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James Cameron's Avatar: Combi Pack (Blu-ray & DVD) (2009) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Sam Worthington, Giovanni Ribisi & Sigourney Weaver

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (226 reviews)"

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  Special effects only!

| | See all Damons1's reviews (2)

The only comment I can really make is at what point does any studio give a leading role to Sam Worthington? I think if you actually replaced him in all his scenes with a plank of wood I challenge anyone to spot the difference. If you don't agree....see him in Clash of The Titans, oh dear, get those acting lessons on board Sam...PLEASE!!! As for the film, nice picture, good special effects but dire story, is there a pattern emerging here on reviews of this film?

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  Best viewed on Blu ray

| | See all chebs360's reviews (22)

I didnt catch avatar in cinemas when it was realeased but decided to purcahse it for my blu ray player and was completley blown away , the picture quality is truley jaw dropping and for a tenner you cant got wrong . in a word AMAZING ........


| | See all giannis1's reviews (1)

I already have the 3D version of the film although it is not yet officially released and it looks fantastic on my 46" 3D LED TV, much better than it looked at the theater. I have watced it many times and I am still thrilled...


| | See all aragorn7's reviews (76)

Some truly cheesy scenes,like when the main character is being shown how to use the bow,and their faces meet. The blue avatars arent totally convincing,Gollum,some 11 years earlier was more impressive! Its too long and not enough action,just one battle at the end.MORE IMPORTANTLY THOUGH,IS WHY IS THIS IN THE 3D SECTION? FOR THOSE WHO HAVE JUST BOUGHT A 3D TV,DO NOT BUY THIS VERSION,AS IT IS 2D

  Avatar made me buy a Blu-Ray player...

| | See all 83Dave83's reviews (26)

Summary: A paraplegic marine dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique mission becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the world he feels is his home.

James cameron came back with a bang, but he didn't think of everything. Him and his team spent 10 years developing the CGI technology to create what we see. People would probably agree it's the most beautifully stunning film to date. With an estimated $237,000,000 budget why was no one hired to create a story? I have no idea. The story has been done in so many films before. Fern Gully, Pocahontas, The Last Samurai, to name a few. After you watch this film you'll get over that and you probably won't care. Like me. Everyone copies someone. Rarely is a story/plot original.

+ A visual masterpiece that should only been seen on Blu-Ray.

+ Full screen with no black bars.

+ DTS-HD 5.1 Dolby.

- For the budget and the amount of time they spent making this film there are no special features at all. Not even commentary.


| | See all sukissu's reviews (3)

This is one of the best films you will ever see, the graphics are amazing, the storyline compelling. Hoping that there will be part 2 soon.


| | See all jaymac2007uk's reviews (21)

I watched this in 3D at the cinema and was blown away. Brought the blu-ray and the same happened again. Not a great Cameron film fan but i am glad he waited for the advancement of technology to make this as would not be half as good if made 10-15 years ago. Simply stunning

  Film of 2009

| | See all TomMyatt's reviews (8)

As i said in the title this is the best film of 2009. The effects are stunningly beautiful and will amaze you throughout the film. The acting is superb with not one bad performance. Also the action in it is outstanding. For a film with a very basic storyline it is one of my favourites in my collection. An instant add within any collection,

  Proof that James Cameron still cannot make a good movie

| | See all Beefylips's reviews (8)

What has always amazed me about James Cameron is how his fans rate his absolutely average and utterly predictable fare with any credibility at all (with perhaps only Terminator 1 & 2 aside). Upon my first viewing of Avatar, down went the remote with the distinct feeling that I had seen it all before. In this movie Cameron shamelessly borrows from his own back catalogue with an obvious tipping of the hat towards Aliens (the mechanical walkers as per the Ripley loader) and The Abyss (luminescent lighting effects adorning all the Avatar life forms). What is worse is the plagiarising of a host of other movies, including plot lines lifted from Dances with Wolves (outcast soldier operates in isolation on the frontier to understand an alien race and eventually falls in love with indigenous girl, eventually abandoning his previous culture to become one of the tribe). In short, all been done before, nothing special and why can Cameron not write anything new?

The analogies between Aliens and Avatar in particular are painfully close - cryogenic sleep pods, Sigourney Weaver at loggerheads with a corporation and a businessman, human alien symbiosis, big alien human war, attacking of the centre point of the alien culture (Eywa and Alien Queen) et cetera, et cetera.

What would have saved the movie would have been a strong plot to back up the undeniably excellent CGI. In particular I enjoyed the dismayed facial expressions of the Zoe Saldana character which brought much humour to those sequences. However, like in so many movies of the modern era, there is just TOO MUCH reliance on that CGI at the expense of any existence of a workable plot. For example, in an advanced human era why would the morality of our race have taken such an obvious step backwards as the corporate and military forces in Avatar try to commit genocide on an incumbent species? This is such a plot issue everything that follows just falls down.

Equally frustrating was the laughably vague explanation of how humans have managed to create duplicate Avatar bodies successfully for them to even be used by the human characters. This is glossed over to say the least in a 5 second waffle about DNA hybridisation by the Sam Worthington character to the point where it seems that neither Cameron nor his writers could come up with a decent explanation - so they just left one out altogether.

So I suppose it is for kids really as they will no doubt enjoy the big neon animals and lots of needless and over long sequences of flying around on creatures who make noises lifted straight out of Jurassic Park (just listen to the sound of the Velociraptors calling in the complex kitchen and then watch Avatar!). All of the above just drags the whole experience down. This was THE disappointment of 2010 by a country mile.

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