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Harry Brown (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer & Liam Cunningham

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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| | See all MattCavalli's reviews (13)

Harry Brown is one fine piece of filmmaking. The title role, of Harry Brown, is done amazingly well by the one and only, Michael Caine, who is unfortunately residing in a run down council estate full of teenagers and gang members who happen to mess with the wrong man!

The story follows Harry Brown's quest for revenge after some of the youths from the estate kill his best friend and find the people who are responsible, while dealing with the loss of his wife as well. Although the story does seem a little far fetched, once watching you will see that the film is made in a realistic way and highlights a lot of problems that are plaguing London and other areas of the UK right now.

This is one of the best British films of recent times, and one of the most realistic too, making it a must watch. If your not planning on watching it for the story or the subject, just watch it for Michael Caine's performance, as it has to be one of the best of his amazing career.

  Hard Hitting Caine

| | See all philboy4's reviews (152)

A very very good film looking at the gangs in central london and what deverstation they cause on people. Caine plays Harry Brown an ex-marine who is trying to live a peacefl life on a gang ridden estate with his with who is terminally ill in hospital. After her death he has only one thing left his best friend Leonard. He is being harrased by the gangs and son is murdered by them, police not wanting to help or believe his storey he take a brutal and horrific revenge on the ones that did this. This is a very hard hitting reality/drama film with an ecellent performance from Michael Caine. IT is violent and very graphic but it is still a must have.

  He's still got it

| | See all minimoney's reviews (8)

Michael Caine still performing as good as ever, in this moving and deep film, you follow an old fella in a rough area of London and witness the troubles he encounters, you won't want to leave the sofa as Harry Brown gets his own back on the disrespectful youths of his neighbourhood by any means necessary, a definate movie needed in the collection.

  A Tough Man for Tough Times

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

Miichael Caine delivers another Memorable Performance in this Gritty Urban Revenge Thriller.
The film falls in somewhere between Death Wish and the more recent Gran Torino.
Harry Brown and the other 2 movies both deal with vigilantism, and I guess the appeal is watching a bunch of low lives, who having terrified people and escaped punishment through the authorities, getting exactly what they deserve.
Even though this movie was a bit graphic and unsettling in its depiction of violence, I was content to watch it, because the scenarios presented were all pretty real, most of which appear in the News everyday.
Good movie, with a Great Performance

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  The film of 2009

| | See all DougieTurtle's reviews (4)

I was being subjected to Saw VI, as my girlfriend is a fan of that series. I had little to no interest in what I was about to watch - then the trailers came on and I saw the trailer for Harry Brown for the first time.

I knew nothing about the film - I had never heard of it. I knew when I saw that trailer that I had to see the movie... and it didn't dissapoint when the release date rolled around. The film may seem slow, but it takes it's time to establish the world that Harry Brown lives in... and it's a little too similar to the real world for comfort.

Caine gives an incredible performance... possibly the performance of his career... and it is this, coupled with the fact that the film takes time to establish itself and it's characters that lends credence to a plot that could otherwise seem rediculous.

There's not a weak performance in the film - which manages to be a morality tale, an examination of modern society and an awesome Revenge-Death-Wish-Style movie. It's pretty much perfect, and in my opinion was the best film released in 2009.

The disc is a little low on extras - this would normally bother me. We do get some interviews (not that interesting) and a great commentary track. But in this case, I can let the lack of extras slide - buy this disc for the movie. Nothing else really matters - it is truly excellent.

  Remarkably impressive 'pensioner goes death-wish' thriller

| | See all benminx's reviews (73)

I went into this movie expecting a very depressing, grimy british thriller. And in a way I got it. But what I also got was above average writing and excellent performances. Caine's Brown is a very believable older man - a tired war veteran who just wants to quietly live his days in peace. Unfortunately he and his best friend are surrounded by the kind of violent Chavs who make Crimewatch look like the Darling Buds of May, and when his best friend is killed, Harry decides to arm himself for his protection. It's from this point that the film spirals very believably into a violent descent of revenge and punishment, each event leading inevitably to the next. The performances are captivating, from Caine's sensitive, multi-layered and surprisingly frail pensioner, all the way to a believable monster of a gun-trafficker, and a burningly intense performance from the young lead as a gang-leader without a conscience or a heart. Altogether a shocking flame of a movie that will burn bright after you've seen it.

  Could have been great, but not quite!

| | See all bellydancer's reviews (20)

Loved this movie but its big flaw is the editing. The first half of the movie is spent building the characters but then speeds up like its trying to get to the end as fast as possible. As a result you feel something is missing once the movie is over.. The pace is all over the place which spoiled what could have been a classic... In my opinion there were to many characters to focus on and as a result it never explored their fully potential....but it is still worth seeing!!!

  Michael Caine is brilliant

| | See all Littlejosephine's reviews (21)

This isn't an easy watch, but is a brilliant film. Some of the scenes are very shocking but Michael Caine is absolutely brilliant in it.

  Powerful, Violent, Gripping

| | See all noelm77's reviews (6)

Brillant cast, modern day classic, this film has everything Michael cain what can i say, still a top actor.