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Toy Story 2: Combi Pack (Blu-ray & DVD) (Pixar) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen & Joan Cusack

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: Universal Suitable for All

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  Better than the first.

| | See all SimonPeplow's reviews (15)

Toy story 1 introduced you to the characters, but this one lets them out to play! If possible, it's so much better than the first. The jokes are funnier and even had me, an 18 year old, in stitches! Heartwarming moments surround Woody and Jessie and really help the storyline come together. Just amazing!

The quality of the bluray picture is outstanding too. Well worth 10.99!

  What a blinder!!

| | See all DavrosWesty's reviews (4)

It's the same old cliche, lightning never strikes twice and all that. However, one summers night in 1999 i remember me and a big group of mates going to the UCI Cinema in Cardiff to see Toy Story 2...By the time i'd walked out after the outtakes it hurt to breathe i'd laughed so hard! From the parody opening sequence, (complete with deliberate mistake - did you spot the floating rocks as Buzz flies through the rocky valley? It was meant to be full of water....), to the genuinely sad sentimental pieces, (the Sarah Mclachlan music when Sandy tells of when her owner abandoned her brings a tear to my eyes every time, listen to the commentary and see how similar the directors felt....), right to the rousing closing scenes as Woody is rescued. This is genuine 100% cinematic gold.

Toy Story 2 manages that rare blend that means there is never a dull moment. There's so much packed that every grown up is guaranteed to laugh at many of the jokes, whilst the kids will still laugh cause it just sounds daft to them! (the scene where Barbie has a jibe at toy stores Buzz Lightyear shortage still raises a chuckle).

And that's before you even begin to digest the amazing animation which is leaps and bounds above even the 1st movie. Again this is pristine all the way through, the reflection on Buzz's helmet as he lands on earth, the tiny dimples on Peeps hat, (the best tv's really will unravel the minutest of detail), the intimate detail as Woody has a makeover, (spot the guy from the short off A Bugs Life), finished off with colour and depth that really has that 3D 'Pop' that only Blu Ray can muster. And then there's the sound...WOW!! Hold on to your sofa, strap down the cat, secure any glasses, and let the subwoofer blow the room apart! Simply reference quality audio by Gary Rydstrom, (look him up on Wikipedia, this guy with the unnasuming dodgy jumper has masterminded some of the best movie audio EVER. Fact).

As with Toy Story this has an amazing group of extras and a frankly hilarious commentary that goes to show how much pride and fun these guys had making this 'movie'.

Get this along with the 1st movie and prepare not be disappointed.....


| | See all OBSESSEDWITHFILMS's reviews (416)

What a great job Pixar have made of this transfer to Blu-Ray the picture is crisp and clear and the colours are superb as well. The 5.1 DTS soundtrack means the sound quality is brilliant as well.
Of course we all know the story for this sequel that is in my opinion a superior storyline to the original film.
Great new characters as well in Jessie the cowgirl and Bullseye Woody horse, My kids love this film and it is one of my favourite animated films as well.
Great value combi set as well i love that Disney give you the Blu-Ray and the DVD for a few quid more than the DVD release as it means we can watch the Blu-Ray downstairs and my kids can use the DVD version on their own players upstairs.
Top marks for this superb release 10/10.

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  Toys that will last forever...

| | See all londoncalling's reviews (42)

There are very few sequels that can follow in the footsteps of it's outstanding predecessor. But Toy Story 2 not only manages to do this, it's possible it could be accused of being better?
Pixar's first Toy Story itself is a wonderful melange of characters all brought to life by enhanced computer animation. The results are breathtaking. Spectacular detail is given to the toys, their movement, settings and colour which leaves us with a visual feast. But the story itself...that's where the real star is.
Toy Story 2 continues a few years on when our hero's yet again find themselves in extraordinary situations. This time however we find it's Buzz and friends who are out to find and save Woody from a mean money hungry toy collector, who's also the owner of a local toy store.
Along the way Woody discovers he's the star of a children's cowboy show called Woody's Roundup from years gone by, and is in fact a very sought after toy. With his Roundup team (new additions Jessie, Stinky Pete and his trusted horse Bullseye,) they're all put together, packaged up and ready for museum life in Tokyo...or are they?
Toy Story 2 is another delight that doesn't necessarily aim for any specific audience age group. A smart, amusing family film that kids and adults will love. A gem.

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  Love It !

| | See all jaameslaar's reviews (10)

Fair play this has to be one of the best sequels to probably the best animation film in the world.
The DVD also is a bonus as my sister can watch it in her room because she doesn't have a blu-ray player or a playstation 3.
Really worth the money, well worth the buy.

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| | See all DanMan123's reviews (3)

amazing thats all i need to say if you like the toy storys and have a blu-ray player then buy buy buy this, it looks great in HD and would be a great welcome to your blu-ray collection, you also get the added bonus of the dvd included aswelll so a win-win situation in my books!!

  Stunning Blu-Ray

| | See all Garryt123's reviews (28)

This is an amazing film, amazing picture quality.

If you enjoy this film, and have HD capabilities, get this blu-ray!!!!!

  absolutly beautiful

| | See all padlad18's reviews (26)

just finished watching this right before writing this review. i saw this years ago and have put of buying it for years so i could get it on blu ray. i took my kids to see it in 3d the other week which was brilliant better than the first time i saw it but tonight has reafirmed to me that this movie is timeless and in bluray it is stunningly crisp the colors are fantastic the sound is awesome even if you already have this you owe it to yourself to give this a run on blu ray as it really is somthing very very special. ive not had chance to watch the sf but they look great as pixar usually always do. buy it now cause you really wont regret it


| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

As if the original was not fantastic enough they go and make it even better with Toy Story 2, Bigger and bolder than ever the characters go on another mishap adventure with fantastic animation and the introduction of loads of new and funny toys! Certainly worth getting on Blu-Ray as pixar movies in Hi-Def are great making this the definitive version especially if you dont already own it. Great family fun movie that will never look dated!

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