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Where Eagles Dare (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Clint Eastwood, Richard Burton & Mary Ure

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

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  Languages and Verdict

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Blu-ray all zone

Ratio of the feature film:

Languages of the feature film:
DTS Master Audio 5.1: English
Dolby 2.0: French, German, Castilian Spanish, Italian
Dolby 1.0: Latin Spanish

Subtitles for all the videos:
French, German, Italian, Castilian Spanish, Latin Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish and English for the hearing impaired

An average picture which not seems to have been fully restored, what a pity for such a good film. The English soundtrack is good except the surround channels which are not used enough like on the DVD soundtrack. Overall, the transfer used for the DVD seems to have been used for this Blu-Ray but with too few enhancements.
The picture is still better than the DVD but nothing exceptional especially when you compare it to the James Bond collection for instance which is outstanding.
The only advantage of this edition is that it looks dated which can be interpreted as good due to the fact the story takes place you-know-when.
Still, with the high definition, you will be able to notice:
* the special effect of the 60s, for instance, the army barrack added in post-production when Major Smith looks at them with his binoculars.
* the stunt double of Mr Eastwood and Mr Burton on the roof of the cable-car.
* or at the very end, when Major Smith who is at the front of the red bus after having finished to shoot at the soldiers, he starts running to catch the plane, we can see another stuntman standing for Mr Burton.
* and the best, how to knock over a german "jeep", if you are taking a good look at the jeep just before to be overturned, you will notice some cables which are being pulled to make the vehicle overturned plus the dummies inside, you will see this at the airport for the 2 vehicles and for the other vehicles.
* the first "green screen technology" which was called the "front projection effect" at that time used a couple of times is more unostentatious but still visible.

Nevertheless, enjoy this great classic and its great scenery of the Austrian Alps.

Bonus in standard definition:
* the theatrical trailer (no subtitle)
* Vintage Featurette On location (the original making-of, length: 12 min)

  If Carlsberg made war films

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Add a mix of the gestapo,explosions,adventure,action the greatest stage actor and the greatest film star of the day ,cracking score and what do you get 'Where Eagles Dare 'of course.
This has to be in the top five war films of all time enough to say i love it.
Now the bad news the transfere to BLU-RAY not the best in fact it looks just the same when shown by a t/v channel,but all is not lost the sound is good bringing Ron Goodwins score alive but the rear speakers hardly get a look in except for a bit of wind blowing around .
But forget that just enjoy the movie you won't be disapointed


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Considering the age of the film the Blu Ray transfer is extremely impressive. The depth of colour and picture quality is far superior to the DVD and no grain in sight! Anyone who says otherwise simply doesn't have a t.v good enough to show the difference.

As for the film... Eastwood and Burton taking on a castle full of Nazis. Need i say more?

  He who dares...

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Well I have to say I cannot believe this 43yr old classic is on blu-ray. However a 72yr old epic is so I should not be suprised. This film is of course superb and probably one of Burtons finest in my opinion.
If im brutality honest the fact that its in blu-ray only serves a slight improvement on visual quality, but as one reviewer rightfully pointed out sound is better.
Im not trying to put the film down or anything because it is a great film, but the transition is not something anyone should get really excited about. Worth a watch not a keep.

  Thrill-a-minute stuff

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Wonderful Boys Own adventure set during WWII with Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood as Allied spies infiltrating a remote mountain top castle to rescue an American general from the clutches of the Nazis. The plotting is supertight, with lots of twists and convolutions, and when the film isn't bombarding you with explosions and doublecrosses, it also builds a pretty fair head of steam. And all set to some rousing Ron Goodwin theme music too.


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not going to review the film, as we already know how good it is! im just going to review the transfer.just got this, and played the original on my blu ray player, then the blu ray version. have to say,picture wise,the blu ray was no different,to the upgraded original. however, sound wise, the blu ray is far superior.so, for that reason, if you have a decent surround sound system,then its worth the replacement. if not,stick with your original.

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just recieved this off play too ,
and gotta say the picture is great , and sound is even better , has dts audio which is a def improvment ,
really worth the money , i recommended it for sure


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Have just received this from Play and I must say Im very impressed.
This is my favourite film and have had it on VHS, DVD and now Blu-Ray.

The Blu-Ray version far better quality than the standard DVD version.

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  Classic Movie - Very Good Blu

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Having watched this classic movie on Blu, i can report that it is much better than the DvD.

It looks like the print has had some work done to it as i didnt see a single flash, hair, pop or scratch to the picture for the duration of the film.

The colours are also sharp, bright and clear and the black levels are nice and deep.

Yes there is a lot of grain, but it doesnt spoil the image. In fact it gives it a more natural aged look, which after all is expected from a movie of this age.

The fine detail level is the only slight let down when compared to new releases, but that is a fault of the original print, not the Blu. The overall detail still comes out looking very good, despite looking soft in a few places.

The only real let down is the almost complete lack of extras.

All in all if you are a fan of the movie then the Blu is the one to get.

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  Blu ray June 2010 no better than the DVD in my opinion

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It would seem that the same print of Where Eagles Dare has been used for the Blu ray as was used for the DVD.
I struggled to find much if any improvement over the DVD. If you are looking to buy for the first time them maybe get the Blu Ray although you may be happier with a cheaper DVD. I don't think it's worth buying merely to upgrade your DVD.
Why do they do it? A fantastic film like Where Eagles Dare deserves much more.
I am very disappointed!

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