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Inglourious Basterds: Limited Edition (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Brad Pitt, Diane Kruger & Mélanie Laurent

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (27 reviews)"

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  Excellent - Tarantino is the Real Deal

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

Quentin Tarintino proves with this movie that he is a true Film Making genius, not just wannabe hack who got lucky with a couple of movies.
The way the stories are told in this movie and the tension in some of the scenes just cant be faked.
A few of the scenes were so tense, I felt I almost needed to pause the film just so I could prepare for the inevitable.
Ther are long scenes of cat and mouse dialogue in the film, but they are so well written, that you become totally engrossed.
My only niggle is, that I am not sure how some of the more suspenseful scenes will hold up under repeat viewings.
The acting is Exceptional by all involved.
Highly recommended

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  Struggled a little....

| | See all adamk69's reviews (119)

4 and a half stars please... I so wanted to give this 5 stars for all the right reasons. For much of the movie is a tour de-force of how it should be done, and so originally filmed and performed brilliantly by a very capable cast. The opening scene was a lesson in characterisation and movie suspense perfection, but there was just one or 2 scenes that dragged on a bit too far and took the edge of the suspense by starting to be boring and frustrating. I think it was poor judgment in the final cut as opposed to bad acting or scripting but otherwise it is a must see and will probably make it into the collection. As I said, for all the right reasons. Good HD sound and decent enough transfer too.

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  A future classic.

| | See all MacDeez555's reviews (1)

I took my wife (no fan of Tarantino) to see this film in the cinema and she loved it and she didnt even complain of it being too long. She particularly loved the creepy german guy (Col. Landa). The cinema scene was funnier (in parts) to us than most recent comedies.
This has to be one of the best films released this year (2009), not because it is a Tarantino movie but because of what he does with the material. The sum is definitely greater than the parts and it would take too long to identify all that he does.
There are many references to the war classics (as in the cinema scene which used background music taken from Kellys Heroes) but he subverts the entire genre. In this film it is us (the brits and the yanks) that are the bad guys. Its not overt, but all the clever and brave characters are german. This is the opposite of a film like Where Eagles Dare where none of the germans notice Burton and Eastwood in the tavern. The scene is brilliantly recreated in this film but with a more likely outcome.
Tarantino knows the genre and loves it but he uses the obvious absurdities (such as german soldiers cant shoot and the officers are pompous and stupid) to very good effect. This film may not become the social reference point that Kill Bill or Pulp Fiction have, however it will probably acquire a cult following.

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| | See all sdx800's reviews (1725)

This was an awesome film, 2 and a half hours of pure 100% tarantino GOLD. lots and lots of awesome dialogue and nasty bloody nazi killing. the story is simple and sweet, its a very interesting point of view thats for sure, the cast is first class as always, brad pitt was awesome, and eli roth was great too as the bear jew. this was a long film and if your not too much into war movies you may get tired of the long subtitled scenes, but if your a tarantino fan then you know what to expect, this is another genre that tarantino has cracked and shows that there is nothing he cant do.

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  'a 'tarantino' classic-in-waiting'

| | See all rbmusicman's reviews (896)

do you know what, the film is so 'way-out' ....it's actually pretty good.
maybe the best thing 'quentin tarantino' has done so far ?
the film itself contains glimses of a warped reality from 'world war '2' along with a measure of 'grap[hic' violence, and of course much 'tongue -in -cheek' humour.
the story ? ....a novel and of course fictional early end to the war, prior to which 'a hit-squad' are placed in occupied 'france' around the time of the 'normandy' landings, task.....to kill as many 'german's' as they can.
as i say the film is pretty entertaining to watch, and is no question 'worth a spin'

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  Didn't live up to the hype for me

| | See all MikeyB72's reviews (48)

Title says it all really.
Dont get me wrong , I enjoyed the movie but not as much as Pulp or Kill Bill.
To be honest , the subtitles were annoying me a bit as some of the back ground meant that you couldn't make out the yellow lettering quickly enough and the titles do move at a fair old pace as does the German language.

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| | See all lukeoosthuizen's reviews (1)

Classic Tarantino. Awesome gore and great action, keeping the supreme savvy that makes a film into a Tarantino film.

As for the quality, the blu ray is great... no complaints towards the picture or sound quality.

With this limited edition, small novel postcards are included. They're actually pretty cool if you like that kind of stuff. Also you get a kind of mini featurette called "Nation's pride" which also a cool little novelty.

All in all i would say film is another great Tarantino classic that must be watched.

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  10 words necessary to describe this film

| | See all JessYplay's reviews (1)

Genious, Genious, Genious, Genious, Genious, Genious, Genious, Genious, Genious, Genious

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  A cult classic but very unbalanced

| | See all likster's reviews (2)

I do believe Tarantino does consider audiences, THAT READ! Complaining about use of subtitles in a film where people in a foreign country are speaking their own language is pathetic! Its from the language they use that you can see the manerisms of a culture that contributes to their character and how they express things, providing you can read, subtitles are just there to let you know whats being said. Otherwise you get "Allo, Allo!" I would say the great characters introduced apart from "Lander" aren't given enough time to show their stuff, unlike in Pulp Fiction. Could have been great done as a 6 part T.V epic to fit all that in up to the climax, as 2 hours or so in one go just isn't enough to fit everything in and the pace suffers. Makes you think about it a lot after watching though. Not for any profound meaning, just the curious idea of making up world war 2 like a 15 year old handing in a history assignment on the subject and crossing his fingers, having made it up that morning over breakfast having never looked at a text book! A good idea without room to grow.

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