't put down and that i doubt that ye will either

  Brilliant Stuff

| | See all Hammers27's reviews (101)

I was pleased with the first one, although it wasn't THAT good. but this one shone for me and I just have to give it 5 stars. Right from the word 'go' you have Doakes with his suspicious eye on Dexter, and it's like that all the way through and it works very well. The books are totally different from the TV series and I think that's great. I get to follow one set of storylines through the TV and another in the book - that's great news in my eyes.

So after a decent first book I think Jeff has stepped it up a gear (or two!) with this book and I'm very, very pleased with it. It's entertaining throughout and has a good, solid storyline behind the latest serial killer. There's a few odd moments which shouldn't really be in the book, but I'm just nit-picking for those because when I look back at the book I just think of positives mainly because there are so many.

Make sure you check this book out after you've read the first one. I've heard the third book isn't that good and ruins it for Jeff, but I'll be the judge of that myself.

Buy this book!

  Absolute Brilliance

| | See all Smunchkin's reviews (1)

Yet again Jeff Lindsay has written a book that i can't seem to put down! The storyline is fantastics and the characters are flourishing more than ever before, keeping you gripped at every twist and turn!

This book was an absolute pleasure to read and i love the other books too! The books always seem purer than the TV adaptation, the books have more soul and let your own imagination run wild!

  Best Dexter Book

| | See all cletus666's reviews (1)

I have only recently read the first 3 Dexter books and I must admit this is the best book so far...
The first book is amazing, but this book is by far superior...highly recommend it...I couldn't put the book down until I finished it!!!
The 3rd book is a little bit of a dissapoinment...but it is still great, just not as good as the first two....

  A decent story.

| | See all TimC2008's reviews (9)

This book is the sequel to Darkly Dreaming Dexter. Although a good read I found it lacked the charm of the first book. I did continue to read it but by the end I found that I was reading purely out of loyalty as apposed to being riveted to find out the outcome. After reading this I doubt if I will read the third book in the series.

  A fresh development...

| | See all DOOfY2020's reviews (15)

Again, another book that somehow kept me reading. The majority of characters are better explored in this one, with several new developments too.

I would give this 5 stars, but some of the gruesome parts seem a little too far of life.

regardless, it is still a brilliant read.

  Great read, nothing like the TV series.

| | See all gibbo1039's reviews (3)

I have enjoyed both series of Dexter on the TV so bought the books as I heard they were slightly different. I started on the second book (this one) as I heard it did not follow the series. It was a gripping read which had nothing in common with the second TV series and was in effect a whole new chapter with a new villain and some great character developments. Read it for a fresh new taste of Dexter.

  Keeps you hooked...

| | See all rkidscd012's reviews (61)

This is a cracking good read. I couldn't put it down and had it finished the afternoon it arrived. Theres some nice developments on characters etc from the previous book. It would get 5 stars, but the rather gruesome events everyones chasing after just seem too much. Whereas the first book seemed almost plausible, this one just seemed too far past reality. Well worth a read, but not if you're not a fan of gore.

  more please

| | See all dsbluey's reviews (4)

if you enjoy the series then you really have to read the books. Will be interesting to see how close the second series is to the book. The first series was significantly different but this will have to be shown at 3am!
my only complaint is that Jeff Lindsay isn't releasing Dexter books every week!!

  Gruesome twosome

| | See all Parmenion's reviews (12)

In this second outing the humour is even darker, with cutting wit and keen observation of the mores of today's society. Some excrutaingly brilliant dialogue between dexter and both his alter ego and new playmate. I look forward to seeing how they attempt to dilute this for any new tv series they may make.

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