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Gangs Of New York (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis & Cameron Diaz

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (10 reviews)"

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  U.K Version is poor

| | See all Bull3tInc's reviews (1)

However the the U.S Remaster is lovely. Region free, and available from other river centric stockists ;) for about 6 quid delivered. Worth it if you want to see the film as intended. If you want the U.K look with the U.S disc, watch it with a pair of tights over your head.

Long Live The Dead Rabbits!!!

  Picture quality explained!

| | See all RobLocksley's reviews (2)

Picture quality! Two Stars
Movie! Four

The movie itself is a worthwhile to watch and you can read about that on the other reviews.

Some reviewers are wondering why people are complaining about picture quality. Let me explain some of the problems on this film.

1. Halos.
With sharpening the edges there is a gloria outlining each object in the film that contrasts with the background. Look at the characters and you will see there is something like a thin halo surrounding the figure.

2. Smearing.
Through the use of hefty DNR detail is lost and given a softer look.
Now this is something different people find either horrible or nice. Whilst DNR does reduce noise in the picture it does this at the expense of detail. As a long goer to movies before the digital times I am not offended by some grain in the picture, but I understand that some don't like it.

Doing a master for a DVD needs other enhancements than doing it for Blu-ray. The sharpening used here helps converting this to a pleasing picture for the DVD format, it gets more of a focused picture and people don't blend to much with the background. Also the DNR helps to reduce the amount of data that needs to be compressed for the DVD format and thus it can spend that on other more important stuff like faces.
But for blu-ray this kind of masters don't cut it. They need to be minimally abused by sharpening and Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) since the format does not need it as much as a DVD.

So there, I hope that clears it up some.

I will buy this movie again when they have re-released it with an updated Master.

  Shame about the sound

| | See all Philden's reviews (1)

If you already own this film on DVD and are thinking of buying a copy on blue ray DON'T save your money. The reason for this is the sound, its awful! I have just sat and watched this film for 2 hours 40 mins adjusting the volume throughout the whole film, one minute you can't hear what is being said the next the pictures on the wall are vibrating, having said that it is a great film.

  Good but Flawed

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

When Martin Scorsese the director of Goodfellas, Raging Bull, Casino, and Taxi Driver says that he is making his Dream Movie, then understandably a fans expectations are gonna be pretty high.
Unfortunately, as with most Hyped Up things, you are let down.
Gangs of New York is an epic movie and is a good watch, but is not a All Time Great movie.
Overall the film is okay, with a interesting story, but one that sometimes threatens to implode on itself.
I dread to imagine it without the Stunning Award Winning Central Performance by Daniel Day Lewis., who is the most watchable thing in the whole enterprise.
The film gets an extra Star on my review simply based on that performance.
I'm a big Leonardo Di Caprio fan, and he has made some truly great movies with and without Scorsese since Gangs of New York, but he is just plain average in this movie. Cameron Diaz is in my opinion miscast in her role.
One to watch and judge for yourself

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  Great Film Great Acting Great Picture= Great Blu Ray!

| | See all Chrisdb's reviews (47)

one of the most underated films of modern times as good as perhaps even better than the departed an amazing film, day lewis deserved the oscar and looks amazing in blu ray, and at this price you can't go wrong!!

  Go for the DVD instead...

| | See all NikolasFigaro's reviews (3)

Although slow-paced at certain points, the movie is definetely above average, even if it isn't Scorsese's finest hour. It depicts unknown elements of modern America's history, such as the New York ballot riots and simply for the histroical point of view it deserves a viewing.
But, the blu-ray version is horrible. Honestly, this is -by far- the worst transfer I have ever seen, and this is coming from someone with over 100 blu-rays in his collection. There is almost no difference from the standard def DVD version. A pity really, since a proper high definition transfer of the film would be a joy to behold.

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  don't trust negative review about pictures quality

| | See all heatmann's reviews (2)

I really don'y understand the mix reviews about this on . 1St off all , no need to talk any more about the movie itself , if you re interrested in th ebluray , it almost certainly means you love it and just want the best version . So yes once for all its an amazing masterpiece , final point.
This done what aboutthe bluray quality ?
Well , all extras fom the double dvd are still there and the dts track is really impressive.
Then about the picture quality , its really good , yeah froget al lthose so so review . If you have a decent tv then its just a joy .
Absolutly millions miles away from the dvd quality , its maybe not one off the best transfert ( like i am legend , dark knight ect.) but there is no major complain , its a solid hd image very clear , detailled and colorfull , and i have more than 150 bluray so i can compare with all sort off image.
And at 9.99 why still hesitate ?

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  good , But !

| | See all richiel's reviews (10)

I must admit that the picture quality on this movie is brilliant. Although half way through this movie i found that the sound went slightly out of sync which was very off putting. This film has a huge amount of dialogue. So its easier to see the faults. A great movie but out of sync sound does annoy.

  Possibly the most underrated film ever?

| | See all DonPaulos's reviews (2)

This film is such a great piece of entertainment. The characters are superb, especially William "the Butcher" Cutting who is based on a real life person. The script is well paced and the story is brutal, providing a great insight into the young New York and the people and cultures that built it.

I was eagerly awaiting its release on Blu-ray and i have to say the sound, colours and detail do enhance the experience. If you dont own it, you should, money very well spent.

  Gangs of new York Blu-Ray

| | See all Lcarius's reviews (1)

This film benfits from the blu ray format, colours are rich and textured. The detail in all shots is excellent, it realy shows the size of the sets. The extras were all present in the 2 disc dvd make it to this blu-ray. I would recommend this to any collector, its a good transfer of a great movie !!