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Angels & Demons: Extended Cut (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Tom Hanks, Ayelet Zurer & Ewan McGregor

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Angels & Demons

| | See all MattCavalli's reviews (13)

The thing I like most about this film is how they changed it to be a sequel and work when the Angels & Demons book is actually the first and The DaVinci Code being the sequel. Another thing is that if you haven't seen The DaVinci Code, you can see this film and completely understand it as there is only one little reference to the first film.

The film mainly focus' on the difference between science and religion, and one would think that one of those things would have a higher percentage of the film, but I am delighted to say that the film is balanced almost perfectly with as much attention given to CERN as it does to the Vatican with full respect. Story wise it's simple and pretty easy to follow as everything is explained right in front of you on screen by the characters. The story also moves alone a lot quicker than the previous film did but slow enough to see and understand what has happened with a fantastic twist at the end that not everyone will see coming.

The most surprising thing I found was the cast, especially Ewan McGregor, who gives one of his best performances for quite some time, although at times his accent sounds a little weird. As usual though, Tom Hanks is superb and with a brilliant supporting cast, this film is really good entertainment.

  Great transfer - film could be better

| | See all moslehchowdhury's reviews (8)

After reading the INCREDIBLE book of Angels and Demons, I just thought, the film that will try and live up to the expectations of this book has a mighty task ahead of it.

Like all films made from books, a lot of the information is cut out as they need to sum up the whole story within the time frame. In my opinion, The Da Vinci Code didn't do that bad of a job. But Angels and Demons could have been better. A little TOO much was cut out in my opinion. Plus, some of the cast did not resemble their original with regards to character. For example, Olivetti and the Hashasheen.

Tom Hanks is one of my favourite actors of all time, however it seems he's acting was of a higher calibre in The Da Vinci Code than in this film. The storyline of the film feels incredibly rushed.

With regards to the transfer and quality, I think it was pin sharp brilliant. And I'm not exaggerating. My TV is a 46inch 100hz LED Samsung, and I can tell you know, the film looks amazingly sharp and smooth even with the Motion Plus option turned on. For those who don't know, Motion Plus creates the 'soap opera' 'video camera' effect on screen. Even with this effect turned on, the picture quality was sharp and smooth as you like. I had originally seen the film on DVD few months before I bought the Blu-Ray, and I can tell you the difference is very visible, very clear.

Sound quality - as I don't have a surround sound setup, I can't comment about this section with the 'true' analysis. However, from what I had heard from my TV speakers, it felt like I was in the film, put it that way.

For those who love a thought-provoking film, I recommend this. For those who have expectations of the film to live up to the book with close detail, I don't recommend this. For Dan Brown fans, this is a no brainer.

I give it 4 stars. Would've been 5 if the film storyline wasn't so rushed and a little more detail and resemblance to the book was included. But personally, the phenomenal 1080p pristine Blu-Ray transfer makes up for this.

  It does have some demons

| | See all philboy4's reviews (152)

A very good adaptation from a book. Smoe may say the book is better but other from that a very enjoyable film. A very strong cast with Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregoer. Great action with lots of suspense. And at a very good price buy it you might be surprised

  its ok

| | See all sdh963's reviews (164)

The film does not even get close to the entire story that was expertly laid out in the book.

If you watch this without reading the book you will think it is an above average drama....

If you watch this after reading the book, you will think it is lacking in so many areas.

The Calermengo's motives and passion are conveyed very weakly and without conviction, and it is this that is THE whole point of the entire story, and it just feels rushed.

This is when it truely is "NOT AS GOOD AS THE BOOK"

  Watch it on blu-ray!

| | See all secRet1980's reviews (2)

This is why I bought a blue-ray player and a hi-def TV!
A good movie with great picture quality! Scenes from CERN and the Vatican will blow you away!

  Better Than I thought

| | See all deathproof's reviews (25)

I only watched the da vinci code recently and therefore it was fresh in my mind, I have to say angels and demons is the better film, the sound and picture is what you expect from blu ray.
The only negative is it is a one watch film.

  Great film, good transfer, diabolical sound!

| | See all lucasisking's reviews (26)

This movie centres around the discord (and potential reconcilliation) between the forces of religion and science. After 'Knowing' I was bracing myself for yet another Hollywood lecture about faith, however I'm delighted to say that the film is balanced and impartial, and accords the same levels of respect to institutions like CERN as to the Vatican. The story moves along at a fair old pace and the twist at the end is superb- really didn't see it coming! Excellent performances from Hanks and the supporting cast, and a surprisingly good performance from Ewan McGregor (although he struggles with his Irish accent). Excellent entertainment.

The transfer is great (excelent contrast and colour with minimum noise) but not as punchy and pristine as Knowing.

Sound wise, maybe my copy was faulty but the dialogue track on the DTSHD-MA soundtrack kept cutting out randomnly- very frustrating!

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  Half a star too much.....

| | See all adamk69's reviews (119)

I would have rated this movie at 3 and half stars ideally. It is better than the Davinci code as it is slightly less telegraphed for you by an overly active script (as in the DC movie). It was generally an enjoyable 1 and half hours veiwing, having read the book helped a bit as you can understand more about CERN etc but it would have been unnecessary padding for the movie. The acting is good, the transfer is mostly good to BD, the HD soundtrack wasn't outstanding but was good, all in all a 'good' film. I'd rent it first and buy it if you really wanted to after seeing it.

  'a worthy follow-up to 'the davinci code'

| | See all rbmusicman's reviews (896)

'robert langdon' is again on the trail of the clues that will hopefully save the lives of the 'four' leading candidates to replace the recently 'departed' 'pope'
the 'vatican' who has called upon 'robert's' expert assistance also face the prospect of having the 'vatican' blown to kingdom come by the same source that hold the four cardinals, the race to solve the clues is on.
this is a tense drama, yes because of the format is similar to 'davinci' code, but does have enough going for it to make it a good watch ( i suspect had we seen this one first we may well have considered it as good as if not better than the 'davinci code' ?
....judge for yourselves ?

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