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X-Men Quadrilogy (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Famke Janssen, Hugh Jackman & Ian McKellen

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  Horrid grainy transfer :(

| | See all cleo2525's reviews (3)

Im a big xmen fan....not so much of the wolverine film

so when i got the chance to get this box set for 11.19 from play.com as it had 2 offers on it i grabbed it

I put them on right away to check the quality of the transfers and my heart sunk i will admit

every film its really grainy, even the later x-men 3 and wolverine

its even worse in dark and shaded scenes i dont understand this because i have older movies on blu-ray like the goonies that are far far less grainy than these movies

even my x-men dvds that are upscaled on my ps3 are less grainy...try to work that one out :S

i was going to return these to play.com but im not so sure wether the other blu-ray sets will be better or the same i presume they all are the same transfer quality.

i know there are people on here saying the transfer is good which i dont understand because its not lol i tried this on few different HD tvs etc and still the same.

someone on here says only wolverine has extras :S this boxset all movies exept wolverinne have 2 discs 1 disc with film and some extras and the other disc full of extras

even though wolverine is 1 disc that has aload extras too.

the cases are strange as they are all the thin version cases but wolverine is even thinner which makes the set look very off

id give this 3 out of 5 thats only because of the movies itself and extras id only give 1 out of 5 for transfer as i expect alot better

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  Excellent Value For Money

| | See all sjhaley's reviews (1)

This is an excellent box set to pick up at such a low price.
All of the individual cases are slimmer than the normal Blu Ray cases but are all the same size (judging on previous reviews this must be an updates box set as Wolverine was meant to be slimmer than the slim ones, if that makes sense).
All technical reviews I have read about these films on Blu Ray are excellent. I can't wait to watch them on my system!!
What are you waiting for? Buy it now!!

  Best value box set around

| | See all magoosey's reviews (83)

Four superb films for thirteen pounds. You can't get better value than that. All four films are excellent in their own right. They make up an excellent story line. The picture quality in all four is outstanding. Some box sets don't even have individual boxes. I don't care a bit about the packaging. It's the blu ray transfer that should be commented on to assist buyers in deciding whether to try or not. This set has four of the best transferred blu ray discs I have seen. A top addition to any collection.

  Correct subtitle info:

| | See all Juular2011's reviews (1)

X-Men 1-3: English for the hearing impaired
Origins: Cantonese, Mandarin, Portugese, Spanish, English for the hearing impaired

  About the box set.

| | See all PeteyJ's reviews (55)

This review is about the appearance of the box set.
Mine seems to be slight different than the other reviewers; all of the films are slim cases (same as US blu-rays), all the same size (even Wolverine) and the box set is rated 12 not 15. There are no bbfc rating logos on the side of the individual cases.

  Disappointing Extras

| | See all Moonsith's reviews (8)

I got this boxset through today and what a rip off from Fox again.
I've seen and read that its a 7 disc boxset but i isn't its only 4.
I've actually seen images of this boxset with all the same artwork on them and the first 3 films a double discs and Wolverine is a single disc.
No extra on the first 3 films even though Xmen 3 states on the back cover it has.
The ONLY good thing about this boxset is the movies are good but if your like me and wanted the extras then think again.
FOX have released 2 Boxsets of these with the same artwork so its a case of playing Russian Roulette whether you get the 4 or the 7 disc boxet!!
Very Poor of FOX again ripping the buyer off yet again.

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  great value for money!

| | See all emperor10's reviews (277)

i really dont understand the negative comments about the packaging. the first 3 films come in thinner-than-usual cases, wolverines case is even thinner.and?? all fit into a box,takes up ;ess room on your shelf,and yet all still contain all extras.the blu ray transfer is amazing,as is the sound.all for less than 15 quid.whats not to like?

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  'Wolverine' only in Spanish Latino, not Castillian

| | See all ThOF77's reviews (1)

Excellent pack, but only a remark: 'X-Men origins: Wolverine' is both in English and Spanish... but LATINO Spanish, not Castillian. All the rest of films (X1, X2, X3) contain Castillian Spanish, as I personally wanted. Great pack at an excellent price, anyway.

  could have been so much better if singer stayed on

| | See all GreenDayMarvelFan's reviews (233)

im a big fan of x-men i loved the cartoon as a kid and x-men evolution as well so here is what i think of the 4 movies

x-men: this movie is great , its the 1st one so it lets you to get the charters more from the love triange between scott logan and jean, and the rivaly of the scott and logan....good plot and story **** (4)
x-men2: WOW best in the trilogy , open scene is amazing , in this movie you get to know about logans past how he was "made" so much action and new mutants ...***** (5)
x-men 3: ok now this is were it went down hill after singer left ...i was looking forward to this ...scott is my fav x-men and what they do .only in it for 10 min....i mean storm gets the mansion come on like thats so stupid...spyke storms nephew is a bad guy..juggernut is not a mutant and leech takes his power which shoudnt have happened ...the chemisty between logan and rouge which is bulid up in the 1st two movies is gone...bobby and rouge love thing is away cause kitty takes over .....colossus is not american he is russian ..did bret even read the comics ..aslo jean always died in scotts arms not logans and in the 1st two movies logans healing powers wernt stright away they healed a few seconds after this one when jeans is using her powers he healing like mad ....** (2) and thats being kind

Wolverine : it was only a matter of time before he got his own movie , he was the main show for all 3 previous movies so no wonder he got his own movie and while the movie was good action but the story was way off from the comics like big time , sabertooth and wolverine aint brothers , dead pool was a total ..... up , cyclops was done wrong adding him with emma and i could go on , i give this 3 for the entertainment value *** (3) , overall a decent collection but singer how we miss you

overall a good triogy be even better if singer did the 3rd movie