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Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs: Diamond Edition - Combi Pack (2 Blu-Ray & DVD) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Adriana Caselotti, Harry Stockwell & Lucille La Verne

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: Universal Suitable for All

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Customer Reviews

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  classic disney

| | See all awesomecity's reviews (987)

this has been cleaned up very well for the blu ray release. i thought it was a beautiful revamp of a classic disney tale. it would have been that little bit more perfect in widescreen.

  The Classic first Disney that will blow you away on Blu-ray

| | See all swartzy's reviews (82)

Disney's first masterpiece transcends onto Blu-Ray immaculately with fantastic picture and sound...The 1939 classic looks like modern day with a fantastic idea that Disney gives as an option in Disney view which I found very impressive i.e. the 4:3 image is turned into widescreen via artwork on each side of the screen that changes to blend into the surrounding background as the animation progresses to the end.... The 7.1 channel surround sound is a big improvement over the mono soundtrack and the extras include some innovative kids games... Soon to be put in the vaults and no longer be available grab this classic of Snow White and the loveable dwarfs in the tale of good against evil told in a way that only Disney knows how... every child's dream.... Breathtaking blu-ray highly recommended....

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  My fave older disney and it still looks amazing !

| | See all GandalfTheGinger's reviews (11)

I cant believe it was 80 years ago this came out, disney have done a fantastic transfer, Ive compared the recent DVD and the colours on bluray look so much better. Kudos to disney as well for sorting out the ugly black side borders with gorgeous artwork, dumbo as well has this, I was so annoyed with wizard of oz (ugly black borders on sides) - Now this is BOGOF you have no excuse, buy this today with dumbo or whatever takes your fancy !

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  No Cardboard Sleeve

| | See all themoviebuff's reviews (2)

Just got this & Dumbo through the post, but a little disapointed that they both did not come with the cardboard sleeves? I know it's very trivial put the blu-rays do look alot better with the sleeves over the cases, other than that both films perfect in every way sooo much better than the previous dvd incarnations in both picture & sound. Both highly recommended even if you do own the original DVD's. Get them now while they are buy 1 get 1 free.

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  Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

| | See all KidbrookeGarry's reviews (6)

This is a brilliant transfer with a stunning picture. Nothing has been cropped but Disney have added splendid water colours to remove the black bars down the sides of the film if watched on a wide screen tv. My only bug bear is that I can't seem to access the gallery's? Anybody else have this problem? I've tried it on several blu-ray players but it makes no difference. Any suggestions anyone?

  snow white on blu ray

| | See all freddyknives's reviews (13)

Fab transfer much better than the dvd as close as you can get to the film cell sounds fab to but the art gallerys are missing from this title as was in the collectors title back in 2000 collectors edition dvd just thought disney would've put more effort into this bluray apart from that the bluray is fab

  this movie captured the imagination of many generations.

| | See all rbmusicman's reviews (896)

all those years ago several artist's were set a task to put this story onto the silver-screen, thousands of drawings lovingly prepared, in 'black and white' a ground-breaking inovation was about to amaze the millions of 'cinema' goers...'COLOUR'
the team of artist's at 'disney' then set about colouring in their drawings...which gave us the film many of us grew-up with and still watch to this day.
that is the 'magic' that the late 'walt disney' brough to our screens in the shape of films like this one along with 'bambi' 'cinderella' 'peter pan' 'dumbo' 'lady and the tramp' and more, these films continue to stand the test of time, entertaining generation after generation.
as mentioned earlier this film along with 'iconic' and 'legendary' movies such as 'gone with the wind' and 'the wizard of oz' ( all three are now available to buy on this format by the way ) truly set the standard that films that followed could only aspire to equall, they were probably the three most watched 'classic's' of all time.
i feel sure that there are not to many people out there that have not seen at least one of those three films if not all.
'snow white' has the usual mix ( in early 'disney' films ) of easily remembered songs, plenty of humour, especially the a\ttention to detail regarding the little quirk's of each of the seven dwarfs, plenty of charming little creatures joining in along with the 'good' versus 'evil' story-line....it really is a film of great 'cinematic' history and remains a must-see 'movie' for all youngster's along with those of us not-so-young that still admire the old 'disney' classics such as this.
i think 'walt disney' would look upon this era with this technology with some excitement, and would i'm sure be very pleased with the 'blu-ray' presentation of this delightful film.
the screen size of course shows the film as it was intended to be seen with the technology available all those years ago.

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  When Disney still kept the magic alive.

| | See all Bentendo's reviews (4)

For a complete digital restoration, I only currently own Pinocchio... which, like Snow White, is shown in 4:3 and not 16:9. However, to do this, the film would have to be cropped, and therefore would be missing the top and bottom of the image throughout. DVD copies aren't widescreen, just a stretched 4:3 image done by your TV. Bluray discs have the ability to adjust the image for you.

Think about it... you're expecting people to create work for widescreen from 75-80 years ago? Be realistic.

As for Snow White, this is a bluray I was at first skeptical about. However, after seeing the work and effort put into Pinocchio and it's features... I shall be purchasing this as soon as possible.

An era when Disney were still keeping the Magic alive, instead of relying on Pixar to do this for them.

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  Where's The Rest of it ?

| | See all martinoxley's reviews (4)

First of all i cant fault the picture and sound on this disc it is fantastic and looks probably better than its original cinema release over 70 years ago and to answer the previous review if they had made it wide screen it would have lost 1/3 of the picture and disney had complaints when they did that so they stoped it .
No my problem is with the criminal lack of extras on this diamond edition.
Having flicked through the extra disc there is only about an hour (i dont count commentrys or games) and a bout 25 mins of this was on the dvd version.
The platinum dvd version i have has over 190 mins (3hrs 10 mins) on disc two alone of stunning extras along with the digitaly remastered film and more on disc one .
So if you have the platinum dvd version and a small screen tv you will probably be best keeping to the dvd but if you need it for the film i suggest you do what i have to and try to get a 4 disc blu-ray box and keep the secound bonus feature disc from the dvd .
5 Stars for the film
2 Stars for the extras


| | See all green4head's reviews (6)

Fantastic transfer, looks and sounds beautiful.
Oh and for the benefit of the poster below, Snow White was produced in a full frame ratio, widescreen versions have been cropped. Here you are getting the FULL picture