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The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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| | See all shakill's reviews (2)

I'll put this up there with one of the worst films I have ever seen! The story line is very lacklustre and lame. The acting is just as bad. Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress, god knows how she won an award. I'd rank her equal to Michael Cera - boring and can only play one role. If, like me, you've not read the books and are not infactuated with the actors and actresses you will find the movie awful, as it is. But if you like atrocious acting and lame storylines then this one's for you!

  New Moon

| | See all pinkchickxx87xx's reviews (88)

Really enjoyed New Moon though not as good as Twilight maybe because Edward isnt in this one as much and it makes Bella a bit annoying at times! But still a great movie. Cant wait for Eclipse to be released! The warewolf storylines are fab!!!

  im not a twi-ard

| | See all oliver1991's reviews (18)

I think that the viewing of the twilight series is split between the true fans who thave read the books and just the movie viewers, so heres the review frim just the movie viewer and not particulary a fan. Lets start with the story line, its an ok story line pretty easy and straight forward to follow and understand but just seems to lack something in this film, I have seen the first and it does follow straight on which is good and also works nice. Not enough action for a vampire/wolf-thing film for me. some cool cgi and the sounds great if you have a sound system. well overall, just watch it if your girlfriend wants you to, other wise don't get it.

  Not as good as the first film but a great lead into the last

| | See all Beasty22's reviews (6)

After Twilight this film has a lot to live up to which sadly I dont feel it did too well. Every film normally as a start middle and end well this film got started and at the end got to the middle but that was it. I was very surprised about how the film ended, and was left very confused.

The film in general was very good, it set up for the last film very well but after paying to see this you kind of feel empty. Having the werewolves v vampires story is very interesting and this film you get to meet the werewolves and get to understand them but they try fit in a little bit of everything to keep the story ticking over but it fails to do so. It also sparks a love triangle which is also very interesting and plays into the story brilliantly. She both loves a werewolf and a vampire, the good v evil or supposedly.
This film leaves great expectation for the last film which I am massively looking forward too. Great acting again and cant wait to see all three actors careers grow.

Overall a good set up for the final film but dont expect too much as no real action to speak off.

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  OK film brilliant bluray

| | See all AJLOVESFILMS's reviews (8)

Quite frankly I'm not a big big fan of either twilight movie, Bought this for the missus (a likley story I'm sure your thinkin') As she is a major R-patz fan and Twihard (she is also a Gleek but that has nothing to do with Twilight just thought It'd be fun to mention it as I have reffered to her by her "fan" names) Anyway, didn't much like Twilight but can say that New Moon in my opion is a better movie, more fun, light hearted, good little moments but it certainly ain't a classic...

The Blu-ray presentation is whats key in this review... The image qaulity, sound and extras are all top notch and are perfect examples of the format and why it is better than DVD... If you have the option buy the movie on Blu-ray and you won't be dissapointed...as for the film it really does depend on your tatse... I enjoyed it but wouldn't rank it high....

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  A good romantic film which has a very misleading trailer.

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

When I watched the trailer to the New Moon I thought that it was going to have more action then the first Twilight film but it doesn't and the pace of this film is even slower then the first. When the Werewolves come into play they look great and really upon the pace. Bella has Edward the Vampire and Jacob the Werewolve both deeply in love with her which makes an interesting love triangle. I can't wait for the film Eclipse because it's going be all out war between the good and bad Vampires with the Werewolves helping our friendly Vamps.

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  Why ? Yawnnnn!

| | See all fartoli's reviews (1)

Quite liked the first Twiglet film so bought the blue-ray for the wife (she is a big fan of the first film and the books). Seriously disappointed - very boring and pointless - even the wife struggled to stay with it until the end.


| | See all GreenDayMarvelFan's reviews (233)

im tired of all the hype this is getting we have girls either in team Jacob or team Edward!! please this has got to stop its not a proper vampire movie not a proper werewolf movie not a proper love story movie , acting is bad , dialogue is terrible the whole phase is ridiculous..

  New moon on blue ray

| | See all buzzy2010's reviews (1)

Film is too slow - about one hour too long. Blue-ray quality is poor - keeps flicking between light and dark during dark scenes.


| | See all harroldhiggins's reviews (12)

who gave this film 1 star? ok so the vampires dont have such a big presence in this one, but it was made up by a storyline that was interesting and in blu ray the action realy looks spectacular. cant wait for no.3, not something i would normaly have watched, but stumbled accross the first one and now im hooked.