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Surrogates (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Bruce Willis, James Francis Ginty & Rosamund Pike

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Virtual Life vs Real Life?

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

An effective and certainly action filled sci-fi tale from the director and writers of 'Terminator 3'.

In the future, humans live via robotic surrogates which go out into the world for them. When two surrogates are destroyed and their connected operators also die - which should be impossible thanks to failsafes - it falls to two FBI agents (Bruce Willis and Rahda Mitchell) to investigate what seems to be the impossible. In the process, discovering a much greater conspiracy than they first thought.

On the downside the film is pretty derivative in places (and strongly reminded me of 'I, Robot' at times, not helped by the presence of James Cromwell as the inventor of the robotic technology at the heart of the film) and the conspiracy is a little obvious, but overall there are enough interestings thoughts and questions hinted at and also more directly covered by the central idea of what might happen if we all could live a virtual life. The performances by Willis and Mitchell (and also Rosamund Pike as Willis' wife) also work well and the action sequences are well choreographed.

And, at 85 minutes long - it's totally easy to watch!


| | See all Quiggan's reviews (166)

In the not too distant future, billions of people experience life from the safety of their own homes by linking into perfect robot surrogates via a computer headset. Their surrogates go to work for them, party for them and generally do anything the controller wishes.

For many, using surrogates is a godsend - allowing crippled people to walk, for example - and if the surrogate machines are in any way damaged or destroyed, their controllers can simply purchase another model.

Yet some people disdain this new technology, believing it robs people of their very Human essence. Known as Dreads, this dissident faction has set up a safe zone, a Humans only reserve in Boston, and is lead by an outspoken leader known as The Prophet (VING RHIMES).

When Boston FBI Agents Greer (BRUCE WILLIS) and Peters (RADHA MITCHELL) are called in to investigate a homicide, it soon becomes apparent that something is very wrong. An assassin is stalking the city, a cold killer using an unknown weapon of such magnitude that is not only disables surrogates but immediately kills their users despite all the computer failsafe mechanisms in place. The latest victim just happens to be the son of renowned - and now disgraced - Doctor Lionel Canter (JAMES CROMWELL), the brilliant scientist who developed the notion of robot surrogates.

As Greer and Peters delve deeper into the mystery they soon realise that nobody is who they seem and trust is in short supply. In a race against time before the killer strikes again, they will travel the length of Boston from the Dreads Quarter to the very echelons of power with unseen dangers lurking at every turn.

I found SURROGATES an enjoyable film to watch and despite being based on a successful Graphic Novel, there is plenty of influence from the likes of PHILIP K DICK here too. Indeed, the film reminded me of the hit I, ROBOT and CROMWELL plays an almost identical role in both. All the cast are good in their roles - although RHIMES has little screen time for such an important character - and the purposeful lack of futuristic technology is a bonus as it does not distract from the story.

Extra Features include four deleted scenes (running in at 6 minutes), two quite short but informative Making Of programmes (at 14 minutes and 6 minutes respectively), a 3 minute Music Video and audio commentary from Director, JONATHAN MOSTOW.

Anybody wishing to see an intelligent psychological Sci-Fi thriller will find SURROGATES worthy viewing!

  Great Fun!

| | See all londonboi's reviews (48)

This movie has come in for some serious flack - when actually it's rather good. Ok, there are similarities to 'I Robot' & 'I Am Legend', but there is nothing new under the sun - its all been done before. What holds this together is the superb performances, esp from Mr. Willis. It's different, original, beautifully filmed & directed. Great action & SX sequences are impressive. What will linger in your mind is the amazing final scene....PQ is an exemplary 5*, as you would expect from a brand new release - but then all blu-rays are not the same. AQ too earns 5*. Its cool, escapist entertainment, with strong performances, gripping storyline & superlative action...Not to be taken too SERIOUSLY. Recommended!

  A Little Bit Mediocre.

| | See all Dirtfish's reviews (475)

Surrogates (2009) is an action sci-fi thriller starring Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell, Rosamund Pike and Ving Rhames.

This movie is based on a graphic novel and there are some interesting ideas but unfortunately the movie also suffers from being a little silly.

To be fair Willis does a decent job in the lead role and is well supported by Mitchell, Pike and Rhames. Director Jonathan Mostow (Terminator 3) is also very capable at delivering decent action sequences.

Its not that Surrogates is a bad movie, in fact at times its pretty exciting. Its just that there's nothing particularly outstanding to distinguish this movie from a run of the mill sci-fi thriller.

Unfortunately this is all just a bit mediocre.

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  Good quality picture, bad quality film

| | See all Barney256's reviews (1)

I truthfully found this film to be rubbish.

It lazily leans on every science fiction convention ever made; what it means to be human, dystopian futures, playing God, among hints of many others.

I know hundreds of films use these conventions, its what makes them part of science fiction. But the way they were used in Surrogates is just so transparent that I found myslef naming the different aspects whilst watching it.

Films such as Moon and Blade Runner use the exact same formula, but you won't be thinking that through the first time you watch them. Surrogates just feels like a film that was made for the sake of being made, nothing new is expressed or created here.

Decent enough acting by all means, super standard, but the script makes no attempt to mask or encode the messages that are at the heart of a science fiction film. That is part of the fun, realising what is implied by the idea of having a second body, such as in Blade Runner, it questions your humanity. When you discover that people arn't necessarily human in Blade Runner or Moon, something goes off in your head, like you have solved a puzzle.

Surrogates just blerts all of this info at you from the begining, not even a hint of hidden meaning. In conclusion, the quality of picture sound etc is great, but what a bad film.

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| | See all Gallear's reviews (30)

Bruce willis as always a great actor never fails always does a great film very good story similar to that of I Robot, very futuristic remindes me of ghost in the shell not as good but same idea very good compelling story well worth buying 5 out of 5 excellent

  ' a peek into our future ? '

| | See all rbmusicman's reviews (896)

imagine a world where you live your life through the eyes of a surrogate.
the story tells of an investigation into a murder of the 'surrogate' inventors son by killing the 'surrogate' with a weapon that had been withdrawn from use because of the concequences of it's use.
when investigating f.b.i officer replicant is destroyed, the agent played by 'bruce willis' decides to do the job himself against his superiors instructions.
it does take a while to get going but is an enjoyable 'romp' when it does.
'bruce willis' continues to entertain in his 'familar' action 'role's'


| | See all rj05241's reviews (10)

All the audio tracks
English - DTS 5.1 HD
Spanish - DTS 5.1
French - DTS 5.1
English Auto described - Dolby 2.0

all the subtitles:
Spanish, English, English for the hearing impaired, french, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finish, Icelandic, Portugues, Arabic

Audio commentary
Deleted scenes (5:15 minutes)
Music video by Breaking Benjamin
2 documentaries (both together about 21 minutes)

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| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

Bruce Willis is back at what he does best in this slick and pretty cool action sci-fi film, the film has a fairly original story with some cool stuff going on, it takes parts of a few other films like I Robot and Gamer and mixes in allot of other original ideas too, the pace of the film is good and has a great supporting cast. Surrogates is certainly worth checking out if you love a bit of quality sci-fi storytelling and or if your a big Bruce Willis fan! The picture quality on the blu-ray is also pretty good, not one of the best but sharp enough!

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  Very watchable movie

| | See all benno14's reviews (77)

Caught this on the plane back from Thailand. Good film, clever plot. Not perfect, but Bruce Willis is great and a good cast. The world uses surrogates to create perfect visual representations of themselves, who lead their lives at work and in public, while the actual person lives as a recluse at home. A murder leads Bruce Willis, a cop to investigate and unravel a plot involving police corruption. I can't comment on the blu ray, but this is well worth a rent. Not sure I would buy.

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