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The Road (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Charlize Theron, Viggo Mortensen & Guy Pearce

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (34 reviews)"

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  Grim and grimmer

| | See all TheJournalist's reviews (6)

This film starts grim and only really gets grimmer, right until the very end. Switching it off at the end was like waking up from a very long and protracted bad dream, devoid of all hope and human decency. Yes, it's an accurate picture of the depths to which the human race would sink in an apocalyptic scenario, but by God it's heavy viewing. If you're looking to buy this film hoping that there's a happy or even hopeful ending you'll be disappointed. The reason I give two stars is for a decent set of acting performances, but I would never, ever trouble to watch it again.

  Good Watch

| | See all sdh963's reviews (164)

Great film for "what it is". A grimy and gritty realistic depiction of the dark and the light side of human beings, when placed in peril.

You don't need sky scraper high tidal waves or asteroids crashing in to Earth to create a disaster movie. If you want a film like that there is one released every year.

This film is just a tale of one man and his son trying to survive a long trek to the coast to get away from the despair of inland, with the faint hope there will be some form of a better life.

Performances are superb and there are some tear jerking scenes.

What really pleased me about this film is that it did the book justice.

Be warned... it is grim, it is slow, but it is probably how it would be if the world did end.

  The Road

| | See all Rikkii's reviews (2)

This film is so utterly dreadful I can remember where I was when I saw it - seared forever in my mind is the pitiful and painful loss of those two hours.

Storyline: For some unknown reason the world appears to be dying. Father and son decide to head for the coast, with only one bullet in their gun to ward off all manner of miscreants and cannibals. You'll soon wish the father used the bullet on his son, as the whinning "Papa ... " quickly grates on your nerves.

I was hoping the final scene would show "Papa" being roasted on a bar-be on the beach - a far better ending than the real thing.

Do something more worthwhile with your money than buying this film on DVD - like flushing it directly down the toilet.

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  The YAWN!

| | See all Andy17171's reviews (1)

Not since 'The Blair Witch Project' have i felt so utterly dissapointed and depressed after watching a film. I have no doubt that some of the performances were stella (i'm a Viggo fan), however, I endured the full length film, on my own, and mourned the 2 hours of my life i will never get back... in all honesty, it took 2 days to snap myself out of the pit of depression this film sank me in!!!

Unless that was the goal of the film??? if so ROCK ON!! it worked.

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  A True Marmite Movie

| | See all Flodd72's reviews (1)

Love it or hate it, you cant deny it isn't moving or thought provoking. I've never left a review before but after seeing some numbnut above recomending The Book Of Eli over this I felt I had to.

Book Of Eli is to The Road what a cheesestring is to finest mature cheddar.

In closing, deserves to be watched more than once.

  Slow, Moody and Rewarding

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

The Road is a hard movie to watch. It takes its time to get going and is a pretty Grim Tale.
Saying that though I found it to be Engaging, Thoughtful and Sad.
Its about trying to survive in Extreme Circumstances and protect and live for those we love, all with a bit of Dignity.
Its not a great film, not something I would rush to watch again, but I am glad I did watch it.
The acting was Splendid across the board, Viggo Mortensen gives one of his best performances so far, and the Kid was very good.
The Legend that is Robert Duvall, was just Amazing as usual and Charlie Therzon leaves a mark in a small role.

On a slightly different not this movie seems to be getting some strange reviews.
The people who are not liking the film seem to be expecting some sort of Action movie.
This is not a Post Apocalyptic Action move like I Am Legend. This is not Friday Night Laughs and Entertainment.
Sometimes you need to know what type of film you are about to watch, and The Road is one of them.

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  Unoriginal scenario, no purpose, slow

| | See all Route55's reviews (5)

I've broken my leg and been watching a few films over the past 4 weeks. It may have been a good book. well acted and cinematography but I found it slow. I dozed off a few times so may have missed some vital dialogue, but I couldn't understand why they were travelling and what they expected to get when they go there. "The Book Of Eli" makes far better viewing of the post-apocalypse scenario.

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  nice film!

| | See all chicco0's reviews (115)

i agree with some people that this film can be classed as a depressing movie.but look beyond that and feel the pain that father and son are going through to survive.give it a go.
this blu ray version is ok but because its a "grey" movie it really dosent do it justice.

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  Best adaptation from a book ever...

| | See all Surfcrazymonkey's reviews (2)

Having read and loved the book, written with a style and poise just not found in novels nowadays I was unwilling to tarnish my opinion by watching this film.
I couldn't have been more wrong!
Although bits have been changed (the role of the mans wife for example) the film is essentially a straight adaptation from the book. Whole chunks of dialogue are identical and that really makes a change from the usual crud found in hollywood movies. Yes its a depressing film but thats the whole point - you don't watch a film like this for laughs. And beneath the grey exterior is a story of love and family thats enough to warm any heart!
Its a brilliant, and more impressively, realistic portrayal of a father struggling to look after his son in a world falling apart and a film that i can't recommend highly enough.

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