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The Lost Symbol | Hardback

Author: Dan Brown | Format: Hardback

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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  Same Old Same Old

| | See all dazzakelly's reviews (3)

I persoanlly think this book was knocked out jut to make a few more quid on the Robert Langdon character (obviously a film is coming). Yes its a half decent book, but it feel the same as da vinci code. the twist is good and you dont see coming, but then it just ends and then he waffles on about nothing for another 100 pages! I wouldnt reccomend this one but worth a read are deception Poit and most definately Digital Fortress, which i feel is the nest out the lot.


| | See all PaigeRose's reviews (1)

I must say, I'm quite surprised with all of the negative feedback. I have read this book twice and the second time was just as exciting as the first.
I love how many facts there are in this book and how it leaves you constantly on edge, dying to know what happens next. I quite liked how most of the book was full of action and emotion then finishing with a subtle yet meaningful ending.
This is well worth a read!!!

  Dan Browns worst effort to date

| | See all barnie884's reviews (265)

I have to admit, that I used to be a Dan Brown fan.... started with the Da Vinci code, then to Angels and Demons and the rest from there. I never used to understand the prejudice behind his books, especially from the critics, and felt them easy page turner thrillers. I think in this case however, I am beginning to see why.
Firstly, this book is a variation on the same theme... mystical treasure, kidnap, death, run around town like a headless chicken.... beautiful lady and a twist at the end. So lets just say far from original
Secondly, he keeps telling us what their character is thinking, almost treating the reader as slow witted, as 90% of the time you know what they are supposed to think
Thirdly - Freak of nature/weirdo chasing the hero....
Finally - and really specific to this book, is the quest is just boring, the twist is even more boring! In the previous books something was at stake, and you just had to know what the outcome was... in this book I just really didn't care. If Langdon, the Masons and his girlfriend spontaneously combusted I would not have cared, in fact probably would have found it more interesting!

Sorry..... Dan Brown, you are no longer on my must read list

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  The lost opportunity.........

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

Having read all of the previous Brown books I was very much looking forward to the release of The Lost Symbol because I enjoyed them all very much.

But unfortunately this was a real disappointment all round. With flat new characters and a less than absorbing central plot after about 100 pages I really had little interest in what was happening next and really had to force myself to go through the rest to get to the end - which wasn't wholly unsatisyfing but neither his best either. The plot is pretty flimsy (even by Brown's own standards) but the pace which normally carries his books along well seems absent here - in spite of the tightly wound 12 hour timeframe of the book.

Brown does have a fairly easy to predict formula to his novels and certain things can be anticipated now - perhaps that's the problem I had, the 'twists' weren't that twisty, the secrets weren't all that hard to fathom and even Brown's insistence on reminding us every couple of pages how hugely important said 'secret' is (as if to make sure you really believe it is and being told once isn't enough) grates severely.

I'd hope he does a bit better next time around.

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| | See all Ciaolo's reviews (7)

This is a must-read book.
Once started you cannot take it down, although you must read it carefully to understand everything. If you rush you risk to miss some essential points!
I bought out of curiosity, having read the first 2 adventures of Robert Langdon (Da Vinci code and Angels and demons) and in my opinion this is the best after Angels and demons!
Thanks for reading my review!

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| | See all Corkball's reviews (7)

Looked forward to this book for a long time.
Dan Brown just seemed to be clutching at straws to find a story.
Was very disappointing

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  A Good Read

| | See all Marnico's reviews (132)

Trouble with Dan Brown is he already set the bar so high with the Da Vinci Code that it's our expectations that are massive. Nevertheless he doesn't deserve some of the kickings he gets either. It's a Langdon novel so I'm already expecting symbols, secrets, codes and hidden meanings. He delivered all of these things and, despite being a bit preachy, it's a good read as well as giving us a peak into the Masons that I suspect is a bit more accurate than they would have liked. If you liked Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, although a bit samey, you'll like this one.

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  Film material, uninspiring book material!

| | See all 3911258's reviews (43)

I read the Da Vinci Code after the film and enjoyed both for their own reasons. Angels & Demons made a better film than book and then I fell into the trap of rushing to buy Lost Symbol on release day and I was completely disappointed.

It was obviously written to be the next film and a lot of the story seems familiar and somehow uninspiring. The most annoying aspect is the amateurish manner each chapter finishes with a slight cliffhanger as if the author is trying desperately to convince the reader to carry on with the promise of a revelation.

However when the revelations come they aren't totally unexpected, mostly you know what's coming and just think "Yeah I expected that".

I can honestly say I found this book hard to pick up after two thirds through and kept putting it down and forgetting I was reading it with no real urgency to get it finished. In the end it was better than some that I have read but nothing to really get excited about.

I'll wait for the film which I hope will be a better representation.

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  Long awaited - very disappointing

| | See all maturepensioner's reviews (10)

Like thousands of others was really looking forward to the release of this latest Dan Brown book. His previous books I have always given 5 stars - was I expecting too much? I was getting bored with it after about 100 pages but I kept going, in the end I couldn't wait to finish just to find out how it ended. Perhaps it was me so I would say make up your own mind! The true price of £18.99 is a rip off but obviously not many people pay that.

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| | See all superjock81's reviews (1)

I really enjoyed this book and could not put it down. would recomend big time. got to be film again.

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