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Cop Out (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan & Michelle Trachtenberg

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  Properly titled

| | See all RJNeb2's reviews (703)

"Cop out" is exactly what noted indie writer-director Smith has made here, his first major studio movie, as this must surely rank as one of the unfunniest buddy comedy movies of all time. Don't even bother with the plot - the Lethal Weapon films got there first - but if you must insist on watching this obnoxious pile, wear earplugs so you don't have to put up with Morgan shouting and screaming from the get-go. Somehow he interprets volume for "comedy". Willis wisely looks like he wishes he was elsewhere.

  Better then the panning it's recieved!

| | See all rojlaroo's reviews (2)

Yes this is a very funny film, has to be said it is playing to the the inner teen in most guys though!
whats wrong with that ?
showed this to a buddy who knows nothing of Kevin Smith and he loved it, some scenes really got him going!
He's now in the process of working his way through the rest of Smiths back catalog all because of this one, go figure!
anyways my point is, 3 1/2 * from play reviewers is a more accurate reviewing , me, I personally enjoyed it a little more so I give it a 4, owing to the fact that I've watched it a couple times and still find it funny, one to buy definitely, repeat viewing enhances enjoyment ^^

  It Really is a Cop Out

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

Was expecting a Blast of a movie with Kevin Smith directing as I thought his sensibilities would translate well into a Big Budget Cop Movie.
But it didnt, this is just another run of the mill, lazy Cop Movie with nothing new to say.
The story is fine and a lot could have been made of it, but its just not Funny or Exciting for the most part.
The only time its actually funny is when Sean Scott Williams was on screen, which wasnt enough.
Tracey Morgan did what he does in 30 Rock, where it works fine, but in this movie it is plain annoying
Bruce Willis looked tired and bored, he was much better in RED which also came out in 2010 and is much more fun.
Anyway, disappointed, a few funny jokes, but thats about it, just about passable.
If you are in the mood for a Funny Cop Comedy then check out THE OTHER GUYS.

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  its ok but nathin amazzin

| | See all paul4lin's reviews (12)

i fort it willl be more funnyer and better then it was but i fort it was qite funny in bits the storry was alright but i do like ther actoers in it ow so yeah its good just not hass good as i thought it was gonna be

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  The First Kevin Smith Movie I Disliked.

| | See all Dirtfish's reviews (475)

Cop Out (2010) is an action comedy starring Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Seann William Scott, Kevin Pollak, Michelle Trachtenberg, Rashida Jones and Jason Lee.

Director Kevin Smith (Clerks/Chasing Amy) is best known for his lower budget comedies and a big budget action movie starring Bruce Willis is a strange choice for him.

This is the first movie Smith has directed without writing the script. There are some funny moments but overall the movie is a big disappointment. Smith struggles to deliver the action with many moments feeling awkward rather then exciting.

Willis and Morgan have reasonably good chemistry but neither is as funny as they can be. Seann William Scott steals most of the laughs in a supporting role. The rest of the cast are pretty much wasted in small roles.

Cop Out was clearly made as a homage to the 1980's buddy cop action comedies but sadly the script is not funny and Smith does not have the chops to deliver exciting action.

I am a big fan of Kevin Smith but feel he was out of his depth with this movie. Smith's strongest talent is his writing and he should stick to directing his own scripts.

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| | See all NEVERFEAR's reviews (9)

....to describe how awful this is!! I am a huge Bruce Willis fan but, I'm sorry, this is just bad! If I didn't have to give it one star I wouldn't give it any!! Seriously, fell asleep during this rubbish!! AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!

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  Funny Mild Comedy Action!! (WIN)

| | See all Nathan444's reviews (274)

For me i have to say i love this film. Kevin Smith has done a great job directing it, and bruce willis has performed as brilliant as ever.

This isnt your Die Hard so dont expect to be anything like it. Cop out is a comedy action film. Which for me i found to be very funny and very enjoyable. I am glad i watched it and would recommend it if you want a mildy funny comedy to watch then this is for you.

Dont expect this to be any stand up as its nothing in depth it is your plain obvious humour.

Giving this one a 4/5 Recommend, but i dont guarantee you will like it!

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| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

This is not your usual Kevin Smith film so dont expect Jay and silent Bob to show up half way through! This is more of a fresh new story and something different from the great clerks director! Cop out is a very funny buddy cop movie with a very unique sense of humour, its like Smiths bad boys in a way, it has its great action moments always followed of course by some witty one liners from the two main stars, Bruce Willis is awesome in this film as always hes a legendary actor and its good to see him doing this sort of thing! Overall its worth getting if you love a simple fun movie thats easy going lots of laughs and gives you a bit of satisfaction at the end!

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| | See all oonmcc's reviews (12)

I never saw this at the cinema but i was at the man utd and newcastle match so on the way home on the boat they were showing this so it was either this or the tooth fairy. this was hilarious, Tracey morgan and Bruce willis are the perfect cops but the funniest man in this was non other than Sean william scott, he was so funny no matter what he said i was in stitches so don't listen to the bad reviews just buy it and be amazed. kevin smith well done

  Good Movie, Great Extras

| | See all Pimboli's reviews (70)

This is a so-so movie that does have some very funny moments mainly provided by Seann William Scott and it has a very deliberate 80' Beverly Hills Cop feel to it (even the music). If you are a Kevin Smith fan this movie probably isnt for you as he didnt write it and were it not for his name attached it could have been anyone directing.

Where the disc excels is the Maximum Movie Mode which I have watched on the us version and although the movie runs at under 2 hours Smiths movie mode runs at almost 3. For anyone who doesnt know what this is it was on Sherlock Homes and 300 too where the director walks on screen, paused the movie to explain whats going on or show behind the scenes footage before moving on and is much better than a directors commentary and is the main reason for buying this disc as it is never not entertaining watching Smith.

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