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The Crow: Collector's Edition (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Brandon Lee, Ernie Hudson & Michael Wincott

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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  The Crow Lives!

| | See all Cockney2000's reviews (82)

A brilliant masterpeice and the picture isnt that bad. Brandon would have made his dad proud.

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  Victims Aren't We All

| | See all stjimmy1's reviews (5)

The Crow was one of my favourite films when I was growing up, I bought the DVD and it stopped working from the sheer amount of times that I watched it. So, I decided to upgrade and buy the blu-ray. The picture quality may not have changed much with the upgrade but you can't fault the story. A true 90s Classic. Alex Proyas is a genius and Brandon Lee is sadly missed. A lasting tribute to his tragically short life.

  It cant rain all the time

| | See all ImmortalUK's reviews (36)

This blu ray is actually quite good it may not be the best but it certainly looks a hell of a lot better than the dvd version. It looks full HD quality and it is very nice picture quality and the sound is awesome when youve got a surround sound system set up to the ps3. I also have a nice ps3 hdmi cable which makes the picture look fine to me I think the people who rated this blu ray badly are wrong it is a very nice blu ray conversion maybe not the best but it is awesome to me. I am glad I bought it now certainly is an improvement to dvd and was a reasonable price also has the extras and final brandon lee interview on the blu ray but it now it is awesome!

  Conversion! what conversion

| | See all LegoHand's reviews (2)

I recently bought this blu ray thinking that I had got a bargain. Unfortunately I couldn't be more wrong. This is without doubt the worst quality blu ray I have ever had the misfortune to witness. If you thought 28 Days Later and Gone in 60 Seconds were bad then prepare yourself for a shock, this makes them look good in comparison. To date it's the only blu ray I have found which doesn't even output at 1080P. Even at 720P it looks extremely rough. Don't waste your money, you would be better off with the DVD.

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  Excellent film, shame about blu-ray

| | See all hansieboy79's reviews (1)

Totally excellent film, ruined by an ordinary blu-ray conversion. This film would get 5 stars if it wasn't for the bad blu-ray quality. The film still seems fresh by today's standards, and it remains to be seen how big a star Brandon Lee would have become, if not for his tragic death. Nevertheless, this is a truly classic film, and regardless of how bad the blu-ray is, it is still an upgrade on the DVD.

  Masterpiece € Top 10 Personal Faves

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

A Classic Love Story, yep u read that right, the acting and direction make the movie a revenge story for love not just some comic book hero doing his thing for the sake of it, and that's why people love it so much, iv got loads of movies but theyr all kinda sitting there most of the time. this movie though i problee watched between 30 and 40 times in my late teens and early 20's. Now it's kinda hard to watch Brandon Lee in his signature role without feeling very sad about the potential he had, man he could have been huge. I mean he should have been nominated for an Oscar based on the fact that Depp got nominated for Pirates, Mr Miyagi from Karate Kid got nominated for the same movie and Jack Palance won an Oscar for City Slickers!! Brandon Lee's performance was much better than the ones mentioned. this is in my top 10 personal faves, not the top 10 faves that other critics and polls say. There's just something very special, uplifting, sad and romantic about this movie, maybe evrione wont get it, maybe to some it will be just another movie where the good guy beats up the bad guys, but to me it's always gonnna be special.

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  Dark, Moody and still a class movie

| | See all MANIB81's reviews (147)

This is still a great movie from the first time I saw it back in 1994. Brandon Lee wasn't a major star like his father (Bruce Lee) but he gave an exceptional performance in The Crow.
The Blu ray transer is not bad but the extras are the same as the DVD Edition.
This is still worth getting on Blu ray as it is a classic!!

  Brandon Lee Rocks

| | See all englandcraig22's reviews (37)

I love this film so I had to buy it on blu ray. Picture quality is better than dvd but only just. I give it four stars because the film is brilliant and brandon lee is awesome as eric draven.

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  Something to Crow about.

| | See all Valentinian's reviews (62)

The Crow is a superb film full of imagination, visual flare and style with a great rock soundtrack. Brandon Lee, while not the greatest actor, is wonderfully brooding as the unstoppable vigilante raised from the dead to avenge his murdered wife. However, the Blu-ray transfer isn`t a great improvement over the standard DVD and the extras are exactly the same, so you have to decide whether to upgrade for a small improvement in picture quality. In my opinion, it`s still a worthwhile investment for the money being asked for such a visually influential movie which still stands alone above it`s imitators.