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Terminator Salvation (Terminator 4) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Christian Bale, Sam Worthington & Anton Yelchin

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Different, but Better than I was Expecting.

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

Did we need another Terminator movie, not really.
Did we need the director of Charlie's Angels directing a new Terminator movie. No.
But when Christian Bale signed on, I felt a little better about the whole thing.
As it turns out, Terminator Salvation is a Modern Sci Fi Movie, with bits of the Terminator legend thrown in.
Some people say that it would have been better not to have seen the Judgement Day aftermath, and that it was better left to the viewers Imagination.
This is a valid point, but now that the movie is here, it does a pretty good job of showing the Resistance fighting the Machines.
This new Movie about the Terminator world brings the story Full Circle.
The performances By Christian Bale and Sam Worthington are both Spot On.
The Apocalyptic setting, was well designed, and reminded me a little of Mad Max and the landscape of The Book of Eli
The highlight of the movie for me though was the Stunning Action Sequences, which were blended in with Exquisite Special Effects.
Especially loved the Machine Motorbikes. Anyways, a good watch, especially for Terminator fans
I guess the best way to enjoy this film is to set realistic expectations, About time we understand that any Terminator movie without James Cameron, and now without Arnie, is never gonna be as good as the First 2 movies. Except it and enjoy Terminator Salvation for what it is.

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  Best Terminator movie

| | See all JonAgirre's reviews (8)

Good art direction, nice grain/color posterize effect, great cast, superb sound/visual effects and a couple of tense moments that give this movie much more interest than what Arnold Schwarznegger did for the past films. There is one particular moment that WILL blow you away from your sofa, provided that you didn't know about it previously.

This movie has been severely underrated, as well as it's official game, which I strongly recommend you to play with the help of a motivated mate.

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  not quite ARNIE's films but still good in it's own right!

| | See all elvisfan123's reviews (9)

I was very,vert skeptical when i first heard this film was being made and i refused to even go and see it in the cinemas when it it was released in 2009 and i thought to myself i will wait to hear the critics views..i purchased the DVD in 2010 and i was blown-away how good the film really was-even tho arnie was'n't in the film!(apart from the T-800 model which was suppossed to be him)..i wanted to purchase the BLURAY version but it was way too expensive till play.com had for 2 for 18 and i jumped at the chance recently to get it on bluray,aswell as the previous DVD version:Was i dispointed?-no way!!-the pic quality and sound beat the DVD version hands-down and i was impressed so much better than my previous DVD i had purchased in early 2010..i am now looking foward to watching TERMINATOR 5 as my action hero Arold Schwarzenegger is suppossed to be in it this time round??-even if it's a 'cameo' role,it is a welcome movie in my opinion...he is in the Expendables and that looks amazing!!

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  Better than the 3rd

| | See all tommy1982's reviews (3)

achillesheel1 just to point out I don't think you have seen this film!! Reese does not shout: Marcus look out, he just shouts: Look out. Also it is not 2 day old squirrel it is 2 day old coyote. Teeth, haircuts, clothes etc - get a grip it is a sci-fi film not a biopic!
On it's own merits the film is gritty, rugged, serious, great action and CGI, pacing is good, story progresses nicely, acting is decent. Could have done with a few more laughs like T2, and the CGI Arnie at the end is slighty dodgy. Should have had a bit more stylised violence like the first 2 and not sacrificed it's 15 cert to a 12 cert like T3.
Stands well on it's own as a film, but does flag when compared to terminator 1&2.
Get it and watch it for yourself

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  Give it a 2nd go

| | See all Ianlovesdiscs's reviews (1)

I do feel this film has been given a slightly unfair rap, and I did it myself. Wasn't that impressed when I left the cinema. Massively high expectations maybe, and quite frankly Bale doing his Batman voice annoyed me. But on blu-ray, 2nd time around, that didn't seem as bad and I must say i really really enjoyed it. Weird eh? Definitely worth a purchase. Good extras too.

  Very watchable,but.............

| | See all DEEVOScranium's reviews (52)

Ok,blu-ray wise this is a good disc with some cool extras,my only problem is with the film itself.
Its apocalyptic right? so why does everyone have nice hair and wear makeup along with newish looking attire and look well fed?
They are also too well equipt along with JETS!!! come on man skynet would know where they were and nuke em,also why does the terminator always throw connor around?he should just punch through his chest GAME OVER far better than watching a predictable outcome.
Apart from the major issues,this film is enjoyable and worth buying but resembles NOTHING from the previous movies,theres not even a spec of blood,this feels more like a re-boot and not a prequal/sequal,this should have also been a PG,The dark knight was a 12 get the picture? T3 is far greater than this,and thats saying something,BUT,the best part of this movie is that T-800 V John conner,awesome,just awesome.

  Oh dear....

| | See all achillesheel1's reviews (14)

What has happened here? Lets get positives out the way first, this is a five star blu ray, if you want a film to show off your hd set up at home, this is it. It looks and sounds amazing, and is right up there with the best blu ray transfers( such as watchmen).
The film, however, is not so good. Whilst the story is okay in itself, its not really in keeping with the previous films. Its hard to believe, frankly, bearing in mind this is a sci fi fantasy. The film has huge errors in the details that matter, such as kyle reese yelling ' marcus look out!'. Nothing wrong with that, except marcus has not told him his name yet.
Also, a note to the makers, people in a post apocalyptic world, who have been living off 'two day old squirrel', do not have shiny bright white teeth, as if they have just stepped out of an orthodontists studio, point in case, anton yelchins dazzling teeth. Moon bloodgoods teeth could also stop traffic, and hair cuts are far too tidy and neat. It is ridiculous.
Cameron had the image right with the flashbacks in the original terminator, dirty, desperate people fighting for survival. This film is just a glossy comic, go and watch The Road, if you want to see a post apocalyptic world done right.

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| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

It would appear that Christian Bale can do no wrong, every role he takes on is amazing, and he not only saved Batman, now he has saved Terminator! He proves once again he is one of the greatest actors of our time as he takes on the future filled with killing machines, the story is great, the visual effects are breathtaking and there is a good supporting cast, I love the introduction to the T-800 as we see a likeness of Schwarzenegger take on Conner! Overall theres nothing more to say but buy it, its another sci-fi gem and just as classic as the original terminator films!

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  best sound on any blue ray so far

| | See all themachman19691's reviews (16)

ok like marmite some peole love this film and some hate it.i think its pretty good.some great effects.the thing that does it for me though is the entire disc.picture is superb but the sound is out of this world!one of the best sounding discs ever!your neighbours wont speak to you after they here this,lol one other great thing is the max film mode were mcg the director goes through some of the scenes and explains how ther were filmed,its one of the most informitive commentries ive ever seen on any disc,and proves blue rays brilliance with films.a great action movie which should please most.