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A Christmas Carol: Double Play (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Jim Carrey, Steve Valentine & Daryl Sabara

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

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  Not for very young children

| | See all ClarkeWGriswold's reviews (1)

I can't say that this is a bad movie but just that it does not add anything to the countless other Christmas Carol movies. It is also very scary for very young children (though I must admit to not noticing it was PG rated). It's not a patch on The Muppets Christmas Carol which is a film I can watch over and over.

Zemeckis' earlier The Polar Express is also far better in my opinion as it has far more Christmas charm.

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  The Best Christmas Carol

| | See all timnorris's reviews (5)

got this on blu-ray today,ive loved seeing the christmas carol on tv for over 25 years but never seen any thing like this,its with out the best ive seen and on blu-ray makes it even better


| | See all rbmusicman's reviews (896)

'jim carrey' joins up with 'disney' to bring us a new-version of 'dicken's' age old classic.
it tells the tale of 'ebenezer scrooge' who thrives on his own misery and seems to enjoy spreading the feeling around.
christmas is coming, 'ebenezer' is about to get a visit from ghosts of christmas 'present' 'past' and 'future' it is a truly disturbing expierience for him, will he take the lessons learnt on board and find the spirit he once possessed ?
it's 'disney' as allways -a family film for all, though it little scary at times.
i believe it would be fair tlo say that some of the earlier presentations of the film were a little better than this version, however the film does stick to the 'dicken's' story-line and is definately worth adding to your collection.

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  Finding Christmas....................

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

Robert Zemeckis returns with another motion-capture CGI rendition of a classic story at this time takes the timeless story of A Christmas Carol and lets his technology unleash itself. And in terms of it's depiction of a 'classic' Christmas visual rendition of London in the 1800s it's visually breathtaking and beautiful and every other possible adjective you could use thanks to the lavish and highly detailed effects. The environment is almost perfect and some scenes even are pretty intensely scary for maybe some of the younger audiences as Scrooge recieves his vistations and it's also exhilarating as he flies over the city - with plenty of great 3D moments along the way.

It's a good adaption of the story that will probably become a future Christmas staple. But why the 4 stars? Well, it's that motion-capture technology of Zemeckis!!! Even the abilities of Jim Carrey (one of the most energetic comedy performers ever) get muted behind the same dead-eyed glassy stare of his character. It's the one flaw the keeps bugging me with the technology and it still hasn't been overcome properly.

However, that complaint of mine aside, it's far from enough to ruin the film. It's a great new version of the story, I'll be buying it when it comes out and I think it will be popular for years to come! And Blu-Ray will make it look even better!

  Amazing and Dark

| | See all nicky100's reviews (3)

I have loved 'A christmas carol' for many years and read the book every December. At first i was a bit apprehensive about this film but i was supriseingly delighted with it. It is nice to see that even with a Disney film they kept in the darkness that Dickens wrote in his book. This is the one film that even has passages from the book in the script which many of the previous films did slightly but was never the same. Jim Carey is fantastic doing the voices for many different characters and the 3d effect worked so well with this film.
This film is a must see for young and old and will put you in the Christmas mood.

  Hats Off To Jim Carey

| | See all NY2009's reviews (1)

It doesn't matter how many times I have seen different versions of this marvellous story I have never been disappointed and this is no exception. I did have reservations about Jim Carey playing the lead role as his acting style I find annoying for a majority of the roles he plays but in this he has excelled himself so much I'd say it's his greatest role to date. If the 3D works aswell on Blu-Ray and/or DVD then anyone who buys this will be in for a real treat as it was excellent in the cinema. Strange to release it in March but if you don't watch it 'til December 2010 then the wait is well worth and will rekindle your Christmas spirit.
God bless us everyone

  A fantastic version of a great christmas film

| | See all bigbaddaboom's reviews (3)

This is the best version of A Christmas Carol that i have seen. The graphics are amazing and it gives you a good feeling. A definate must buy for any fan of A Christmas Carol.

  Darkest Version Yet

| | See all HadesLair's reviews (15)

I have seen many versions of this story told from the original black and white film to the first colour film and of course to the adaptations made by The Muppets and Disneys Scrooge McDuck. A classic tale and with Jim Carreys talent of playing multiple people from Scrooge to all the 3 Ghosts you know that your in for a treat.

To summarise the film its starts off the way youd expect it to introducing Scrooge as the Unhappy Christmas hating man and wishes that the occasion would never come around.

One night a visit from his late partner Jacob Marley warns him that if he doesnt change his ways he will be doomed to suffer the same fate as himself

3 spirits shall appear to show Scrooges
Present and Future
as each ghost passes the consequences get darker and darker till the point of where you meet the last ghost who is the scariest of all

This also leading to why this film should of had a higher rating as a lot of these scenes could be frightening for kids. HIGH BUDGET SPECIAL EFFECTS make it worth seeing once. However the reason I gave it a four star rating is because its the same story told over again and there is not much new material you can put into a classic that has been made over and over in the past.

The Black Mist

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  Excellence in CGI

| | See all andersupton's reviews (8)

This is some of the BEST CGI animation I've ever seen. Even ont he big screen it looks flawless, as if live action instead of cartoon. This is going to rock on Blu Ray!

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