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Men's 10 T-Shirt Bundle (Multi)

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Customer Reviews

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  Good variety - cheap price

| | See all floydart's reviews (1)

My order arrived today. 10 different t-shirts for 15 pounds ..... really good offer and I'm happy that I bought them.


| | See all Coateseyboy's reviews (1)

I will start off by saying, this deal has changed from "ten mens band tees", to "ten mens tees" since I ordered this "too good to be true" deal.
I hoped for at least one good shirt for my last 15.
Over reviews contained some good bands such as HIM, so I thought 15 wouldn't hurt.
This is what I received this morning, bare in mind this deal was "ten mens band tees", and in the background of the mystery image, there were bands such as Iron Maiden, Foo Fighters etc:
1 x Spice Girls
1 x Bacardi (The drink)
3 x WWE (I forgot that Batista started a band)
1 x Neil Young
1 x Sesame Street (Wouldn't have been too bad if it wasn't bright orange and tacky as hell)
1 x Madonna
1 x Kanye West
1 x Silvensun Pickups

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  Eh, what can you do?

| | See all shellannsummers's reviews (1)

I bought these for my son, and he's kept 4 of them.
He liked:
Rise To Remain (Bruce Dickinson's son fronts the band, son loves them)
Lostprophets (though he's sure it's not the band, it says custom performance imports on it)
New Device (not heard of but "whatever")
and another one...
Also received was:
Sacred Reich (wtf)
James Taylor
and a WOMENS XL that says Stars 45 on it.

  Complete! Waste! Of! Money!

| | See all Faersy's reviews (1)

Wow! 10 band t-shirts for just over a tenner! What could go wrong?

I think we've all heard the saying; if it's too good to be true, it probably is! Well. that pretty much sums up this offer.

As a rock fan (you know... BANDS!!!) I saw the pic and they had Bloc Party, The Beatles, Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden, The Vaccines, etc. and thought I would at least be getting bands of this ilk...

What I got was the following:

1. Fleetwood Mac
2. George Michael
3. Kanye West
4. Ben's Brother (who?)
5. Sacred Reich (some metal band I have never heard of and/or wouldn't like)

and then we get on to these five...

6. Alexandra Burke!!!!!
7. Leona Lewis!!!!!
8. The X-Factor - Live Tour 2010!!!!!
9. Bacardi (no, not some band by the same name, but as in the drink)
10. Prison Break (I've not seen the TELEVISION SHOW, but did they form a band after the broke out or something?)

The order I put in was for large male t-shirts... now, I'm sure there are people out there that like this kinda thing, but when you advertise that they're BAND t-shirts and an order is made for large male t-shirts, common sense would probably dictate that he's not interested in walking around in a Alexandra Burke t-shirt with shiny silver print.

But, you get the point, and if you don't, AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS!!!

I'd have spent my money better if I'd have put a bet on myself becoming the next Miss World!

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  Pretty peeved.

| | See all gurlgoth's reviews (3)

I saw some of the reviews and I was a bit hopeful. Some of the bands other people got weren't too bad for the price. And fallout boy!!! You don't know how lucky you are. As for people saying they should call it a "music bundle" even mine don't fall into that category! Good job my boyfriend will literally wear anything. He's got 9 new tee shirts. And there's one he wouldn't even be caught dead in.

1x maroon 5
1x sacred reich
1x madonna (not even vintage, but old lady madonna)
1x fleetwood mac
1x gossip
1x George Michael (really!?!?)
1x the who (not too bad tbf)
1x manni's summer party (don't know what that is)
Here's where it gets interesting.
1x prison break (A BAND?!?!)
1x barcardi alcohol (that's less of a band than prison break)

I thought almost no matter why I got it'll be a bargain.
It doesn't help that it took 2 weeks to come!
Not happy.
Would muh rather have 4 of the sickest kids tees!

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  DO NOT BUY... If expecting ALL band/music related products!

| | See all Whybird23's reviews (1)

Unfortunately this 'deal' didn't work out for me I received only 2 band tshirts out of the 10 and 4 music related all together! How dangermouse, prison break, borat, Bacardi and 2 random tshirts classify as bands or even music related is beyond me!!! Admittedly it was cheap and was specified as a 'variety' I thought they would at least all be bands hence my reason for purchase. One gutted customer!

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  not quite!

| | See all 1bigal's reviews (1)

I ordered these, well you live and learn! Mostly they were probably bands but non of us had heard of them, there was one film one, and one sized xx large! Don't even think they will give you anything you might hope for, they are obviously getting rid of the rubbish no one wants. On the up side, they are t-shirts!

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  Not Really Bands

| | See all Fenno182's reviews (1)

The picture stated 10 BAND T-Shirts which i would say was slightly misinforming. I would say more 10 music related T- shirts. Alison Moyet, curtis stigers, tiesto, shaggy, abba, random festival etc are definitely not bands. However i did recieve a Fall out boy T shirt which i would consider a band T shirt and i am happy with that. Cool idea just may only get 1 decent one.

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  most not bands and said rock variety in the decription

| | See all madchemist's reviews (1)

1 x ABBAWORLD (not a band)
1 x Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soliel Crew (not a band)
2 x Tiesto (not a band)
1 x Alison Moyet (not a band)
1 x Ben Folds
2 x Fightstar
1 x Mighty Boosh
1 x Ting Tings
Reading the other reviews I win with worst selection very very disappointed

  Not bad, but not good either....

| | See all Stubo86's reviews (1)

Can't really complain too much as it was a mystery bundle, but i got:
2 x Tiesto (not a band)
2 x Kaiser Chiefs
Fall Out Boy
The big pink
Dandy Warhols
Joe Strummer
ABBAWorld (not a band)
Michael Jackson Immortal Tour - Cirque Du Soilel (not a band)

The t-shirts are all official merchandise, not cheap knock off stuff, so good for 1.50 a pop (Not sure how Tiesto, the ABBAWorld musical and a Cirque Du Soilel MJ themed tour count as band T's though.....) I think the product could be described better or the title expanded to say perhaps "Mystery Music Bundle" rather than bands, as 40% of mine are not bands at all.
It also took 4 weeks to deliver on account of the merchndise selling out and having to wait to get more in stock.

To be fair to MAM retail though, when ever I sent an email they responded promptly, apologised for the delay and offered me a full refund, so I have no complaints at all on the service. They would also provide a refund for the full bundle now (DSR I suppose).

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