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The Hurt Locker (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Ralph Fiennes, Evangeline Lilly & Christian Camargo

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (56 reviews)"

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  Great blu-ray

| | See all stuarty75's reviews (73)

This is a great look at modern warfare that has you on the edge of your seat,full respect to the soldiers that do this kind of job,this blu-ray has a very good grainy realistic picture with great surround sound to go with it.

  Interesting and a bit different

| | See all Kerome's reviews (19)

Actually, this only looks like a war movie. But in fact, it is really about adrenaline addiction. Many war movies look at the dehumanising aspects of war - Apocalypse Now - while others look at shock and human soldiers under pressure - Saving Private Ryan - but this one is about what draws you back into war even after you've left and gone home. A worthy addition to the pantheon, but whether it's worth mentioning in the same breath with the greats is uncertain - time will tell.

  Horrible Blu Ray, 'Not Bad' Film

| | See all WillAuty's reviews (6)

Couldn't tell at all this was a bluray film, same quality as standered DVD. Film was okay, nothing spectacular, it's really a cocky patriotic american film. My advice is to save your money and buy 'Generation Kill', same idea but somewhat more entertaining.


| | See all TheBigFilmMan's reviews (1)

Obviously it was going to be all "Americans Won The War", although at least they did bump into British special forces who fought better than the Yanks but were still killed off somehow...
It just tailed off into a very flat ending...I wondered where the rest of the film was - and it was long enough...!

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  it hurt to watch

| | See all philboy4's reviews (152)

very very slow film with hardly anything going on. The acting is top draw along with the suspense it brings. Not sure if it was worth all the oscars it got but it shows what our lads and the americans have to through over there. They are all heros in my eyes very tough and horrible conditions. Great capture of that through this film thats why its worth 3 stars 1 star for the actual film


| | See all sdh963's reviews (164)

This is definitely one of the best films I have seen for a while. The director MUST have served in Iraq to get a sense of depth and realism for this movie. The notion that anyone could be an enemy waiting to blow them up or just a friendly Iraqi wanting to meet them. The first "Where are you from?" meeting instantly makes you realise how easy it is to get killed out there.

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  An excellent war movie with superb performances

| | See all benminx's reviews (73)

After an atmospheric opening that really sets the pace for the rest of the movie, Jeremy Renner's Bomb Tec's arrival at rapidly renamed 'Camp Victory' sets the ironic tone for the rest of this engaging drama. As with all Bigelow films, the male characters are seething with barely repressed macho energy, aggression and instability, but here it suits the location as the pressures and insanities of war begin to mount up on the characters and expose fissures in their composure. Renner is the lynchpin that holds the story together and he does so with a talent and charisma that makes his potentially unstable character fascinating to watch. The excellent David Morse shows up briefly in a scene that surreally highlights the disconnect between those who live the conflicts and those who order the troops in, and the interplay between the main trio of characters is terrifically written. The film gives the feeling of being tremendously authentic, whether in a scene where under attack by a sniper, or just the men getting drunk and blowing off steam in camp. Blu-Ray shows the special effects in the most impressive fashion imaginable. There are tense standoffs, both emotional and military, superb dialogue, and swipes at policy. But more than anything this feels like a portrait of men who have been trained to do just one terrifying thing very very well, and can't cope with the mundanity of anything but being in that danger zone. Standout moment? Well, no spoilers, but Renner gets to try to disarm one hell of an IED. A hell of a great movie.

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  A decent war movie, but...

| | See all fuzzbuzz's reviews (27)

I saw this film after hearing that Avatar got pipped to the post at the Oscars by this film, and because of that I thought that this film must be incredible (as I loved Avatar). It had a great intro and some brilliant set pieces with a good cast, however this film isn't that accurate as someone has said before, and because my brother is a bomb technician in the Army, he talked me through the proper procedure without the teletubby armour that they glorify in this film. I think that the director has done a good job in creating a emotional and gritty film that shows you dont need fountains of blood and buffets of gore in order to create a war movie of decent proportions. However this is the but, because I am a fan of entertaining films, films that make you want to watch it over and over again, I cannot understand how Avatar got beaten by this, just my opinion. And I believe that the reviews for this on most sites are somewhat accurate stating how it is overrated due to its Oscar wins, partly because Avatar was watched by more people and appealed to a wider audience, which the Oscars should really take into accountwhen selecting winners. All in all this is a good movie, and any die hard war movie fan should not turn this down, but other films out there in this category are far better.

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  its not an all guns blazing film.

| | See all whyshouldyou's reviews (13)

there seems to be some confusion in the reviews for this film because it falls under the war genre.
its not an all guns blazing private Ryan or black hawk type film. but it still manages to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. i really like a good war film and it doesn't have to be full of body parts and gunfire for me to say its a good war film.

its made as if its a documentary and i really liked the way it was filmed. it seemed to draw me more into it and make it feel like i was there. a bit like the start of private Ryan except all the carnage obviously. but that's the way the film is captured. and it does contain grain that is common practice in documentary style films these days but that doesn't bother me one bit or spoil my viewing of the film.

its best not to know the plot of the film as it would spoil the suspense and there is something always going on even if its not a shootout gun battle to keep your eyes glued to the TV screen. its definitely not a talky film you wont be bored but don't expect big gun battles.

i had never heard of this film until it received all its Oscar coverage. and i must say i can see now why it did so well at the Oscars.

tense, gripping and well made.

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