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Harry Brown (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer & Liam Cunningham

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  You Failed To Maintain Your Weapon, Son!

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This film addresses the very present-day issues that are violent behaviour and injustice in our allegedly civilised nation. Sir Michael Caine plays a retired Royal Marine living in "The Elephant and Castle" district of South London. To some degree Gran Torino will spring to mind as a similar film, but there all similarities will end as the Clint Eastwood film confronts the issue from the perspective of racism, while the realism of Harry Brown cannot but make us aware of our flawed individualistic society.

The casting is wonderful and the thugs that petrify the local community are utterly believable. But from start to finish this is Caine's movie. He plays his part with enormous suffering. We feel genuinely sorry for him as, his wife and, then, his only best mate Leonard Attwoll dies leaving him quietly tormented and then incredibly angry as he learns that his best friend's death was contemptuously filmed on a mobile phone to the complement of inconsiderate laughter.

The brutality of this movie is scorching and really appalling at times. The riot scene is totally believable, which is difficult to achieve on a fairly low budget film but positively hits the right chords. It plays a significant role in undermining the effectiveness of the police and presenting them as the ineffective and uncaring force that director, Daniel Barber was keen to highlight.

On top of this, living in a city of chaos, drugs, juvenile and capital crime, Harry is visited by the police informing him of Leonard Attwoll's murder and that the likelihood of bringing anyone to trial was next to implausible.

Filled with fear, rage and despair Harry finds himself filling his anger with a quest for vengeance, and decides to keep track of the street gangs by posing as a businessman trading in illegal guns.

This story depicts the critical environment in which the unlucky few attempt to survive the anger, the fear and the injustice, which predictably feed the criminal minds creating anarchy and pillaging our human race. This film is not only worthy of an Oscar, but most importantly, worth your attention. If you enjoy high-quality cinema and an idealistic debate, then you will most definitively appreciate this genuine perspective on humanity!

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Very brutal, very powerful and very realistic film, deals with a subject im sure everybody has an opinion on! The film is very well directed and the story is paced out very well, its the ultimate revenge movie! As Harry takes the law into his own hands your practically hoping he succeeds in every way! Great performances from the entire cast, a must watch film, British film making at its best!

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  Dirty Harry in London

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Sir Michael Caine is Harry Brown... a former Army man, trying to survive in the jungle. The "punks" that Uncle Clint loved to shoot in Dirty Harry were no angels... but they are choirboys compared to the criminals Harry Brown depicts with such a realism that you're wondering if you're watching a movie or living a nightmare.
Forget all you think you know about London... this side of London, you wish you had never seen it existed until Harry Brown catches speed, rhythm.
Michael Caine gives yet another magnificent performance and his vigilante character has not to blush compared to Dirty Harry.
Where Harry Brown differs from Dirty Harry is in the realism of the scenario, and the complete lack of humor. (with a few exceptions)
That's the only downside... it is really a HEAVY movie and you won't be unmoved.
The Harry Palmer series are cartoons for kindergarten kids compared to Harry Brown, while Dirty Harry though considered violent and brutal back in the days is a drive in the park on a sunny Summer afternoon.
Be prepared for blood, true realism, raw violence, guts splattered on your telly but don't close your eyes anymore...the world depicted in Harry Brown does exist. Gangs of hardened criminals barely 18 is a sad reality and you wish there were more Harry Browns around.

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  To Them Out There This Is Just Entertainment

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A towering performance from Michael Caine who shows throughout what brilliant, understated character acting is in every scene whether he's plugging hoodies with a nine or simply getting out of bed. Unfortunately when the focus switches to the police in an attempt to flesh out the thugs' backgrounds and give the film some social comment it really doesn't need the film loses drive and focus, Emily Mortimer in particular being given so little to work with that she just looks bemused most of the time. As a modern western with a legendary actor its great but as an indictment of modern society its simplistic and far from insightful. The blu is hardly reference material but I suspect the grey/green murkiness is the director's choice and the extras are worth a look

  Gritty, Brutal & Cool.

| | See all Dirtfish's reviews (475)

Harry Brown (2009) is a dark and violent British drama starring Michael Caine and Emily Mortimer. The plot revolves around an elderly ex-serviceman (Caine) and his battle with the local teenage yobs.

He may be 77-years-old but in this movie Sir Michael Caine once again proves he's one of the best and coolest actors ever. Caine is completely convincing as the tough pensioner cleaning up his neighbourhood and he hasn't been this scary since Get Carter.

First time director Daniel Barber also deserves a lot of credit. The movie is very dark and gritty but Barber has an eye for visuals and building up the tension. There's nice support from Mortimer and the rest of the cast who include a mixture of actors and real life street kids.

The blu-ray looks pretty amazing. The visuals are clear and crisp and there's some nice extras including a great commentary from director Barber and his leading man Caine.

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  'micheal caine' = QUALITY performance.

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this really is one of the best 'brit' movies i've seen for some while.
after the brutal killing of his best friend 'harry' ( micheal caine ) sets out to serve justice on the culprits after it becomes obvious the police couldn't bring a murder charge for the killing.
the estate is ruled by 'yobs' and dealers, the residents not involoved in crime live in fear......however 'harry' is so incensed by the loss of his friend....he'll stop at nothing despite his ageing years.
this really is a gritty drama which i regret to say does relate an element of reality in todays world.
'micheal caine' has graced our screens with distinction for many years, i remember with fondness his first 'major' role in the timeless classic 'zulu' and of course his more recent efforts as 'batman's' loyal butler.....great roles, as is this.

  A British Gran Torino

| | See all dmasonxx's reviews (7)

Firstly, SQUIDWURT is being rather shortsighted in his review, when saying this isn't like Gran Torino purely because it has more violence. Firstly, the viewer is made aware early on that these men served in the military and had a violent past. 2) Both men had lost their wives and have very little in current life that they can relate to. 3) Both men have to deal with gangs right outside their homes. 4) Revenge is a theme of both movies, although played out in different ways.

SQUIDWURT is right when he says Harry Brown has more violence. However, Gran Torino also has lots of racist language, so im not sure if its one that you could sit down with your kids to watch like he says.

Harry Brown is a superb film, and if your living in the UK many parts of it will ring true for you. While it does have many of the same themes as Gran Torino, it is a very good movie in its own right and doesn't feel like a rip-off in anyway. It is very bleak, but also has heart. Michael Caine is superb as Harry Brown, playing both the hardened military man and fragile pensioner flawlessly.

This is a tense thriller and well worth having in your DVD collection.

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| | See all SQUIDWURT's reviews (30)

I dont know why people are billing this like gran torino its like 90% more violence - you can sit down and watch gran torino with the family whereas you wouldnt sit down and watch death wish with the family - its almost 100% death wish! caine is in top form & i cant wait to see the blu-ray!!!

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  GREAT from Britain

| | See all Matt6454's reviews (1)

saw this film in the cinema and it was the best film of 09'. Can't wait to get my copy on day of release,one of the best british films alongside bullet boy, kiddulthood and adulthood.it just doesn't get any better then this!

  superb film

| | See all Dwarfy's reviews (8)

i wernt too sure about this film before i went to watch it, i was proved wrong, the film is just awesome. Yes its similar to Gran torino and to be honest i would take Gran torino over this but i would not take anything away from harry brown. deff the best british film of the year if not for a long time

great acting from caine......Well worth getting 5/5 :)