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Bruno (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Sacha Baron Cohen, Gustaf Hammarsten & Clifford Banagale

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  Better than you are often led to believe

| | See all StalloneFan's reviews (31)

I love Sacha Baron Cohen. I think to enjoy either Borat or Bruno you have to like SBC first. I loved Borat and initially thought Bruno was good but not as good as Borat. Mainly because the central character isn't as sweet and endearing but on repeat viewing and watching all of the insightful special features included on this disc I became fully aware that Bruno is a masterpeice of comedic film making and is in fact the better movie of the two. Borat stops being funny half way through where as Bruno keeps going until the jaw dropping last scene and the underlining messages and cleverness to the movie makes you realise how clever and brave Sacha is. He honestly just ins't respected enough for the genius that he is. You can watch it on the surface as a dirty crude laugh out loud comedy or sit and examine it deeper as a sly and smart take on cultral homophobia and how judgemental a lot of society actually is. A brilliant blu ray of a great movie.

  Only crazy people dont like this

| | See all irishgdi1's reviews (10)

I imagine the naye sayers havent a clue what Sacha baron cohen is about - Im a huge fan of his I loved the Ali G shows, but I am not a fan of the transition of these such things to the big screen Borat the movie was alright, that said, this is a comical masterpeice and the shock level is off the scale.

If you are watching this without having seen the Ali G shows you may not appreciate it as much as you need to know what the character is doing and how bruno has been developed - in this case watch it not as a movie but more of an experiment

  So, so bad.

| | See all TCBAKER's reviews (30)

One of the worst films i have ever seen. Its amazing how stuff like this even gets released.

Its the sort of film that is only suitable for 18+, obviously. But the jokes in it would only make people younger than that laugh. Borat was brilliant, as it had the crude moments, but they were hilarious at the same time. This is just a vulgar film, that very occasionally contains something funny.


| | See all johnmac09's reviews (4)

this film is the worst film i have ever seen. Come on who put this film on a dvd think twice about buying it. RUBBISH

  Average Shock Comedy

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

Ok movie. Some funny bits, some shocking bits and some uncomfortable bits.
Some parts were too vulgar, without being funny, which was a shame.
Because in Borat he managed to make the Naked Hotel fight into one of the funniest things, ever.
Very well acted by Sacha Cohen Baron. Really takes some balls to do what he does.
Lets see what he does next.

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  funny but disgusting lol

| | See all Spladoosh's reviews (3)

its not as good as borat, and your probably better getting it in standard edition because its still grainy from the type of camara they used.
but yeah its a funny film and worth a watch.

  Good, but not as good as borat.

| | See all jabos3003's reviews (9)

If a fan of borat then this is a good watch, but dont expect a film to be on par with it, still very worth a watch.

  Not as good as Borat.

| | See all Pimboli's reviews (70)

This is a very funny movie in places but is much more staged than Borat and while Borat showed up the ignorance of people in the US this movie doesnt really say anything apart from possibly seeing just how far you can push the envelope with what is acceptable comedy.

Unlike Borat this is much more scattershot. While it is very funny in places, the staged swingers night, the unstaged television review group it misses as much as it hits and wont be as remembered in years to come like Borat.

The transfer is ok and I would give it a 3/5 and the audio likewise as its basically just a talking movies (no explosions etc)

The extras are in HD including about 40 mins of deleted scenes which are ok. The commentary is interesting though as it runs nearly half an hour longer than the film and to combat this they pause the movie in certain places to allow them time to talk about a scene before moving on which is a strange experience.

Not an essential purchase by anymeans or if you are easily offended but not a bad film to have for a lads night in.

  Better than Borat

| | See all JAtkins's reviews (8)

Great movie in stunning quality. Very funny. A must watch for any Sasha Baren-Cohen fans

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| | See all rossw14's reviews (6)

Better than borat (but why are ppl comparing) They are different characters. This one is very rude , hits about every taboo you can think of ranging from a rauncy swingers party to his own celebrity television show. Full of laughs . And no doubt on blu ray it'll be brillant 4 stars!

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